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Red Dead Redemption 2/Animals

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This is a sub-page of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Cut Animals


An icon was found in the files for a bobcat, and there still exist models for clues intended for a legendary version. Audio files also exist for the Bobcat.


Sharks were supposed to be encountered in Guarma and included in the Compendium. There are two types; the Hammerhead and the Tiger Shark. Tiger Sharks come in Silver, Matte, and Orange varieties. They will still spawn in Guarma, but only if the player returns to or enters Guarma early through the use of a mod or exploit. A cut random encounter involving a shark attack can also found within the game's code. Textures, a model, and scripts also exist for a discoverable dead Tiger Shark which was reused in the Cayo Perico heist in Grand Theft Auto V.


A camel was meant to appear in-game. It was likely originally featured in the Stranger mission "He's British, of Course" and has animations relating to lassoing and decomposing.


Icons and textures exist for a regular and a brown Marbled Grouper, a type of fish which only appears on a cigarette card in the final game, as well as other cut fish including an Amberjack, a Cobia, a Great Barracuda, a King Mackerel, a Snook with black and common variations, a Wahoo, and a Redsnapper.

River Monster

The River Monster has sounds and text left over in the game, its model was reused for the Cayo Perico heist in Grand Theft Auto V.

Rhesus Monkeys

Death sounds files exist for a rhesus monkey.


There are death sounds in the files for chimps.


Audio files exist for crocodiles.

Variations on Existing Animals


Textures and compendium icons exist for a Speckled Trout, Brown and Black Bullhead Catfishes, a Rainbow Trout, and a Tiger Muskie. A buggy model exists for a Legendary Channel Catfish.


Based off of a cut white giant rabbit foot trinket and clues leftover in the game files, it is implied that at some point, a Legendary giant white rabbit was intended to be in the game and could've been hunted by the player.


Sounds files and a model skeleton exists for baby bears. Bears did not originally have "fur", and used a texture instead as seen in their compendium image.


There exists audio files and a slaughtering animation for piglets.


Based on the mission image for "A Kind and Benevolent Despot" and their compendium image, donkeys were originally bigger and they had fur like most other animals. Textures for donkey hide still exists within the game files.


Text referencing mule hide exists in the files.

Green Sea Turtle

Despite being able to be found in Guarma if the player makes a run towards their spawn points, the Green Sea Turtle was mostly cut from the game and can only be studied and drawn into the players' journal (but not added to their Compendium). It could have been skinned originally as well.


A wrinkle mask and model skeleton exists for a baby horse. There also exists cut horses in the files such as the Speckled White Arabian, the Mealy Chestnut Belgian Draft with the Breton model, four alternative horses that were supposed to spawn as corpses, the Silver Bay Thoroughbred, and a model for the Standard Horse that was only used in a trailer for the game (as a replacement for the Raven Black Shire, Buell, and Uncle's horse). There are still a few cut horses that appear in compendium images, and even some unused images and horses from when "rare" horses would've had separate photos in the compendium. Horses have an unused functionality to lose and gain weight as well. There are a few horses cut from the game referenced in text files, these include a Malnourished Horse, a Sabino American Paint, an Amber Champagne American Standardbred, a Mosaic American Standardbred, a Strawberry Roan American Standardbred, a Blood Bay Arabian, a Chestnut Ardennes, a Dark Bay Dutch Warmblood, an Albino Turkoman, a Grey-Black Dutch Warmblood, a Silver-Black Dutch Warmblood, a Dark Chestnut Hungarian Half-bred, a Perlino Hungarian Half-bred, a Sooty Buckskin Hungarian Half-bred, a Bay Kentucky Mountain Saddle (note that Kentucky Saddlers are still sometimes referred to as Kentucky Mountain Saddle horses in-game), a Brindle Kentucky Mountain Saddle, a Chocolate Dapple Missouri Fox Trotter, a Black Morgan, a Chestnut Morgan, a Palomino Mustang, a Buttermilk Buckskin Nokota, a Grey Shire, a Dark Liver Chestnut Suffolk Punch, a Deep Red Chestnut Suffolk Punch, a Cherry Bay Thoroughbred, and a Flaxen Chestnut Thoroughbred.