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Sniper Elite (Windows)

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Title Screen

Sniper Elite

Developer: Rebellion Developments
Publishers: MC2 (EU), Namco (US)
Platform: Windows
Released in US: October 18, 2005
Released in EU: September 30, 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Sniper Elite is the beginning of Rebellion's famous "Sniping Hitler in the balls Bulletcam" series, though without on-screen scrotum destruction or assassinating Hitler.

Unused Weapon icons

In "Sniper Elite/Graphics/HUD" there is the weapon HUD icons in "Gunhud.dds" with several unused weapons:

The unused HUD icons.

A Knife, this can be briefly seen in one early trailer where Karl has it equipped and sneaks behind a soldier but it cuts to a different clip before we can see if it has any animations and Karl also uses it in a few cutscenes such as when freeing someone tied to a chair in the final missions.

A Panzerfaust Anti-Tank weapon.

Some sort of either rocket (though that would be odd to be in the weapon icons) or grenade.

Odd Weapon texture names

The textures for the various sniper rifle's scopes are named after different rifles: The Mosin-Nagant uses "Nagan" (being the only rifle that fits it.)

The SVT uses "Mauser" despite not being a Mauser rifle, oddly an icon for a Mauser Karabiner 98K rifle was used as a placeholder for the SVT in development. (Though the weapon's name was still listed as SVT.)

The actual German rifle, the G-43, has it's scope texture listed as "Spring" presumably meaning the "Springfield" American Sniper Rifle, which would not appear until future games.

Unused Weapon leftovers

While the player is incapable of any sort of melee in the final game, a clip in an early trailer shows Karl with a knife, it's unused HUD Icon is still in the files and there's various text strings relating to the knife. (Karl also appears to have a Knife Sheathe on his model where he may have removed the knife from when equipping just like his pistol holster.) In "English.asr" in the game's Text folder:


(Listed next to the various items)

The player can tweak weapon strength for multiplayer, there's an unused text string showing how players would have been able to tweak knife damage:

Knife Power

Where the game's text stores the various kill messages, there is an unused kill message for the knife.


In addition there are various strings of items/weapons that aren't present at all:

tank shell
smoke grenade
98K rifle
used panzerfaust
food crate

Leftovers of disguise system

A notable oddity is how Karl is disguised as a German soldier, yet every single German soldier in-game attacks Karl on sight despite one of the game's tutorial hints even saying how Karl's uniform will help him avoid danger however there are leftovers implying some sort of disguise system was present. In "SSpk_Eng" there are various unused subtitles seemingly for this system with enemies asking Karl to show some identification and seemingly turning hostile if he doesn't.

Stop! Which unit are you from?
Come here! / Wait right there! I want to check your papers.
Who is your commanding officer?
Who goes there?
Identify yourself!
Show me your papers!
Show me some identification!
Let me see your papers!
Let me see some identification!
Filthy spy!
He's a spy!
You're no German!

In addition in the game's "itemicon.dds" with a bunch of other used icons is a singular unused icon for ID Documents which the player presumably would have presented.

The unused HUD icon

Unused Mission Objective

In the text file "Sm_Eng" there is a cut objective for "Rescue the Pilot" that is listed after all the used objectives:

Avoiding enemy sweeps of the area, locate the downed pilot and recover the film canister from his person.
Find and recover the film canister which the pilot has hidden.
Take the pilot to the extraction point.
Pick up and carry the wounded pilot to your extraction point.

Unused Hitler Assassination level

In the game's "text" folder is a text file called "Sm_Eng.asr" containing mission objectives. Notably, the series tradition of having the player constantly assassinate Hitler in DLC levels (waved away with the possibilty of each Hitler being a body double) was intended to actually start here:

Confirm that Hitler is in the bunker, and learn the nature of his escape plan.
Infiltrate the power-house via the vent shaft and set time bombs on the generators.
Kill Hitler, but make it look like suicide.
Take Hitler's body to the garden and place it there.
Take Hitler's double prisoner and make good your escape.
Infiltrate the power-house and set bombs on the generators.
Next: Kill Hitler.
Next: Leave Hitler's body in the garden.
Next: Escape with Hitler's double.

In the same folder is "RadioEng.asr" which contains subtitles, it too, contains leftovers from the Hitler mission with at least one cutscene having it's subtitles survive.

Has my double arrived?
Ya, Herr Hitler, I have concealed him in the map room.
He suspects nothing?
Nein, he thinks he is just to act as you to distract the Allies.
You understand what must be done once I have made my escape through the tunnels?
Ya, mein Fuhrer, I am to kill the double with a head shot so it looks like suicide.
Then burn the body in the garden to make it impossible for the Allies to prove it is not me.
With the Allied fools thinking you are dead we will be free to rebuild the Third Reich in safety.
Long live the Third Reich!
Heil Hitler!

There is also a listing for the level as level names are included, it would have been called "Hitler's Bunker".

In addition while it's currently unknown if it was repurposed, in the game's "Streams" folder is a background track called "M11_Bunk", it's possible this was intended for the Hitler's Bunker level.