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Smart Series Presents: Jaja's Adventure

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Title Screen

Smart Series Presents: Jaja's Adventure

Developer: CyberPlanet Interactive[1]
Publisher: UFO Interactive[1]
Platform: Wii
Released in US: March 16, 2010[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

From the creators who brought you such classics such as Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games and Sports Games comes Smart Series Presents: Jaja's Adventure!

Demo Version Leftovers

Stuff in this section are leftovers from a demo version.

Demo.tpl, located in the folder Resource, is likely a menu overlay.

nintendo.tpl, located in the folder Resource/CPageLogo, is a white background with a crude "Demo Version" label in it. Given the name, it was likely displayed before the game's title screen.

Offshore Leftovers

The following are leftovers from an early version of Offshore Tycoon, from a time when the game was simply known as "Offshore".

Warning Screen

TexWarn.tpl, located in GC/Warning, contains a warning screen asking the player to insert the Offshore game disc.


Credits Images

Located in Resource/CPageCredit are two images of interest, both related to the game's credits: credit.tpl is a background image...

...while TextBody.tpl contains the text tiles. While there is also a TextHead.tpl file, it is identical to this one.