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Red Clash

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Title Screen

Red Clash

Developer: Kaneko[1]
Publishers: Tehkan[1] (JP), American Suntronics[1] (US)
Platform: Arcade (Zero Hour/Red Clash hardware)
Released in JP: October 1982[1]
Released in US: May 1982[1]

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Red Clash is a space shooter featuring a ship of blue going against ships that are red.

That's all that can be said about Red Clash.

Unused Graphics


Used Alt
Blue ship vs. Red Clash Less blue Barely blue at all

The ship went through varying mixtures of blue and white before settling on the final, mostly blue design.

Battle-damaged popcorn shrimp Space rocket These two enemies don't appear anywhere. They have animations for coming in from the background, so it's probable that they would appear in the space sections.

Mmm, ice cream Blue and red, get used to it Two single-frame enemies. They'd show up in the tunnel sections.

boom A little bitty 16x16 explosion. It's smaller than the 24x24 explosions that normally appear.

Old New
Crippling indecision. Maybe I'll just go up Take it from 6000 years of culture: One eye = evil

This seems to be an alternate boss enemy, or at least a larger than normal one. For some reason, this enemy's design was changed between the older and newer revisions of the game, even though it's unused.


RedClashJapanese.png Various Japanese characters, seemingly remnants of an older font rather than an actual message. The Kanji character 金 means "Gold" or "Money".

Used Alt
I will not! Stop asking me!

The "END" and "RUB" options in the name entry screen have four different sets of graphics: Pick between solid, transparent, red, and blue.

Don't... It's a happy cat. Please do not bother the happy cat.

(Happy cat provided by: Original TCRF research)

Version Differences

There are two versions of Red Clash: The older version is "Set 2" in MAME's nomenclature , and the newer version is "Set 1".

Gameplay Differences

  • In the older set, the CPU-controlled ship in the demo never moves. It was given a short, rudimentary looping path in the newer set.
  • The level progression between sets is different.
    • Old Set: Space 1, Space 2, Tunnel 1, Tunnel 2, Boss.
    • New Set: Space 1, Tunnel 1, Space 2, Tunnel 2, Boss.
Old New
RedClashBossDeathOld.png RedClashBossDeathNew.png
  • The boss death sequence was changed in the newer version.
    • In the older version, the three segments simply explode and that's that. No points are awarded.
    • In the newer version, after the boss is destroyed, it erupts into 11 explosions of debris. Each explosion is worth 200 points.

Graphical Differences

Old New
Exed Exes XX Mission Sure is a thing Looks like something you wouldn't want in your computer

Both of the tunnel enemies' designs were changed, possibly for the better. They definitely changed for the less X-shaped.

Old New
I don't know It's a saucer or something

The boss design was also changed to look more like a mothership.

(Source: Original TCRF research)