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SNES Classic Edition/Production Test Menu

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This is a sub-page of SNES Classic Edition.

Hidden in the system files is a factory application used for testing the SNES Classic's hardware, controllers, audio, display image, etc. To access this menu without making complex changes, you would need to mod your console with Hakchi2 and import the following file into your games_snes folder:

Download.png Download SNES Test Menu Access
File: SNESClassic-CLV-X-TESTMENU.zip (11 KB) (info)

If you want to exit any of the menus and go back to the game selection menu, press Start and Select fast simultaneously 5 times in a row.



Toggles through different audio, color, controller and "keyboard" tests. You can't pass the controller unplug test however. This test also checks before starting for any existing logs, NAND issues, voltage issues, HDMI issues or screen resolution issues.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Set Audio-1.png Other-SNES Classic-PTM Set RGB-1.png Other-SNES Classic-PTM Set Controller-1.png

QR Display

Displays a QR code surrounded by either a green or red screen. This depends if test logs l6 and l10 have OK or NG written in them. The QR code either reports back some console version information or an error code.

!!04021##########02####04##EUR#24576013A80109EZJ0.1.3.00release-v2.0.7-0-geb2b275#####0384201385 !!0402290-00-18##02####04##EUR#24576013A80109EZJ0.1.3.00release-v2.0.7-0-geb2b275#####03842013FA l6-test-log exist,l10-test-log is not exist.


A non-working GPU & NAND check that crashes the test menu when selected. It does output a log, but its file shows it should display a screen with some dialog.


A color triangle test while a 1KHz tone plays.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Highload-1.png

Controller NES

NES Classic controller test. This is the only test that counts the amount of OK or NG screens. It doesn't seem to register button inputs however.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Controller NES-1.png

Controller SNES/SHVC

SNES Classic controller test. Same as the NES one, and also doesn't seem to register button inputs.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Controller SNES-1.png

Detect - Key - Test

The same thing as before, but now it actually works. This one counts the amount of times a button has been pressed. More notably, this test shows a build date from 01/11/2016, a few days before the NES Classic Edition launched.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Detect Key Test-1.png



The same as the Highload test, except now there's no sound.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Graphics-1.png


Shows a bunch of colored triangles and randomized characters to stresstest the console.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Stress-1.png


Cycles between the left and right audio channels with a tone.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Audio-1.png


It's another one. This one also allows the home button on Wii Classic Controllers to be pressed.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Controller-1.png

Controller (Background stress)

The same as before, except combined with the stresstest.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Controller Stress-1.png


Not actually a keyboard test. Instead, it tests the power on, off and reset buttons.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Keyboard-1.png

Input Lag - SDL

Flashes a red and white screen if you press A. Pressing B sends you back to the main menu.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM Input SDL-1.png

Input Lag - EGL

A black screen that flashes white if you press A, B, X or Y. Pressing anything else sends you back to the main menu.

Input Lag - fbdev

Same as EGL.

automatic resolution mode

Sets the resolution to 1280 x 720.

720p mode

Forces 720p.

480p mode

Forces 480p. It crops the menu's screen.

720p mode downscaled to 480p

Does exactly what it says.

480p mode downscaled to 720p

Does exactly what it says. It crops the menu's screen.


Reboots the console. This sometimes could lead to a crash on startup.


Quits and returns to the main menu.

Test Succeed / Fail Screens

To do:
"OK" screen capture.

Some tests don't return to the main menu, but instead show an OK or NG screen depending on the error code. This can range from pressing the wrong button on the controller, waiting too long on a button press or pressing "no" on manual tests.

Other-SNES Classic-PTM NG-1.png

Log Outputs

After certain tests, logs are outputted to different locations on nandc or are sometimes read from. These files are:


l6-test-log and l10-test-log are never removed from the factory. The examples in the subpage are from a European console.

Log Outputs
(Source: Original TCRF research)