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Robbit Mon Dieu

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Title Screen

Robbit Mon Dieu

Developer: Sugar & Rockets
Publisher: SCEI
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: October 14, 1999

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

Robbit Mon Dieu is a Japan-only installment of the Jumping Flash! series.

Debug Mode

Use the following code, after that press L1 in robbit cockpit screen to enable debug mode.

D00D0D18 0004
80015F88 0000
D00D0D18 0002
80015F88 0001
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Menu

Robbit Mon Dieu Debug Menu.png

Press L2 in pause menu to display the debug menu.

Press R1/L1 to increase/decrease hit points.


Press Left to restart mission.


Robbit Mon Dieu Debug Disp.png

Display some debug values.


Enable/Disable work NPCs.


Enable/Disable screen blur.


Enable/Disable free move mode.

  • Triangle, X: Pitch rotate.
  • L1, R1: Roll rotate.
  • L2, R2: Move up, down.


Enable/Disable automatic multiple jump.




Enable/Disable set to force excellent score.




Some PlayStation games released after 1998 contain some form of copy protection/anti-piracy measures, in order to curb modchips and illegal copies that were instrumental in the spread of piracy on the system. Sony developed two systems for protecting games. The first one is Anti-Modchip, and the other is LibCrypt.

Anti-Modchip protection works on the hardware level and is pretty straight-forward. As earlier modchips were active by default through constant injection of region data during bootup, all that it needs for the game to detect one is for the game to return data from a modchip when requested. If it returns data, the game shows an error message screen telling the user that the console may have been modified (i.e. has a modchip). The moment it shows the screen varies from title to title, but it usually happens shortly after booting a game. Early versions of this protection only had a sign with a red hand, hence the Japanese naming for this copy protection: "Red Hand Protect" (レッドハンドプロテクト, reddo hando purotekuto) or RHP for short. Later versions have a "No go" sign with a message in either Japanese or English.

A modded system allows for a backup, a pirated copy, or a legitimate copy of the game from a region different than the console, to start normally. However, with Anti-Modchip or LibCrypt, the game can crash, freeze or perform tricks to prevent pirates, depending on the title.

In Robbit Mon Dieu's case, if the game detects that there's a modchip installed in the system, it will show this error screen shortly after boot-up.

Japanese Translation
(Source: Copy Protected PlayStation games list, MVG's video about copy protection schemes on PS, Original TCRF Research)