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Road Rash 64

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Title Screen

Road Rash 64

Developer: Pacific Coast Power & Light
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: September 22, 1999
Released in EU: December 17, 1999

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Document the October 12th, 1999 prototype.

Road Rash 64 is the Nintendo 64 entry in the crossover of illegal street racing and fighting.

Debug Mode


On the main menu, press C-Right, C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, L, Z, C-Left, C-Up. A sound will confirm correct entry. This causes several bars of unknown purpose to appear on the screen.

There is another debug code that displays numbers related to the player's position on the map. On the main menu, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Z, R, L, R.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

Leftover Modes

Using the GameShark code 8009EAE7 0000, a hidden multiplayer game mode titled MT_NULL is accessible. This mode is 1 lap of a multiplayer track as if it were a Thrash Mode map.

Using the GameShark code 8009EAE7 0008, a hidden multiplayer Cop Mode is accessible. This mode is 1 lap of a multiplayer track as if it were a Cop Mode map.

Newly Discovered Codes

Unlock All Game Modes: C-Up, C-Up, L, C-Down, Z, L, Z, C-Up.

One Opponent in Thrash: R, C-Right, R, C-Right, L, C-Left, L, C-Left.

Unknown: Z, Z, L, L, L, L, Z, Z. This code makes a confirmation sound, but the effects are unknown.

Unused Map Terrain

Unused map terrain is accessible by using the GameShark code 8017976C 00C6 with an activator such as D00E1025 0020 (L button), in Cop Mode at the beginning of Race 1. This will take you outside the main map where you can view and enter multiplayer maps.