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Spyro: A Hero's Tail/Unused Maps

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This is a sub-page of Spyro: A Hero's Tail.
To do:
There's more. + notes. I don't know much about this game but I thought I would at least put something on here.

By changing the address for Dragon Village at 2050C2E0 to any of the ones below, you can access some maps used for testing purposes or are just simply unfinished. More maps and various other notes can be found here.

Value Map name Notes Screenshots
0050FA00 Map_Test_beach A beach map with some testing props Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-beachmap.png Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-beachmap2.png
0050F790 Map_Test_sj Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testsj.png
0050F530 Map_Test_nb This map seems to have an unused enemy that isn't present anywhere in the final game. Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testnb.png Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testnb2.png
0050F400 Map_Test_ka Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testka2.png Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testka1.png
0050F2D0 Map_Test_js
0050F1A0 Map_R4LinkAC Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-R4LinkDE.png
0050ECD0 Map_Shop Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-MapShop.png
0050E800 Map_Test_PB Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testpb.png
0050E6D0 Map_Test_TL A map with content for once. Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testtl.png Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testtl2.png
0050E5A0 Map_ModelViewer Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-ModelViewerMap.png Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-ModelViewerMap2.png
0050E470 Map_PlayRoom
0050DBE0 Map_MorphEnv
0050DAB0 Map_Test_DP Spryo-A-Heros-Tail-Unused-testdp.png
(Source: LXShadow's Hero's Tail research)