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Savage Bees

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Title Screen

Savage Bees

Also known as: Exed Exes (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (JP), Memetron (US)
Platform: Arcade (custom)
Released in JP: February 1985
Released in US: March 1985

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Savage Bees is Capcom's third shoot 'em up title and their fifth game overall. Shoot bees, then shoot things that are not bees.

Unused Graphics

Telephone a snowman at 1-900-UFROSTY
Three unused characters in the game's font: A small POW, a TEL character, and a snowman tile from Pirate Ship Higemaru.
SavgBeesKanjiBG.png Two Kanji tiles that appear next to the runway background tiles.

They translate as "AOKI". The name Aoki also appears in Gun.Smoke, another Capcom game from the same time period.

(Translation: Joe)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

A build date can be found starting at 3C70 in Memory:

84110   ExedExes
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Region Differences

High Score List

Exed Exes Savage Bees
SavgBeesTitleJP.png SavgBeesTitle.png

The number of characters for a high score name was shortened from 8 to 3. This necessitated a change in the default high score names.

High Score Entry

Exed Exes Savage Bees
SavgBeesHiScoreJP.png SavgBeesHiScoreNA.png

The Exed Exes logo was replaced with a message unique to Savage Bees.

Additionally, Exed Exes has a feature that's not present in Savage Bees. If the player doesn't enter any characters for a name, a default name is pulled up instead. There are 8 names that cycle, and there are different names depending on the language dip switch.

Notably, seven of the eight default Japanese names appear to be people who either worked on the game or their spouses or relatives.

English Japanese Translated Developer
★EXED★ かわもとたまこ Kawamoto Tamako Kawamoto Tamayo (One of Capcom's first composers)
★EXES★ えぐぜどえぐぜす Exed Exes N/A
GOOD いはらなつみ Ihara Natsumi Fujita Harumi (Credited as Ihara Harumi in early Capcom games)
© CAPCOM ♂はらだ♀まゆみ Harada Mayumi Unknown
SONSON よしきおかもと Okamoto Yoshiki ...Okamoto Yoshiki (Designed & directed many early Capcom games)
GOOD BYE よしきお♥みか Okamoto Mika Okamoto Yoshiki again
♥♥AOKI♥♥ あおきBlank.png★けいたBlank.png Aoki Keita Aoki Takashi (See unused graphics section)
MR.JACK すずき あきこ Suzuki Akiko Unknown

Since Savage Bees reduced the number of characters per name, these default names can't be used. So, rather than make new names, this feature was simply disabled, making it possible to enter a completely blank name in the High Score list.

(Translation Support: Joe)

Round Clear Text

Three of the round clear messages are in Japanese. Rather than translate them, Memetron removed these messages entirely.

Round Text Translation
Round 3 SavgBeesWinText3.png We Did It
Round 6 SavgBeesWinText6.png We Made It
Round 8 SavgBeesWinText8.png Excellently Done

Additionally, the message for clearing Round 16 was changed from "CONGRATULATIONS" to "LUCKY SHOT EARTHLING"

(Translation: Joe)

Game End Message

Exed Exes Savage Bees
SavgBees10MillionJP.png SavgBees10MillionNA.png

Savage Bees, oddly, has three more lines to the 10,000,000 points message than Exed Exes. The shared part of the message (おめでとう) means "congratulations," fittingly enough. Savage Bees also has the line "PCGもよろしく" (Also, take care of your PCG.).

PGC stands for "Play Game Card". A message in Commando's Japanese version mentions a PGC as well.

(Translation Support: Joe)
(Source: Original TCRF research)