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Splatterhouse (2010)/Unused Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of Splatterhouse (2010).

All of this dialogue can be found in the English.xml localization file. Note that despite that, not all of it actually have sound files related to the particular lines.

Level specific

Level 1-1

See, when it comes to blood I'm...something of a connoisseur, you know?

Type A is sweet and heady. B is thick, earthy; rich. AB is gritty - that's the iron - and O - Oh, oh, oh! O is to die for.
And they always do.

These lines would have built upon the mask explaining its taste for blood.

Okay - Who the fuck threw that?

I said alright - who did that?
The entity...
Oh great; Furniture - the lamest of all enemies.

These lines were intended in reaction to the vase that flies out as you're making your way forward, hinting at the boss of Level 1-2.

Real classy. Christ, West's lack of taste is fucking staggering.

The mask does not approve of West's decor.

Zombies. Check these bad boys out; still in the original box.

Time for a monster smoothie!
Uh-oh! It's gonna blow!
Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood! I love it!
Gauuuuuuuuuugh - Oh yeah!
The pressure weakened the floor of the tube.

The part where you have to break through the floor to proceed would have been a bit more involving. The "monster smoothie makers" themselves were moved to 1-2 where they served a different purpose.

Rick: ...I know these people; we took stats together last semester.

Mask: Aww, and now you killed them.

This one line is part of the bit where Rick recognizes some of the zombies. Apparently the recognition was originally supposed to trigger after you'd killed them.

And I suppose this is the glee club.

So who's this; your prom date?
I got a feeling this asshole was voted "most likely to be beat to fuckin'; death."
Congratulations Rick - at last you've been crowned the prom queen.

These lines relate to the last battle of 1-1. The first line was instead pushed into the next level, while the rest were cut.

Level 1-2

Rick: There's a kid down there...

Rick: Hey!
Rick: Wait, don't go!

Mask: There she is again.
Mask: After her!
Mask: Follow that doll!

Mask: I like her style...
Mask: To(sic) bad we have to kill her.

The poltergeist doll makes its appearance early in the level, with Rick chasing after her. In the final game, you're only rather abruptly introduced to it before the boss battle.

Rick: You still haven't told me what you are.

Mask: What am I?
Mask: I'm why dogs howl in the night,I'm the salt in the tears your momma cried,I'm the match that sets the cross alight,I'm the phone call told you your sister died...
Rick: Stop it! Don't talk about my-
Rick (alt): You fucker! Don't talk about my sister!
Mask: Does that answer your question?

Rick and the mask get to know one another. The lack of spaces are in the original subtitle as well.

Poltergeist... they feed on the energy generated by young girls on the threshold of puberty.

Well congratulations Rick...
...you're finally going to get your first period.
(alt) ...you're finally going to grow pubes somewhere other than on your chin.

The doll is identified as a Poltergeist. In the final game it's treated just as a possessed doll.

I don't think that's a pool of blood. Stepping in it's a real bad idea.

Related to the first boss. The May 2010 trailer showed the wall behind the boss bleeding profusely; this dialogue was probably related to it.

Mask: Necrotic energy field's collapsed; magic door's closed, Rick...

Mask: ...and we're going to have to kill something big to get it open again.
Rick: You said we needed to kill something big; will this do?
Mask: It just might Rick, it just might.

The portal to level 2-1 would not have opened before killing a large enemy it seems. In the final game, you go straight through the portal, with no explanation how the mask can manipulate portals later on.

Level 2-1

Of note, the subtitle block references this level as a "Shanty", when the area was originally very different than the final version.

Rick: Well...I tried, but, you know...

Jen: God, you're so cute when you look so serious. Eight years, and you still can't tell when I'm kidding!

These lines would have played during the introduction video, in regards to Jen wanting backstage passes. It cuts off instead right when she says she'll "marry him on the spot" if he did.

Portal travel's like blowing a truck driver to get a ride; it gets you where you want to go, but it leaves you with a nasty taste in your mouth.

Portal travel - it's like smuggling a condom full of cocaine in your ass; you get a free ride out of it, but it's extremely uncomfortable.

Bad analogies on portal travel.

Necropolis... the city of the dead.

The Mask's take on the city around you.

Train's coming.

TERROR MASK (V.O.)Taking the lambs to slaughter...

The error at the beginning of the second line is accurate.

Rick: This place; there's something wrong with it. It feels like it's-

Mask: Tainted.
Mask: The laws of science are bowing to a higher power.
Mask: The universe it getting afraid... They're coming.
Rick: 'They'?
Mask: They got lots of names, but only one that matters; the Corrupted.

An alternate scene regarding the Corrupted's influence on the area.

We need to get up that conveyor belt - go!

Meant for when you're running from a massive grinder in a 2D portion.

Well goddamn! Ain't public transport a bitch?

Intended to play after the train crashes and deposits the Slaughterhouse Zombies. 'Transport' is a typo on their part.

Level 2-2

Rick: I don't think these guys are friendly.

Mask: Neither am I kid... Neither am I...
Mask: Thirteen months ago they were men - human men. This is why they're called the Corrupted.

Used in the early press versions of the game, in the first room that fills up with Faceless enemies.

Rick: My God...

Mask: Oh c'mon! You eaten plenty of buckets of chicken wings in your time, and you didn't get all touchy-feely about the chickens, did ya?
Mask: It's just a different flavor of meat.

Introduction to the Meat Factory.

Ah, a fellow professional.

The Mask admires Biggy Man's handywork.

Top floor please...

Alternate line for the elevator ride to the boss fight.

I gotta say - I love your work.

This line would have preceeded "Show him why we call it...Splatterhouse."

It's time to find out who's the better killer...

Stay away from the darkness, that's his territory.
Keep out of the dark.
He's out there somewhere...
Keep to the light.
Stay out of the shadows.
Stay where we can see him
What did I tell you?

How the hell does he take a piss?

Where'd he go?
Where is he?
I don't see him.
C'mon Rick, you need faster hands than that.

Where do you think YOU'RE going?
Not this time
I hate to have to do this to a fellow artiste but...
you're in my way.
Let us show you how a real professional uses one of these beauties.

Boss fight banter from the Mask. Biggy originally was meant to teleport between darkened areas, but this never occurred in the final game. The typos in here are correct to the text.

Level 3-1

Whatever it is, I'm going out on a limb here and betting it's fuckin' hungry.

Whatever it is, I want it!
Whatever it is it just helped us find our way outta here!

The Mask really wants a piece of the giant boreworm.


Possibly intended for the room that's literally dripping with these things.

Level 3-2

Rick: You old bastard, you let her go!

Rick yells at West. You never actually see him till the end of this level though, and this is placed early on in the text.

Rick: West set that thing on us. He's been leaving traps for us all along the way.

Mask: Yeah, that's actually a good sign. Means he's scared we've got a chance of stopping him.

Uncertain what this is referring to, as the entire level is a lab and doesn't really have any traps in it.

Woah! Looks kinky!

Hope Jen wasn't in here, or she&'s going to be very disappointed with 'Little Rick'.

Uncertain here too, probably relates to some giant spike or pole given the innuendo?

Bad monkey!

Spank that monkey, Rick!
Ooh I think it wants to peel you, Rick...
Watch the ledges, Rick!
Don't get knocked off the side!
We fall down there, there's no getting back out!

More unused boss banter, this time for Experiment 765.

There you go killer!

Intended to go directly after Rick roars from killing the boss.


Umm... Rick-

Given the placement, touches upon the fact Rick doesn't see he's about to get teleported somewhere else.

Look for a projectile to throw at the Spitter

According to the design document for the game, Spitters were very different, dropping boreworms that would attack the player and exploding on death to damage anything nearby.

Throw enemies at the generator to destroy it.

In the final game, you just smash it with one hit.

Level 4-1

Rick: "Everything's just Dandy."

Apparently Rick and the Mask were going to read the sign at the same time aloud.

Mask: Something's bothering you. I can feel it, scratching away at the back of our mind.

Rick: It's nothing. Forget it.
Mask: You think I can't tell when you're lying, Rick-o?
Mask: And I can read your mind, remember?
Mask: You got secrets Rick...
Mask: What are you hiding?
Mask: There's something here...
Mask: You can't hide from me Ricky.

This would have led into how the Mask knew about the corrupted, but also the dialogue about Rick's fear of clowns.

I hate skeeball.

Skeeball; why'd it have to be Skeeball?

There's no commentary about Skeeball in the game, despite one of the mini-games blocking your path being Skeeball.

Mask: Partners don't keep secrets from each other.

Rick: Yeah? Seems to me you're keeping plenty.
Mask: You're wondering how I know so much about the Corrupted.

This banter was part of a longer version of dialogue moved to level 4-2. Oddly enough the level description still mentions it...

Mask: Heh. Hehehehehehehehe...Big Bad Rick-o-

Rick: Go screw yourself.
Mask: Got himself a new body that can punch holes through steel plate...
Rick: I mean it.
Mask: Fights monsters; takes on evil older than time...
Mask: But what's the one thing he's really scared of?
Rick: It's a childhood thing, okay? When I was a kid my mom took me to the circus, and-
Mask: Clowns! I can't believe I'm riding shotgun with some wiener who's afraid of clowns!
Mask: So what else keeps you hiding under the covers at night Tiger?

Rick having a fear of clowns is brought up multiple times in the design document, but never mentioned in game. This dialogue would have led into Rick talking about the Mask "getting off on causing pain" that does occur in the game.

Impale these assholes on the love striker!

Your prize!? More shit stuffed animals.

Unused text for the love striker mini-game.

Rick: You really get off on this, don't you? The only thing you seem to enjoy is causing pain.

Mask: I ain't gonna pretend I'm all sweetness and light, but who is?
Mask: Look at this place.
Mask: Innocent fun on the outside, but take a look underneath, and what's there?
Mask: Nastiness, evil...
Rick: Corruption.
Mask: Exactly. There's good and bad in everyone, Rick-o; even you.
Mask: Sure, you're being all noble and heroic to save Jen…

Part of a longer version of dialogue that does occur in this stage, where the mask brings up Rick cheating on Jen. Cut down probably due to the fact it's hard to fit in any one area.

You ever find yourself waiting in line at a carnival, inhaling the heady aroma of freshly baked popcorn and contemplating murdering every last motherless bastard around you? No? Must just me then.

One of the various comments the mask was supposed to make during the game regarding the carnival.

Ah, quit moping. You don't need to explain to me Rick, I understand.

Love is a magical journey, along glowing tunnels on a golden swan, and girls like Jen are always the first in line.
But the ride's a long one, and as her eyes grow accustomed to the golden glow she starts to notice the flaws; the flaking paint, the little cracks in the scenery.
So she looks closer and she finds - huh - it isn't gold at all; it's plywood and plaster and gold paint.
She gets off the ride and peers through those cracks, wondering if the magic is still there;
only it isn't magic she finds, it's just you Rick; some guy pedaling his ass off to make the whole thing work.
Suffering, depravity, torture, violation; I've seen things that would make your ass clench up tight enough to crap diamonds, and I've watched it all with a smile on my face.
But love? Love scares the shit out of me.

Another odd piece of dialogue. The triggers for it are in 4-2 soundbank, but it's an exceptionally long piece that's difficult to put anywhere. In addition it's *also* referenced by 4-1's level description, which is really weird as the mask makes no other comment on love scaring it.

Level 4-2

I don't see West...

The mask starts to realize something's wrong with Jennifer popping up but no West.

Rick: Jen..?

Mask: I don't think so...

Yep, definitely something wrong.

The other side...

Alternate line for "the silver side of the mirror".

Mirror Rick: Rii-ick... Rii-ick...

Mirror Rick: What's the matter Rick; scared of your own shadow? Frightened of your own reflection?
Mask: Careful...
Mask: Try and ignore it Rick...
Mirror Rick: Poor Rick, always hiding; in the intellect, in the science club; so afraid to live... and then you died.
Mirror Rick: Jennifer; she saw something in you; some inner strength, and she loved you for it. But you couldn't accept that, could you?
Mirror Rick: I mean c'mon; an interview, with the notorious Doctor West, on a Friday night? Bullshit.
Mirror Rick: She going to leave you Rick; that's what you thought, right?
Jennifer: You don't have to come.
Mirror Rick: Oh but you did come; not because you loved her, but because you were terrified of losing her.
Mirror Rick: Well you have lost her Rick. It's my turn now.
Mask: Don't let him get to you Rick.
Mirror Rick: Here's what's going to happen. I'm going kill you Rick. I'm going to kill you and I'm going to take your place.
Mirror Rick: And I'll save Jen. I'll kill West and I'll save Jenny, and I'll treat her right, the way she deserves to be treated and I'll love her, and she'll be happy...
Mirror Rick: ...but it won't be with you.
Mirror Rick: Marriage, children - a family, the life you dreamed of; you'll miss it all Rick. All your unlived days will be mine. And Jen will never know.
Rick: No!

This entire bit is fully voiced and left intact, but never called in the game and there aren't any cutscene animations for it oddly enough. Mirror Rick's lines here are also in Rick's regular voice, rather than the distorted one you hear upon the start of the boss battle.

Look familiar?

Does this guy seem familiar to you?
Watching him is kinda like a fucked up déjà vu ain't it?
It's like he knows what we're thinking before we even think we're thinking it - or something.
Maybe it IS you Rick...

More of the usual cut boss banter from the Mask. Unlike other bosses though a lot of this goes entirely unvoiced.

Well, since we're being so open and honest, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this...

...just a little mind you.

The second line is unused and unvoiced. The first was instead moved to 4-1.

There are too many of them!

Hah! They're like popcorn.
They're very more-ish.

Rick! You're a good-looking guy!
Not sure Jen'll approve though.

We probably shouldn't let that hit us...

More boss banter, probably from when the room starts filling up with doppelgangers.

Sure, why not?

Alternate to the "Hardly Rick, hardly" line.

Smash the mirrors to find the exit.

A mirror can reveal more than just a reflection.
Time is running out!

Dialogue for the Mirror Manor. You're not told what to do from here normally, instead more or less having to stumble on it.

Level 5-1

Not much dialogue was left unused from these two levels, save for a few choice bits.

The corruption is spreading...

Reality has been driven insane, tormented by the whispers from the Abyss.

The mask goes on again about the Corrupted.

Listen, the beating is getting louder.

That heartbeat again...

The heartbeat's getting stronger.
We're getting close.
The heart of the mansion...
The belly of the house...

The Mask notices the heartbeat. The dialogue regarding the Mansion's heart from 3-2 was originally intended for this level, demonstrated by the "lvl5" prefix on those lines. Unlike those, none of these were voiced here.

What' a matter Rick? You never seen a big girl tied to a bed before?

Dr. Henry West; chubby chaser.
We need to break the bed posts, put her out of her misery.
Come on, finish the job.

Originally instead of fighting the mouth guardian, an obese woman with a large gash replacing her vagina was intended to be tied to a bed here, with enemies pouring from the wound. Rick would have had to impale enemies upon the bed to destroy the boss. While she was replaced with a mouth guardian, her model was left in the game, changed to stage decoration in 1-2's sidescrolling area for Rick to have to roll under. Though difficult to see, a faceless-like body protrudes from her pelvic region in homage to the original intention. None of the lines have recorded audio.


This line was part of West's narration on his wife demanding to be freed. Unlike the other "Cocksucker" line from the zombie Jennifer in 4-2, this line is voiced in a distant, echoed tone.

The patient did not keep our appointment, his house is deserted. Two days of travel have been for naught.

A part of the observation by West that he's been tricked.


Referenced by this level's soundbank, and despite the subtitle linked to it was intended for Rick to say. It's call command is "sfx_lvl52_temp_delete_me_vox", hinting it was supposed to go in the next level.

Level 5-2

Burn the Witch!

Yes! Burn her!
Burn her!
Die Witch, die!
Light the pyre!
Burn in hell!
Send her back to hell!
Kill her!
An eye for an eye!
Crucify her!

The mob's ambient dialogue has subtitles that never get used. The last person seems to be rather confused as to what they're doing already.

The flames are spreading.

Pick a pathway Rick!
Choose now!
Pick one - quick!

The level would have featured multiple paths at some point. The finished level is linear like all the others.

Shut it down!

Start 'er up!

The original design for this level featured electric fences Rick would have to disarm by visiting several rooms branching off the main path. Thankfully this got cut.

West: Please! She isn't herself...

West: And then...

Relates to the fact West believes Rick is trying to kill Lenora, when Rick is really trying to save 'Jennifer'.

Rick: I-I killed her...

Rick's reaction was instead changed to outrage at being attacked in the final game.


There isn't much time!

You're almost out of time Ricky!

We're running out of time Rick-o!

Referenced in the soundbank but not called by anything in the level, spoken by the mask. Probably not a lot to work in given how frantic said level is...

Levels 6-1 and 6-2

The entirety of these levels were cut out of the game. However unlike the Nazi arctic base, this level was cut pretty deep in development, and as a result all this dialogue was written (and recorded!) but never visible through regular gameplay.

In particular, the levels would have featured a voice-over narration much like levels 5-1 and 5-2, in this case a Captain Cortes. Cortes is a reference to an earlier character mentioned in the previous games, regarding the mask's background.

I tell this story to myself, for no man will ever hear it.

I once was Francisco Miguel Cortés, Captain of the treasure galleon Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion.
She lays broken on the ocean bed now, weighed down by heathen gold as heavy as our sins.
I envy those that drowned, for those of us swept up on these bleak shores have paid a heavier toll..

The survivors, and I among them, were hunted tirelessly, and with grim delight by the slimy man-things that dwell here..

Those that evaded capture were slowly changed; corrupted. They are gone now, but I am not alone; never alone..

I sought refuge in this temple; the only place those ghouls would dare not trespass..

At its center stood a golden Sarcophagus oh! So beautiful I swear I could see the faces of angels beneath its surface.
Inside that casket: a mask of bone the sight of which did chill my blood. The creatures were greatly afraid of this thing. And in their fear I saw hope.
I would swear that mask called to me, offering a chance for escape, and for salvation.
"If you trust me,' it whispered, 'if you put me on..." And so I did...
A transformation, a face and a body that were not my own. A confusion of images, a hunger - and so much blood. I was lost.
Such power; impossible to describe...
...but not enough. For something else came; all horns and fury, immeasurably vast, awful.

I was captured, condemned and imprisoned. The golden casket I had coveted would be mine now; now and forever...
I crave a death so long in coming; but this cursed mask torments me still. In time they shall learn what I have learned...
...the flesh is a dungeon for the soul.

Throughout the level the Mask and Rick would have also had their fair share of banter, with the Mask none too keen on realizing just where they are. Of particular interest this is the only point that the Mask brings up the manner by which Rick killed Lenora in 5-2.

Mask: Whooo-ee!!!

Mask: Rick, you dog; I am impressed! Man, I've done some nasty shit in my time, but I ain't never set fire to my girlfriend then beat out the flames with my fist.
Rick: I was trying to save her.
Mask: Save her? Goddamn! If I'm ever on fire just let me burn. I'll take my chances with the flames.
Mask: Ah shit...
Rick: What's wrong?
Mask: It's nothing. Forget it.
Rick: But-
Mask: I said forget it.

Mask: C'mon, it's this way.
Rick: You seem pretty sure of that.
Mask: Call it a hunch.

Rick: The fourth eclipse...
Mask: I can feel it; hear the stars starting to scream as the planet moves into alignment.
Mask: The barrier that holds back the corrupted is starting buckle. I can sense them, scratching away at it, gnawing on the bars.
Mask: The universe is getting afraid. It knows the Corrupted are coming.

Rick: You're strangely quiet. What's wrong - you all out of asshole comments?
Mask: This place; this place is death...
Rick: Jesus, I know you're just a mask, but have some balls.
Mask: Oh you're real fucking smart, aintcha? Think you're so-so special.
Mask: I got news for you Rick; you're just the latest meat-puppet. The only thing special about you is ME.
Mask: You're gonna die here, just like the others. You're going to die, Jenny's going to die, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
Rick: There were others?
Mask: Oh yes there were others... and they were stronger than you; driven by power, driven by greed.
Mask: They all failed. You think you're any better?
Rick: Sure hope so...

Mask: The Lord Thule...

This dialogue would have played during the game's final boss battle. While dialogue is recorded for it, several different takes on the lines are present, something not done for the other bosses. Also unlike the other bosses, only Rick speaks here; the Mask is completely silent.

That's really starting piss me off.

That thing is really pissing me off...
That arm's got to go...
Oh - my - god.
It's trapped!
It's pinned!
It broke free!
It's broken loose!
He's loose!
The brain!

Levels 7-1 and 7-2

A good part of this level was re-arranged judging from the order of the text in english.xml.

West's extended dialogue regarding his earlier warning to Rick in level 1-2. It's one of the few instances the Mask is called the Terror Mask in the game if any.

West: I knew when I first saw you transformed by the Terror Mask…

West: ...knew it was you who had killed Leonora.
West: And for an instant I thought perhaps this could all be undone.
Mask: Rick, don't listen to him.
West: But no, we are both being worked by unseen hands, like puppets in a shadow play.
West: Perhaps this means nothing to you now, but you will understand soon enough.
West: It's too late to go back - too late, too late.
Mask: Dr. West has left the planet.

Mask: He's lying to you Rick.
Mask: Stop him Rick!

Extended bit after West shouts at Rick for killing Lenora again, with a cute quip from the Mask for added measure. The last line would have come after West's "No, fuck YOU!" line.

Mask: Yes we did; what's your point?

Rick: No... this... this is all my fault.
Mask: Rick... have you forgotten what he's done to you - what he's done to Jenny?

Mask: "Touché"

Alternate considered final battle dialogue and endings. Only parts of dialogue exist for these, as the game's actual ending was done as a full-on movie. This one is similar to the previous, but with more exposition from the Mask. The ending would have probably played much like the original.

The Corrupted are an abstraction - an idea. And ideas are unstoppable.

You interrupted the ritual that would have let 'em out pure.
But they're still coming - trapped in a body made from the lives you took with your own two hands.
They're flesh and blood now, and all that lives must one day die...
So let's kill 'em.
They live; and all that lives must one day die.
This ain't their lucky day...

Alt ending B: The Terror Mask has been using you all this time! Harkens somewhat to Splatterhouse 3's ending where the Mask wants to take over the world. Rick obviously doesn't take the offer and goes "I AM A MAN" and that good jazz on the boss...but the Mask has other plans afterwards. Whether it becomes its own entity or traps Rick in the Abyss is anyone's guess. This ties into West's extended dialogues above.

You, West, your girl; you're all pieces in a game that's been playing out for a thousand years.

The Corrupted shall rule, in a body you built for them with your bare, bloody hands.
You have served us well Rick, and you will be rewarded. Power, wealth, women; you can have it all...
...if you just let them in.
Then let's kill that fucker.

Mask: True love Rick; there's no power in this world or the next can defeat true love.
Mask: That you would rather die than betray Jen? Well, it moved me. You have taught me to value life, and treasure love.
Rick: Well um... you know
Mask: I'm sorry; I can't keep it straight, I tried.
Mask: No, I need people; I need suffering, heartache and pain - and your suffering is especially sweet.
Mask: Besides, I got other plans for you. By the time we're done you're gonna wish you took me up on that offer.
Rick: I don't understand...
Mask: Impressed? I'm just getting started.
Rick: Oh God... You're-
Rick: Gonna let'em out? Not all of them Rick; not all of them.

This line is out of place with the others, but apparently related to Jen being possessed like in the original ending somehow.

Ohhhh you're as beautiful as I remember...

Dialogue intended for the final boss, before it turned into an escort mission of sorts. None of this is recorded.

That my friend... is what will send daddy back home!

Don't get caught by that claw!
He's gonna suck us dry!
He's gonna drain our life force!
Huh; he's regenerating.
He's regenerating!

Bloodbath Bingo

These lines would have related directly to the cut Bloodbath Bingo mini-game.

Let's raise the stakes…

It's time to play 'Blood-bath Bingo'!
It's time to play bloodbath bingo - come on down!
Shhh… you hear that? I'm sure I heard a voice saying "Let's play Blood-bath Bingo!"
Eyes down for a round of Blood-bath Bingo!
Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!
I got bingo.
That's bingo!
Bingo; not just for little old ladies any more… apparently.


Photograph quotes

These blocks are the only references to "Evey", a friend of Jennifer's that would not have held a very high opinion of Rick. Some of these were more than likely intended for the unused photographs in the game, as they have references and sound files attached to them. Which would have applied where though is uncertain. The majority of these lines are spoken by Jennifer.

Evey: Hey, hey check out that dork over there. He's been staring at you since we sat down.

Evey: Hey! Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer.
Jennifer: Don't! He's kinda cute…
Evey: … Evey: Oh my god! Did he just take a picture?

Jennifer: Woah, how did you get that scar?

Rick: It was an accident, when I was a kid. It's nothing.
Jennifer: I like it; it makes you look… rugged.

Evey: Hey, check it out; the psycho's asleep.

Rick: I can hear you Evey…

Look what I got. Backstage passes - access all areas. Ain't I the best? See? Writing for the college newspaper really does have its perks.
Sure, every girl wants to date a rich, cool, hot-looking rock star.

But I'm not every girl. I've got you, remember?

Move in together? Oh, gee Rick. I dont know. It's a big step, and....

Of course I wanna do it! I've been waiting for you to ask for, like, forever!

C'mon. Wanna play big strong hero and damsel in distress?
You ever wonder what it'd be like to actually be a character in a horror movie?

I'd probably just have to scream a lot and show off my ass...

Jennifer: This is Jennifer Willis reporting from the anthropology department of Miskatonic University…

Jennifer: ...on the trail of the geek in his natural habitat.
Jennifer:There - you see it? Ohhhh... it's a real ugly one. Quiet, let's move closer...
Jennifer:Hey! Dorkface!
Rick: Oh hey Jen; you want to take a look at this bone? It's over two thousand years old.
Jennifer:And so, unable to reproduce, the geeks died out.

Due to a bug, if you attach this dialogue to another photo and play it in game, Rick's line will not play and instead "Hey! Dorkface!" will remain on the screen for an extended period of time.


Heads up!
Oh my god! Is that Tom Savini!?
Hey Taylor!
Say cheese!
Hold it...
Another soul stolen...
Aw, you're blurry...
God, you're the only person I've ever met who gets red-eye in natural light.

Weapon related

Related to picking up weapons in the game, and when they break.

  • Cleaver:
Now we are fucking cookin'!
  • 2x4:
Nice… like old times.

Who left this lying around? Somebody could get hurt.
Nailed him!

  • Lead pipe:
I think the killer was Rick… with the lead pipe… in the chest.

Pipe down ugly! Heh… pipe.

  • Bat:
Strike one!

Strike two!
Strike fuckin' three!
Strike three!
You're out!

  • Chainsaw:
Out of gas?!?! Shit!!!

Out of gas? What a fuckin' surprise - shit!
Aw, it just died on us.

Alternate "Phase" Titles

Each level, or Phase, had several alternate titles. Some of these were reused later for other phases instead. This includes the cut level 6-1 and 6-2:

  • Intro sequence: Prelude, The Devil's Pact, Nocturne, The Heretic, Dreams of the Dead
  • Level 1-1: Kiss of the Masque, The Corpse that Wouldn't Die, Terror Mask
  • Level 1-2: The Shattered Doll, The Doll that Cried Blood, The Changeling
  • Level 2-1: Blood Eclipse, The Prophecy
  • Level 2-2: Abattoir of Pain, Abattoir of Madness, The Gore Factory, Slaughterhouse, Night of the Long Pig
  • Level 3-1: Whispers from the Abyss, Orpheus Damned, I Walk with Death
  • Level 3-2: Experiment 765
  • Level 4-1: The Carny, Carousel of Souls, Fairground of Souls
  • Level 4-2: Shattered Narcissus, Blood Narcissus, The Dark Twin, The Silver Side
  • Level 5-2: Pyre for the Damned, The Blood-Splattered Bride
  • Level 6-1: Island of Forevermore, Casket of the Damned, Curse of the Golden Casket, The Golden Siren
  • Level 6-2: Shadow of the Thule, The Horror Below, Ancient Terror, Dark Fathom
  • Level 7-1: Totality, The Fifth Lock, End Times, Chaos Unbound, The Seventh Church
  • Level 7-2: Bride of the Corrupted

Reactions to enemy healer

None of the enemies can actually heal one another, though this may be a reaction to the "Summoner" enemy originally planned. That one instead later became the Aegis, which would emit a forcefield that would shield any other enemies in the area until it was killed or the effect wore off.

A healer!

A resurrectionist!
Take it out first Rick!
Take him out before he heals everyone.
Take him down before he makes them all better.
Kill him, before he undoes all your good work.

Reactions to Boreworms

Early in development, boreworms in the game were called leeches. When you first encounter them a popup tells you what they do. Apparently the mask was originally supposed to comment on them and point them out instead.


Those little suckers rely on the blood of others to survive…. Does that remind you of anyone?
Fat and juicy!
Stomp 'em!
Step on 'em!
Crush 'em!

Mask worried

Yeah; we are screwed.It looks hungry!

This ain't gonna be easy, Ricky-boy.
Oh man - I do enjoy a challenge, but Jesus…
Well it was just a matter of time before we ran into this thing.

Rick: You ever see anything like that before?
Mask: Oh yeah, of course; it's something that wants to wear your skin as a hat.

General taunts/See enemy

Get his attention Rick…

Excuse me...
Hey there!
Oh Jesus
Oh, fuck's sake.
Fuck me purple
Hey! You!
Ass Face!
Douche bag!
Fancy pants!
Melty face!
Big guy!
Tough guy!
Poopy pants!
Turd socket!
Let's go.
Let's do this.
I'm over here.
Looking for me?
Come and get me.
Blow me.
You with the face!
Hey scrote!
Tentacle face!
Fuck face, I'm talking to you!
You with the gills!
You with the clown shoes!
Hey Bozo!
Big boy!
Hey fatty!
Beef jerky!
Whatever you are!
You with the… whatever you are!
You - pulsating thing.
I'm gonna wear you like a suit.
Oh, something new!
Aren't you precious?
Aren't you adorable?
Did your husband buy that for you?

I speak a little monster, allow me to translate.
What's that? Oh, you want us to kick your ass?
Hey Rick - oblige this fuck.


You're getting stronger Rick; maybe it's time...

I think you're ready for a little more...
What can I give you?
What do you want this time?
Remember Rick; Blood is precious. Blood is power. Blood is your life. Blood is your future.

You could have been anything Rick, but you chose this - a semi-naked fruity little muscle-man.
It screams volumes about you.
But it's not too late to change...

You have a choice, you always have a choice.
Choose your reward...

Related to upgrading Rick. The first block may relate more to how you were originally intended to upgrade, which would have involved gaining new abilities, splatterkills and health/necro boosts depending on your total amount of blood accumulated.

Fuck! That's the wrong blood-type!

Bad blood!

The mask couldn't take some blood types at some point?

Select Splatterkill Sets. . .

Arm Break
Back Break

Early versions of the game allowed you to select Splatterkills. The final game randomizes the available ones per monster type instead.



Text for the removed "Gore" options screen toggle.

Don't forget to use " "

Don't forget to try " "
Remember to use " "
Remember to try " "

Placeholder tutorial messages for the loading screen.

Placeholder Intro.

Press "Down" to skip.
Placeholder Outro.
Placeholder Cutscene.

More placeholder text for development.

This move earns extra BLOOD Points.

This attack regenarates health.
Requires "Skill Name" to be unlocked.

More placeholder text.

Wave 20

Wave 20 Completed

Survival arena related, and redundant. Wave 20 is referred to as "Final wave" for each line instead.

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Failed to get OGC leaderboard.
You earned a new OGC reward!

Text related to the OGC leaderboard support Splatterhouse was originally going to have.

DLC Test Arena

The survival arena for the Mansion Lobby originally bore this name according to the filenames related to it.