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Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou

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Title Screen

Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou

Developer: Noise Factory
Publisher: Excite Japan
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: May 24, 2006

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Sixteen people fight for the chance to have their greatest dream come true. Unfortunately for them, a twelve year old princess and Bobby Ologun are in the way.

Unused Music

This game is an upgraded version of Matrimelee, the previous game in the series. The game had four bonus characters (Mr. Jones, Jimmy, Lynn, and Elias) from Rage of the Dragons, an earlier game developed by Noise Factory. These characters were removed from Bonnou Kaihou, but their music was left in the game, even though there's no way of accessing it except through music playing tools. The game doesn't have a sound test, and it's never used in any of the stages. The two areas where these songs would normally play were completely removed.

According to the Matrimelee Original Soundtrack album's liner notes,

These songs were actually made for a different purpose, originally. By that I mean that there are countries where Japanese songs are forbidden, and because we needed other songs for those places, we made these ones for that purpose. In previous installments in the series, the melody and orchestra had separate channels, so we handled that by doing karaoke versions without the melody, but this game used streams, so we weren't able to do the same thing again. (...) and due to space issues karaoke versions were impossible, leaving the game what it is today.

(Source: Translation by GlitterBerri)

All of these audio files are located within BGM_J.AFS on the game disc.

Track 14

This music ("Smash This Door!", track 15 in the Matrimelee original soundtrack) was used in the pre-fight cutscene that showed your character breaking into a waiting room to fight whoever's inside. Yes, really.

Track 15

This music ("Joy!", track 16 in the Matrimelee original soundtrack) was, in theory, used as Mr. Jones' theme. Since you never got to fight him in the original game due to an apparent programmer oversight (he simply never shows up when playing against the CPU), it's believed that this song would've been his. Regardless, the song ended up being used as a replacement background song for some stages in US / European regions.

Track 16

This music ("Anger!", track 17 in the Matrimelee original soundtrack) is Jimmy's theme.

Track 17

This music ("Sorrow!", track 18 in the Matrimelee original soundtrack) is Lynn's theme.

Track 18

This music ("Stress!" or "Heavy!", track 19 in the Matrimelee original soundtrack) is Elias' theme.

Track 00

Also of note, the music used in the attract mode is also included in the data files, but it is never used since the game uses a video file instead.