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Re-Volt (Windows)

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Title Screen


Developer: Acclaim Studios London
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released in US: July 31, 1999
Released in EU: 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Re-Volt is a racing game that lets you control RC cars on various tracks including neighborhoods, supermarkets, museums, and other venues you're not normally allowed to bring an RC car to.

To do:
Document the leaked source code and "DEV" builds.
  • Browse through the source code and find funny lines or some that provide information about unused features.
  • List all unused cars from the source code.
  • This game had several prerelease demos with reskinned vehicles exclusive to those demos (and the prototypes above).
  • List all scrapped features (ghost car, portals, debug features from dev version).
To do:
For prerelease namespace:
  • List all the "canned" and unused tracks. They can be found here.
  • Upload some concept arts that suggest cut features.
  • Read through/provide the link to the post-morted document.
  • Make discussions with developers accessible, and extract information.


Unused Tracks
All unused tracks of the game at a glance with all their details.

Unused Graphics

The gfx folder contains the visual assets used at launch and in the frontend menu, although there's a few unused textures.

Demo Loading Text

REVOLT.winFinal loading.png

While the logo in loading.bmp is effectively used, the "E3 Demo" and "Demo Mode" labels are not.

Upsell Screens

Present as outro1-3.bmp, these screens were displayed before exiting any of the demo versions of the game. Interestingly, the one showing screenshots for the console ports does not mention the Dreamcast.

To do:
Check if SponsorsGermany.bmp is used in the German version.

Unused Features

Hidden Editing Mode

This mode is accessible by using MAKEITGOOD as a name. It unlocks an additional menu option that lets you choose from several modes to edit tracks.

Cheat Codes

Code Description
CARNIVAL Grants access to all unlockable and extra cars.
MAKEITGOOD Grants access to the edit mode.
URCO Unlocks the UFO-car called "Probe UFO" that was used in the original intro.

Two of the codes shown below is where you have to type it in during gameplay. Typing the code again reverts the effect.

Code Description Thumbnail
GIMMECREDITS This one shows you the developers credits.

ReVolt Cheats Gimmecredits.png

BARGARAMA The most obscure cheat which went undiscovered until 10 years after the game was released. It replaces the car wheels and the "envstill" bitmaps with the face of Robert "Barg" O'Farrel, the Director of Product Development of the game. Though this code has some bugs in it. For example, if you input this code and get off & get back on the game (by pressing the Windows key), Robert's face was replaced by the text bitmap file. Another example is when you exit to the main menu with the code on, the "envstill" bitmap is back to normal, but the cars wheels are not.

ReVolt Cheats Bargarama.png

Unused Vehicles

To do:
Pictures and file names (maybe this can be used when describing the DEV version cars as well). Hey, I am at school writing this, don't judge me. -HijirinMyouren

Using the above-described CARNIVAL cheat in the Name Entry screen, you'll unlock all regular cars for play, including a handful that aren't unlockable using proper means. All of these special cars aren't properly visible on the vehicle selection screen, and are labeled with "(CHT)", denoting cheat/modded-in vehicles (like how most custom cars are labeled).Re-Volt Mystery.png

  • Mystery (Re-Volt/cars/q) is an Electric-class Amateur car with a RWD drivetrain. It has a question mark sheet covering it, resembling the carbox used (located in the gfx folder along with all the other carboxes) when a custom car lacks its own carbox.bmp. This is normally used in multiplayer as a placeholder for custom cars should other players not have the custom car downloaded. Interestingly, the sheet covering the car has cloth physics that is exclusive to it. The cloth physics can be called through a specific value in a car's parameters.txt; where 0 has having no special qualities, 1 through 4 refer to special attributes that only one car has (Rotor's overturning mechanic, Panga's turning head, Probe UFO's floatage, and Mystery's aforementioned cloth physics).
  • The Clockworks (Re-Volt/cars/(wincar/wincar2/wincar3)) refer to three vehicles, all of which are Electric-class Pro cars with 4WD drivetrains. They are the small wind-up cars used in the main menu. The first two cars resemble green and yellow sedans, while the third one resembles a red sports car. While there is a fourth one (a white/vertex painted copy of wincar3, located in wincar4), it is used in the unlockable Clockwork Carnage mode. The first three, however, were possibly playable in the Rolling Demo-exclusive 'Training Mode'.

The textured version using the trolley texture from the Supermarket 2 level.

  • The Trolley (Re-Volt/cars/trolley) is a Glow-class Pro 'car' with a RWD drivetrain. It is, oddly, the shopping cart model normally used in the Supermarket tracks that you can push around. By doing some slight folder editing, it can be played as. It is the heaviest car in the game, weighing in at a whopping 4kg, and is exceptionally unwieldy; not only it can't finish certain tracks due to its massive size (i.e. Museum 1 and Wild West 2), it also has a tendency to flip onto its side whenever you turn the slightest amount. Really, it's more of a novelty to play as more than anything.

Scrapped Intro Sequence

In earlier builds, the game featured an intro with a UFO that flies around, bursting the Acclaim Logo and then drawing a rainbow around the Probe Entertainment logo. It was present in builds until shortly before release, but it was deactivated since the studio was absorbed by Acclaim and then renamed.

It's still present in the leaked source code and has been recreated since.

Unused Objects

Every track in the game has objects which can be added with the makeitgood-mode. With that mode, other objects that have not been used in the tracks can be accessed.

Thumbnail Object Description
Re-Volt Obj Speedup.jpg Speedup Two entities of this object placed next to each other speed up the car.
Re-Volt Obj Lilo.jpg Lilo The class of this object has been defined in the source code but has no content. Thus, it is represented by the model of a ship light instead. It is certain that this object serves as a swimming air mattress for the ship track.
Re-Volt Obj Gariflag.jpg Gari Flag Again, this object doesn't really do anything, although there's a similar object called "flappage". This one is definitely another reference to one of the developers who was often picked upon, namely Gari Biasillo.