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Regular Show: The Great Prank War

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Title Screen

Regular Show: The Great Prank War

Also known as: Regular Show: La guerre des farceus (FR), Regular Show: Le Burloneidi (IT), Un show más: La Gran Guerra de Las Bromas (SP), Apenas um Show: A Grande Guerra das Pegadinhas (PT), Oby'chny'j mul'tik: Vojna shutok (RU), Sürekli Dizi: Büyük Şaka Savaşı (TR), Regular SHOW ~Korinai 2ri~: Itazura Daisensou (JP), Tiānbīng Gōngyuán: Èzuòjù Dàzhàn (CN), Regular Show: Jangnankkuleogi Daejeonjaeng (KR)
Developer: Aquiris[1]
Publisher: Cartoon Network Games
Platforms: Unity Web Player, iOS, Android
Released internationally: November 22, 2013 (Unity Web Player), July 24, 2014[1] (iOS/Android)

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

A "reverse" tower defense strategy game based on the Season 3 episode Prankless.


Early Text Strings
When a war of pranks was originally a war of... scamming?

Version Differences

Eight months after the original Unity Web Player release, an enhanced iOS/Android version of the game was launched.


  • Nearly all textures were recolored to use less washed-out colors.
  • Skips and Muscle Man were added as playable characters.
  • A new type of tower was added: the Tomatorator, which fires at a quick rate.
  • Two new enemies were introduced: Summertime Tape (an expy of Summertime Song, an antagonist character from the Season 2 episode This Is My Jam) and El Toro Crudo.
  • The Spring and Summer seasons were added. Their bosses are Giant Susan Legstronic and Gene Megazord, respectively.

Text Differences

This section documents the changes between the English text strings of both releases:


Unity Web Player iOS/Android
menu_levelSelection Level Selection Mission Map
gameStats_duration Duration Time
popup_defeat Defeat Oh no!
popup_defeatMessage Don't let the enemy destroy the benson's car next time. Benson's car is toast!
guest_playAsGuest Play as Guest Play as guest
loadLevel_hint_01 Complete the missions on each level to earn better scores. Complete all the missions on each level to earn better scores.
loadLevel_hint_02 If Benson's car is being attacked, don't forget you can use the teleport button to get back there faster. Don’t forget to protect Benson's car. The car has some defenses of its own, but it can get overwhelmed if you're not there to help out.
loadLevel_hint_04 Mordecai is quick and has good range against minions. Rigby is strong and has good defense against prank machines. Mordecai is quick and has good range against minions.
loadLevel_hint_05 Try to build a variety of defensive prank machines to make a safe place for your heroes to battle Gene's minions. Rigby is strong and has good defense against prank machines.


  • Despite the changes noted below, the old versions of enemy_ranged and enemy_rangedDescription can still be found unused in the iOS/Android versions, under the IDs enemy_range and enemy_rangeDescriptions.
Unity Web Player iOS/Android
enemy_melee The Rival Park Member Prank Ranger
enemy_meleeDescription This Gene employee use fart bags to prank everyone. He can prank right in your face with a big amount of fart. This rival park employee will do anything for Gene and his cause. His fart cushion only does medium damage, but he can be dangerous in groups.
enemy_ranged The Capicola Gangleader Animatronic Attacker
enemy_rangedDescription This animatronic figure can deals a good amount of damage with his bazooka of water bladders. So be careful when he’s trying to attack you. You don’t want to get a cold because of all this water. This animatronic figure is looking to put the hurt on any living beings he can find. His water bazooka does big damage, so be careful when engaging him in battle.
tower_ranged The Eggscelent Thrower Eggscelent Launcher
tower_slow The Glueballistic Glue Glunner
tower_area The Farter Fart Blaster
tower_rangedDescription What is more excellent than an eggscellent prank machine throwing eggs? This average ranged tower has a good amount of damage and can make you stink with all these egg yolk around. This all-around balanced machine does a good amount of damage and has decent range. If you don't watch your back, the yolk's on you!
tower_slowDescription Shot the glue! Drop the feathers and make them suffer. This ingenious prank machine deals little damage but can really be a pain in the ass. Each time the ball of glue with feathers hits you, your speed will decrease. This ingenious prank machine deals little damage but can slow down enemies to a crawl. Getting hit by this glob of glue and feather can really put you in a sticky situation..
tower_areaDescription Farts… farts everywhere! This super strong prank machine has a huge amount of damage so be careful with these fart bags above your head. You don’t want to pass out because of some bad smell right? This super strong prank machine does huge damage with long-range fart cushions. If you get to close to one and it hits you, don't make a stink about it.
enemy_hotdog The Hot Dog Hot Dog
enemy_hotdogDescription This malefic creature has a tremendous speed and his only goal is to eat the benson’s car so watch out for these little devils on the battlefield. Only the heroes can destroy this pesky. This evil entree is a small target with tremendous speed. It's hard for machines to target this tiny terror, so be sure to attack it with your hero.
boss_fall The Ominous Deathhead Death Bot
boss_fallDescription This ludicrous invention resembles Death and can be as dangerous as the Grim Reaper. The robot can deals a lot of damage attacking with eggs and fart bags. When Gene's piloting this massive machine, he can be as dangerous as the Grim Reaper. It deals a lot of damage attacking with eggs and fart cushions, and it can summon minions to protect it.
boss_winter Wrong Santa Robot Mecha Santa
boss_winterDescription If you are expecting some kind of gift from this santa is better think twice. This another creation of Gene will give you tons of damage attacking with fart bags and balls of glue and feathers. Merry Christmas is not for you kid! The only gift you can expect from this mechanical menace is pain. It does tons of damage with fart cushions and glue attacks, and it summons a nearly endless supply of minions to add to the hurt!
heroClass_mordecai The Toilet Paper Necromancer TP Warlock
heroClass_rigby The Mighty Deathfish Pirate Deathfish Pirate
heroClass_skips The Iron Chef Titanium Chef
heroClass_muscleMan The Prank Master Prank Master
specialName_rigby_01 Explosive Deathfish Deathfish Explosion
specialInfo_rigby_01 An explosion of rotten smoke will damage anyone around Rigby squeezes his fish until it explodes, pranking all enemies in the area
specialName_rigby_02 Putrid Fish of Invincibility Invincible Stench
specialInfo_rigby_02 Become invincible for a few seconds thanks to power of the rotten smoke. Rigby jumps on his fish to create a stench, making him invulnerable to damage for a bit of time
specialInfo_mordecai_01 Spawn the small Toilet Minion that will attack anyone in his path for a few seconds Spawn a TP Minion that will attack anyone in his path
specialInfo_mordecai_02 Summon the Giant Toilet Paper Golem to cause a great damage on enemies on his pat Summon the ultimate TP Golem on a path to prank enemies


Unity Web Player iOS/Android
tutorial_attack Gene is sending minions to prank us. Click on them or use your range to auto-attack. Gene is sending minions to prank us. Click on them or just move within range to auto-attack.
tutorial_level_up Beat the enemies to gain XP, level up your prank skills and unlock prank techniques. Beat enemies to gain XP, improve your stats and unlock special abilities.
tutorial_special_attack Click on the special ability button to use the prank technique. Click on the button to use a special ability.
tutorial_attack_tower Gene placed some prank machines around. Click on them or use your range to auto-attack. Look out! There are some enemy prank machines. Click on them or just move within range to auto-attack.
tutorial_build_tower After you turnoff the prank machine, you can turn it back on for your side. Click on the donut and select The Eggscellent Thrower. After you destroy an enemy prank machine, you can build one of your own in its place. Each type of tower has a different range so stay put with this.
tutorial_minimap To see all the levels quickly, click or use the slide on the minimap to move the camera. Move toward the edges of the screen to scroll the level, or use the minimap above to see the whole level.
tutorial_portraits Now it's time to call Rigby. Click on his portrait and he'll step right in. Click on Rigby's picture to swap him into play.
tutorial_recover When you swap the heroes, the one sitting in my car is going to recover his Health. When you swap heroes, the one sitting out will recover health.
tutorial_swap_cooldown Don't swap the heroes carelessly, because they need time to come back for the battle. There's also a short delay before you can swap that hero back in, so be careful with your swapping.
tutorial_hero_base I'm always going to try to protect my car, but you are the one responsible for keeping it from being destroyed. Otherwise, Gene is gonna win. Don't let too many enemies through, or we're done for!
tutorial_enemy_wall To reconquer the park and rescue Muscle Man, you need to destroy each of Gene's Bases around the park. To take the park back, you need to destroy each of Gene's bases.
tutorial_enemy_base Now the wall is gone. Attack Gene’s fake base with everything you can. The wall is down! Attack Gene’s base with everything you've got.
tutorial_finish_tutorial Let’s rescue Muscle Man. Reconquer the park or you are FIRED! Let’s rescue Muscle Man and take back the park!
tutorial_intro Now is time to see if you really mastered your new pranking techniques. Let's see how well you've mastered your new prank techniques.
tutorial_enemy_wall_condition To achieve this, destroy all the prank machines in each level at least once. Try to complete all the missions to get a better score.
tutorial_level_up_sidenote Each time you start a new level you need to increase your prank skills, because they are to powerful to stay with you all the time. Each time you start a new level, your heroes will need to work their way up again.
tutorial_level_selection Click on the first level and show them what we are made of. Prank Time! Click on the first level and show Gene what we're made of. Prank Time!


  • comic_subtitle_intro_01, the very first line seen in the game's intro cutscene, originally lacked the "t" in "wasn't".
Unity Web Player iOS/Android
It wasn' supposed to be like this... It wasn't supposed to be like this...
  • A new line was added between comic_subtitle_ending_05 and comic_subtitle_ending_06, taking the latter's spot and moving the ones that follow it one slot later.

Level Names/Missions

  • The second and third Fall main missions have higher requirements in the Unity Web Player release, while the first three Winter main missions are completely different between versions.
Unity Web Player iOS/Android
level_description_fall_1.2 Main Mission: Defeat 25 minions. Main Mission: Defeat 15 minions.
level_description_fall_1.3 Main Mission: Level up both heroes to level 4. Main Mission: Level up your primary hero to level 3.
level_description_winter_2.1 Main Mission: Defeat 30 minions. Main Mission: Destroy 5 enemy prank machines.
level_description_winter_2.2 Main Mission: Destroy all enemy prank machines. Main Mission: Level up your primary hero to level 4.
level_title_winter_2.3 December 23trd December 23rd
level_description_winter_2.3 Main Mission: Level up both heroes to level 5. Main Mission: Defeat 35 minions.
mission_defeatSanta Defeat Santa Defeat Mecha Santa
mission_defeatDeath Defeat Death Defeat Death Bot