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Split/Second (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Split/Second: Velocity (EU), Split/Second: Bichui Sokdo (KR)
Developer: Black Rock Studio
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows
Released in JP: September 9, 2010 (PS3)
Released in US: May 18, 2010
Released in EU: May 21, 2010
Released in KR: May 25, 2010 (Xbox 360),
July 22, 2011 (PS3)

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Split/Second is a dangerous racing reality show, where the participants can set off various explosive and environment-altering powerplays to try and take down their opponents, or even change the whole race track.

Revisional Differences

The Windows version contains various small and unusual changes compared to the console releases.


  • The start screen is missing the "© 2010 Disney" string. The game's logo is also darker.
  • The string "v 1." is visible on most menus at the bottom of the screen.
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Windows
SplitSecondPS3-FIN TitleScreen.png SplitSecondPC-FIN TitleScreen.png
  • The font used to display "YOU WON!" when finishing an event is different.
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Windows
SplitSecondPS3-FIN YouWon!.png SplitSecondPC-FIN YouWon!.png
  • The font is more spaced out for displaying "YOU HAVE WON..." when unlocking a new car and the car name itself, or when qualifying for a bonus event.
  • The font used on the button prompts in the lower right corner is different.
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Windows
SplitSecondPS3-FIN CarUnlock.png SplitSecondPC-FIN CarUnlock.png
SplitSecondPS3-FIN BonusEvent.png SplitSecondPC-FIN BonusEvent.png


  • Sound effect volume balancing is off - ambient sounds that aren't meant to be heard at full volume - are, and other sounds that are meant to be audible often aren't.
  • Several icons fail to render on the screen, even if the game still indicates they should appear. Most notable during the Air Revenge event.
SplitSecondPC-FIN AirRevengeBlue.png SplitSecondPC-FIN AirRevengeRed.png


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Some of the localizations also have strange oddities.
  • The pre-rendered portion of the ending cutscene (EndSequence.bik) is different, and feels a lot less polished on Windows.
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Windows
...The set's supposed to be clear by now!

It wasn't supposed to be torn down yet! What's going on?

Oh, no. Not them. But... But they got taken off air in '82.

Man... They said they'd be back, but...

Oh boy. Take it in well.

Son of a... It can't be! Not after all this time!

Look, they went off air in '82, I...

Oh man, this ain't good.

Clear the set! Now! Get down, what'd I tell you?! I-

Regional Differences

The Japanese version doesn't display your account's name. It instead always defaults to showing "Player 1".

International Japanese
SplitSecondPS3-FIN ResultsINTL.png SplitSecondPS3-FIN ResultsJPN.png