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Shaq-Fu (Genesis)

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Title Screen


Developer: Delphine Software International
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: October 28, 1994
Released in EU: 1994

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Unused Options Strings

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Specifically: The actual debugger referred to by VIEW-DEBUG might still be present; notice the strings at $84DC.

Stored in the middle of the strings for the various Options screen options:

ROM:00004031                 dc.b   4
ROM:00004032                 dc.b  $C
ROM:00004033                 dc.b  $C
ROM:00004034 aSound:         dc.b 'SOUND',0

ROM:00004048                 dc.b   4
ROM:00004049                 dc.b   7
ROM:0000404A                 dc.b  $D
ROM:0000404B aViewDebug:     dc.b 'VIEW-DEBUG',0

ROM:00004056                 dc.b   4
ROM:00004057                 dc.b  $F
ROM:00004058                 dc.b $13
ROM:00004059 aExit:          dc.b 'EXIT',0

(The first three bytes of each string are used by the string-printing routine.)

Unfortunately, not only are these strings never referred to in the ROM, but the data blob that is used to define how each of these options work is also missing, meaning the programming for these options was likely removed entirely.

Unused Graphics

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  • A cutscene with what appears to be Shaq entering the 2nd world via a book portal. Likely intended to be an opening cutscene.
  • The Duel/Tournament selection screen is completely different than the final game, with the Shaq-Fu logo visible in the background.
  • Diesel & Colonel's ages are switched during the bio screen, as is Kaori's & Voodoo's. It is worth noting that Colonel is referred to as "Colonel X" and Auroch is referred to as "Aurok".
  • Kaori's health meter icon is different. Her face appears to be more cat-like, with more prominent and slimmer cheekbones.
  • Shaq's VS pose is slightly different. He has a less threatening expression on his face, similar to his Select Screen portrait.
  • Auroch's P1 attire is his P2 attire from the final game (red and green instead of red & yellow).
  • Blood is visible on the defeated version of Diesel, Nezu and Shaq's portraits.
  • Colonel & Beast have different, more graphic death animations instead of the falling to the ground. Colonel's Bionic equipment explodes and Beast melts into a puddle. Likely removed due to their level of violence or hardware limitation.
  • A sequel was planned during 1995/1996 but was scrapped due to the bad reviews of the first. Kaori, Voodoo, Leotzu, Sett, Colonel as well as a few new characters were to appear. A sequel did get recently crowdfunded and is currently in development.