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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GameCube, Xbox)

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Title Screen

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: EA Games
Platforms: GameCube, Xbox
Released in JP: November 23, 2002
Released in US: November 14, 2002
Released in EU: November 15, 2002

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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To do:
  • Find a way to decode ".geo" files.
  • Developer commentary I found here.
  • Unused debug and cheat stuff in Start.DOL [Gamecube] and default.xbe [Xbox]
    • Screenshot system
    • Sound test (SNDSTRM_modifyhold)
    • "Debug Screen"
    • Map Debug
    • Much more (I don't understand the purpose of certain instructions)

The GameCube and Xbox version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a prime example of the multi-platform weirdness that plagued licensed games in the early 2000s.
This version was made by Eurocom, in collaboration with EA UK formerly known by Bullfrog Studio.
The original contract meant that the studios had to adapt the first book of Harry Potter into a game until delays caused the contract to change and make a game adapted from the second book and have to throw away a lot of work such as the toilet troll, Firenze the centaur or Voldemort himself. Eurocoms initially created something new that didn't resemble the expectations of EA game, Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling, making the game more original, more stylized and moving away from the movie and many things created by Eurocoms were refused by the publisher, including paintings to Hogwart paying homage to the developer, months of suffering, internal pressure and family amputated from their father.



Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Audio
Harry talks more than enough.
Unused Dialogue Texts
Even the voice actors did not dare to say such a thing!
Tex1 256x256 m e12fe670648dfc54 14 arb.png
Unused Models
More models than you can shake a broomstick at.

Build Dates

To do:
Dates in other versions.

A build date is present at 0x1FA4c for the US version and 0x1F6AA8 for the JPN version.


Oct 17 2002 18:56:23


Oct 24 2002 12:04:55

The file FXMap.dbg contains a "release" date

// Output date: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 16:22:54

The title screen has also a secret screen to show the, build date nearly identical.

GHSE69 title screen.png

Unused Levels

Unused Dungeon

This dungeon is called PreLibry, and from its appearance, it might be an early version of the Restricted Section...

This level is really unfinished; there is no exit and it has a lot of bugs: the doors are invisible (this is fixed when a Prefect sees you), the spells don't work (even those cast by Prefects), and when you restart the level all the sounds of the game except the music and Harry's voice will be disabled. There are LOTS of chests and jars, but they are all empty. There is no overhead camera as in the final version, so the camera is always stuck between two walls.

The Prefects have slightly different behavior, more reminiscent of the PlayStation 2 version, but their spells don't work. They do chase you as in the PS2 version, however, and them catching up forces retrying the level.

When you arrive in the big room, there is a blocked door; you were probably meant to cast Flipendo on a button. However, it's possible to get into the room after the blocked door by going through the walls via bad collision detection. You will first have to go through a secret corridor, and at the end of it there is a door that was probably implemented without a corresponding room or door to it; by crossing it, the player will find himself inside the wall and will be able to go to the last room.

At the end of the room there is a portrait; thanks to the Free Camera hack, we can see that there is a hole to get out from, but the painting was not programmed to open, so this level has no exit.

Note that the first hallway contains unused portraits of Dumbledore, Lily Potter, etc.

Unused Whomping Willow Area

This level seems to be an early version of the Gytrash area of the final version... It introduces an original and unused system of minecarts that can be pushed to reach a high place, it works like the final game's crate. However, these minecarts don't work properly, as they don't move forward and can be directed in wrong directions. The Gytrash arena features eight ones to defeat unlike the final map where there are only three. Then, further on, the player drops a minecart through Flipendo and was meant to push the minecart to get to the high ground. Once up there, the player gets a chest with a Chocolate Frog and a Pumpkin Pasty. Hedwig has to be called and the minecraft moved to get to the land behind the perch. There is a minecart that needs to be oriented by the Puffapod so that it can be pushed down but sometimes the minecart is oriented in the wrong direction. The player must then find, on the land next to it, an Owl Treat for Hedwig to unlock the exit that leads to the boss of the level...

Note that the level does not have any ambient sounds apart from the music and the thunder.

This level is an inventory map but it is not even used in-game, making it doubly unused. HPCOS gytrash map.png

Test Maps

The game contains 14 test maps, they were created by the different programmers of the game and left their initial on the map.
Each map seems to be an early version of the Entrance Hall, the textures are made of "clay", all with a different brightness and all contain a different content inside.
Some of them have their own specificity, such as some will have no ground collision and others like test_AW which has the music of the Girls' Bathroom and can even run the cutscene of night 3, however it will crash the game if the level is entered on night 5.
The last level test_SJ, (the asylum) will crash the game when loaded probably due to the presence of the flame thrower statues in the Experliarmus map.

The Pink Room

In the game's files, there is a test level named "PinkRoom.geo". It can be loaded by replacing files.
This level is quite simple: there are various objects that don't always work. The most interesting thing about these objects is that there are unused ones, like a rotating trash can that gives infinite beans. But most notable is Dobby's head, which is animated (the Dobby model is actually used in the PS1 version of the game; the images used in the book are the models of the GameCube/Xbox versions). Harry seems to have an interaction in front of him. There are also scales that don't look like the ones that can be seen in the game.


Also known as "Animation Viewer", this is a large, gray, empty room that the developers used to visualize almost every character's 3D model in-game. You can visualize the animation of Tom the Barman and a Particle effect and it seem to be all../

The footage here is from the Xbox version, the script doesn't work on GameCube.
With the second controller:

  • Right Trigger hides the text
  • Left displays a character model
  • D-Pad down changes the character
  • A plays or stops animations
  • X "stops running scripts".

The Script itself doesn't even work well.


A file named Infirmary.geo is present in the game, so it is likely that the Hospital Wing was supposed to be a room in the game. However, the file is empty, with the only thing marked INFIRMARY.A-1, so it is likely that this room was never started. It was probably deleted because the sequence of Harry's accident and his subsequent stay in the infirmary in the original story is omitted here.

Quidditch Common Room?

There is an unused loading screen in the game named QuiddCommonLS.geo. The image of the loading screen shows the image of the Griffindor Common Room, which indicates that the map was probably never made. The name of this file suggests that it is probably a Quidditch locker room or something else.

DADA Fumos

An empty map called Fumos, it is possible that originally, Harry should have learned to cast the Smokescreen spell. It is also possible that this is a second challenge in the Defend against Dark Arts (DADA) which was scrapped as evidenced by this element of the DADA map.

Unused or Unseen Map Geometry

PS2 Confiscated Items Room

The confiscated items room of the PS2 version is present in this version, but is completely empty, and the door cannot be opened. The room mesh itself is identical to the PS2 version's.

HP COS GHSE69-75.png

Defense Against the Dark Arts

In the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, behind a portait, there is a hole where Harry might've been meant to pass through, but the painting is never opened. It is likely that these are remnants of a deleted challenge, or the old location of the portrait for entry into the first challenge. Note that in the next game, the hole is no longer there, but there is a poorly textured square at that location.

HP COS GHSE69-56.png


In the corridor of the library, behind the portrait that came out of the reserve, there is a piece of the floor, indicating that a double door must have originally been there instead of the portrait.

HP COS GHSE69-67.png

The Burrow

After beating the washing machine, before the player goes into the garden, off the screen is Fred & George where their feet are slightly below the ground.

HPCOS GHSE69-77.png

Library Annexe Area 2

The second area of the Library Annexe, which the player visits during their second night at Hogwarts, seems to also contain a daytime version and loads simultaneously with the first area of the Annexe. No prefects are found on patrol during the day in both sections. During any other night than night 2, both parts of the Annexe remain under supervision of the prefects, even if the door is locked and inaccessible to the player.

The room is accessible with external hacks, as seen in the video underneath.

Prefects present in library annexe 2 during night 1, before the restricted section mission takes place. Accessed with noclip.
Prefects present in library annexe 2 during night 1, before the restricted section mission takes place. Accessed with noclip.

Prefects present in library annexe 2 during night 1, before the restricted section mission takes place. Accessed with noclip.
Prefects present in library annexe 2 during night 1, before the restricted section mission takes place. Accessed with noclip.

Annexe 2 during the day. Accessed with noclip.
Annexe 2 during the day, without any prefects. Accessed with noclip.

Overview of Annexe 2 during the day. Accessed with noclip and camera hack.
Overview of Annexe 2 during the day. Accessed with noclip and camera hack.

Unused Mechanics

Incendio in Duel

Although the Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) states that the Incendio spell may be used for Duelling, the player is never given the chance to do so. Gargoyles can only be defeated by reflecting their attacks, and the duels with Malfoy and Goyle take place during Day 2 and Night 2 - two days before the Incendio challenge. However, if you load one of the two dueling levels after the challenge using hacks, or use cheats to gain all the spells before one of them takes place, you are actually able to fight Malfoy and Goyle using the Incendio charm. They will reflect the spell back at the player with Expelliarmus just as they would with Flipendo. When an opponent is properly hit with Incendio, it also deducts a point from their total. Other spells gained after the duels, such as Alohomora and Avifors, won't do anything when used.
An unmentioned feature of the Expelliarmus spell is whenever the player reflects attacks back at enemies, the analog stick can be used to steer the spell in any desired direction before letting go of the casting button.

Unused Duelist

There is a file named DuelPupil; it is a duel opponent (like Malfoy or Goyle), the data of this file indicates that it is more than one student of Hogwarts (as in, the file contains all the alternative forms of the students). But when it is loaded into the game, it takes the form of Harry for some reason. This may have something to do with the unused dialogue lines in the library reserve.

Unused Spells

Text strings for a whopping eighteen unused spells exist in the game's data. The fact that there is no data or functionality for any of these spells suggests that these strings are from extremely early on in development. Only English text strings exist, as none of these have been translated into other languages.

Locomotor Mortis

The player is unable to cast this spell in-game; it's only used by the Prefects to catch Harry after he's been spotted during a stealth section. It appears that just like the Alohamora spell, Locomotor Mortis would have been purchasable from Fred and George's shop and could be used on whoever you pleased. The fact that voice lines were recorded for purchasing the spellbook suggests that this spell was cut far later than the others listed here. Note that the garbled text in the second string corresponds to button prompts; a spell or item can be set to B, Y, X, or Z.

How much is the Locomotor Mortis Spell Book?
The Locomotor Mortis Spell (Equip to ������) allows you to cast the Leglocker Curse yourself! Go on, try on Malfoy!

Locomotor Wiblly

It may seem strange to see Locomotor and Locomotor mortis as two separate spells, but on searching the PS2 files, it is Locomotor Wibbly (it is listed under the name "SPELL_LOCOMOTOR_WIBBLY"), a spell that turns the victim's legs into jelly! Delete as Locomotor Mortis would be easier to render in games.

  Spell information for Locomotor 


This spell is listed in the spell list, in the .BIN text files, and elsewhere. Its strings are phrased a bit differently from the rest:

Information for Petrificus

This spell may have had the same functionality as Locomotor Mortis, which could explain its being cut.


These strings can be found in Alt_R.bin. This spell appears in the PC version of the game, and even makes an appearance in the remake of the first game, but was cut here.

Spell information for Spongify


Found in Alt_r.bin. Wingardium Leviosa! These strings may be left over from when the game was based on HP1. Oddly, the remake of the first game does not feature this spell.

Spell information for Wingardium 


This spell, which in the Harry Potter canon creates a smokescreen, is used in the GBC version of the game. Fumos would probably have been used in duelling (and an unused piece of geometry in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom suggests that there would have been a second DADA lesson and challenge — perhaps Fumos would have been learned there?) As mentioned above, it also has its own level, empty however.
It's entirely possible that the smokescreen was too complex to implement in-game, and that the spell was cut for that reason.

Spell information for Fumos


In HP canon, Vermillious is a spell that sends a streak of red sparks into the air. This is often used as a distress signal. In the GBC games, Vermillious is used as an offensive spell; it's possible that it would have had the same functionality here. Generally speaking, many of the cut spells seem to have been intended for Duelling purposes. Perhaps Duelling was much more prevalent early in development.

Spell information for Vermillious


Verdimillious is very similar to Vermillious, except that it conjures green sparks. In the PS1 version of this game, it can be used to reveal hidden platforms for a short period of time. It could have had a similar functionality or one that hewed closer to the GBC version of the game, where it's used offensively.

Spell information for Verdimillious


In canon, Titillando is a tickling spell. Yet another spell intended for Duelling. Oh joy. This spell may have been cut due to its similarities to Rictusempra, which does the same thing in canon.

Spell information for Titillando 


In the PC version of the game, this spell can be used against duelling opponents to tie up their tongue and render them unable to speak the incantation for their next spell. This spell could actually have been useful... shame they cut it.

Spell information for Mimblewimble


In canon, Furnunculus is a spell that causes boils or pimples on contact with the skin. This spell might have been cut because of how difficult it would have been to add its functionality into the game.

Spell information for Furnunculus


This spell allows the caster to conjure ropes on the victim. It was probably cut because like so many other unused spells, its use is similar to other spells: prevent the victim from casting a spell.

Spell information for Incarcero Conjures

Mucus Ad-nauseam

In the GBC games, this spell is used to give a target a head cold that lingers and deals continual damage until it is cured. Curiously, according to this Cheat Menu screen, this spell should have been available for purchase at Gambol and Japes.

Spell information for Mucus Ad-nauseam
Mucus Ad-nauseam

HPCOS GHSE69-125.png


In the GBA version of the next game this spell is used to poison or paralyze the opponent.

Spell information for Reparifors


A spell that's not for Duelling?? Weird. This spell would appear in this game's sequel.

Spell information for Reparo

Unknown Spell

These text strings were probably only intended for use in debugging.

information for unknown spell

Lapifor Rabbit

Another Transfiguration spell was planned at some point in development. Lapifors is used in canon to transfigure small objects into rabbits... yeah, not very useful. Interestingly, it seems that the rabbit had some sound effects listed in FXmap.dbg. Perhaps its functionality would have been similar to the PC version of Prisoner of Azkaban, and the rabbit could have been controlled by the player?

Spell information for Lapifors
	DW	00d3h


Colloshoo is a spell listed exclusively in the PS2 version (it is listed here because the decision remains the same in both versions), it is still an alternative to Locomotor Mortis, which allows to stick the shoes of the victims on the ground.


this is from the PS2 version

Unused Object

Unknown Potion


As with "UNKNOWN SPELL", this line can be found among the names of spells in the inventory. It's probably a placeholder from development, or a fallback in case the game does not recognize a potion.
However, in the final game, the Wiggenweld potion is the only potion in the game.

Unused Texture(s)

Dumbledore's Office Maps

Two map textures for Dumbledore's office exist, but go unused since the office is impossible to enter by normal means.

HP COS GHSE69-88.png HP COS GHSE69-87.png

Quidditch Stadium Map

The Quidditch stadium also has a map in the inventory that goes unused, as the player only visits the stadium while on a broom, and the inventory is inaccessible during a match or training.

HP COS GHSE69-89.png

Weasley Poster

Found in Test_DP, it seems to be a very compressed poster. Because of the low quality of the texture, it is difficult to determine if it is Fred, George, or Ron, and the purpose of this texture is unknown. HP GOS flying dude.png

Tom The Barman

Tom the Leaky Cauldron bartender has a temporary texture made up of some colour palette is found with Tom's model but is never used.
It must have been used in the development process before his final texture was finalised.

HPCOS tom.png


The game has a fabulous dark blue tapestry called "DemoTapestry" which is technically present and loaded in the Pink Room but never appears.
There is a ripped version of this tapestry by Doffindo.

HPCOS BAN DemoTapestry CS.png

Early inventory screenshot

A screenshot of the inventory, Quidditch results can be found, the inventory was originally much lighter and coloured with gold.
An identical design can be found in screenshots of the PS2 version.

Hpcos inventory.png

Early Washing Machin Icon

The final icon of the washing machine has a different outline and a different "pose"

HPcos Washingmachine2.png

Early life bar

This icon from the PC and PS1 versions of the games, can be seen in some pre-release advertising and was recycled in the 2003 Sorcerer's Stones game.

HPCOS Bar scar HN.png

Level title

In the game, titles of these two levels only can be found. They could have been used in any situation in the game.

Hpcos GUI LoadBurrow MD.png HPCOS GUI LoadExpelliarmus MD.png

Test Texture

Some classic test textures who can never be seen

HPCOS Test Texture.png

HPCOS Squares.png

Early title

A simple logo, very small and very compressed under a blue background

HPCOS LGE hp logo.png

Unused Cutscene

note: The characters in the cutscenes are invisible due to a hacking flaw but they are still supposed to be visible (there is no other way to view the cutscene)


Most of the cutscenes of the Burrow are executed on the file CS_BU.geo, the only exception is the first cutscene CS_NEW01_01.geo, after breaking the glass jar CS_LVBUR_03e.GDT and the last cutscene CS_LVBUR_01.geo. There are however 7 alternative versions of the cutscenes executed in CS_BU.geo. The reason is probably that in the development these cutscenes were executed separately, like the glass jar cutscene CS_LVBUR_03e.GDT as well as all the cutscenes of the game, but the developers have grouped most of the cutscenes in one file but they never deleted the old versions, making them unused...

Washing Machine

The most remarkable change are the two extra voicelines for Ron and Harry that are not used in the final game. The camera angles are different and the movements are more abrupt. The sound effects of the washing machine are different and have slightly different timing.

The Gnome in the garden

The movement and camera angles in this scene are very different from the final version and the first shot of this cutscene does not exist in the final cutscene, it starts directly for the shot on Harry. Fred, instead of saying "be my guest" says "you'll never beat my record", then goes over the line of Goerge and it is probable that in the development, this line was different or had to correspond to something else.

Florish and Blotts

The cutscene at Flourish and Blotts with Gildetoy Lockart's "autograph session" is executed in the CS_LVFAB_02e.geo file but this leads one to believe that there is a CS_LVFAB_01e.geo and that's right, except that it's just a shot of a few seconds on Harry...


There are several alternative versions of the cutscene where Harry returns from the Experliarmus challenge. They are curiously much shorter, stopping at the moment when Lockart gives out the points. The only difference between these versions is that Lockart gives out different numbers of points between 5 and 60, in the final version he only gives out 40. And the sound of the painting is missing.

Gambol and Japes

Two cutscene exist at Gambol and Japes under the name CS_LVGAJ_01e.geo and CS_LVGAJ_02e.geo but it is only a copy of the Flourish and Blotts unused cutscene CS_LVFAB_01e.geo.


One cutscene exist at the Mulpeppers under the name CS_LVMUL_01e.geo but it is only a copy of the Flourish and Blotts unused cutscene CS_LVFAB_01e.geo.

Unused Text

All text used in the game is located in the same folder as the dialogue sound banks, these files may contain text that is never displayed. There is also a langtext folder which is a bank of text that is absolutely NEVER loaded into the game with text that come from different stages of development


find in the texts of the game credits and we hope for his sake that he has not forgotten anyone!

 Who have I missed? I must have missed someone 


 Potion Ingredient - Flobberworm Mucus 
Potion Ingredient - Doxy Egg 
Potion Ingredient - Salamander Skin 
Potion Ingredient - Billywig Sting 
Potion Ingredient - Firecrab Shell 
Potion Ingredient - Mandrake Root 

The potion classes with Snape should have been present in the game as also implied by Ron in Diagon Alley.

Herbology Class

in the "langtext" file, the herbology greenhouse was once referred to as a class, A class criminally absent from the game despite the original book or the movie scene, the 3D model of the teacher still exists as seen above

Hagrid's Hut (Locked)

The text indicating where Harry is contains this text for Hagrid's hut, but the door has no interaction, unlike in the PS2 version.

Main Gates (Locked)

There is no door named as such.

Gringotts Bank (Closed)

It is not possible to enter Gringotts through Diagon Alley even though the bank itself is attached to the location because during development, the Gringotts bank was accessible from Diagon Alley. And even with the mention of "closed" the door has no interaction implemented on the scene, so this text is never seen.

Exit to Diagon Alley

There is no place to "exit" Diagon Alley in a literal way

Exit to Knockturn Alley

This place is not represented in the final game unlike the movie


Harry Potter lived at number four Privet Drive with his horrid Uncle and Aunt and their vile son, Dudley. Harry was often locked in his room and even though he was actually a wizard, he couldn't magic himself to freedom. One evening, a house-elf called Dobby appeared ... Dobby warned Harry not to return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ... Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts! There is a plot to make most terrible things happen. if Harry oter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger. Dobby disappeared and shortly after, Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley, and his brothers, Fred and George, arrived in a flying Ford Anglia to rescue Harry from his prison. They flew him to their home, the Burrow, which is where , on a warm evening in late August, our story continues ...

Text for an unused introductory cutscene narrating the events of the story up until the game starts at the Burrow. The text is similar to the opening cutscenes of the PC and PS1 versions, but not identical to either. In the final versions of the sixth generation console adaptations, the game starts directly with Harry, Ron and his brothers arriving at the Burrow, with no introductory cutscene. Apart from this text, there is no data about this cutscene.

Dear Harry...

Dear Harry - Mind yourself with those Puffapods, they can explode very easily. I once threw one away and the explosion turned my wheelbarrow right around. Hagrid.

find among advices texts...
Hagrid's message could have been in the PC or PS1 version, but it's unknown in which circumstance this message could have happened since the first time we see the Puffapods is in the Willow forest.

Wizard Cards...?


Who knows? It is possible these were temporary strings to ensure no Wizard Card ended up using the wrong text string, when the later cards would display in the Folio Magi. This string appears 10 times.



This sentence is repeated 14 times in the text files of the credits.

You collected a...

Lumos/Nox spell collected.
Diffindo spell collected.
Expelliarmus spell collected.
Skurge spell collected.
History Book collected.
Incendio spell collected.
Avifors spell collected.
Flipendo spell collected.
You collected a Spell.
You collected a Wizard Card!
You collected one Knut!
You collected one Galleon!
A packet of Belching Powder!

The first line in this suggests the Lumos spell was to be toggleable, as Nox is the canon incantation to disspell Lumos. However, the spell was ultimately made to dissipate after a short time, making Nox unnecessary. The latter lines here are generic-styled pickup text strings, while the PAUSED_CONTINUE string is what it is, for pausing the game.

The other strings after it are never displayed; the first is plainly obvious, no text is displayed when picking up a Wizard Card at the moment it vanishes in Harry's hand, and neither Knuts nor Galleons appear in Diagon Alley.

You collected your potion kit; you how have 1 phial to collect potions with!
You collected a phial of Wiggenweld!
A packet of Belching Powder!
You collected a Book!
You collected a Bertie Botts Bean Bag! You can now collect 10 more beans!
You cannot collect any more Beans!
You cannot collect any more Stinkpellets!
You cannot collect any more Balloons!
You collected a Bertie Botts Bean!

Much like before, these are generic strings for collecting mandatory items for Harry's second-year adventure at Hogwarts.

  • The first line regarding a potion kit suggests that Harry would keep a kit containing his set of any potions he might find, rather than just the Wiggenweld that happens to be common almost everywhere around Wizengamot.
  • The book is stored amongst the strings for Ginny's lost items, indicating that Harry would have to find that as well.
  • There are no Bertie Botts Bean Bags that increase the carrying capacity by ten in the final game.
  • Instead of the string displaying, Harry speaks upon trying to pick up more beans than he can carry. The strings for Stinkpellets and Balloons are apparently unused.
  • The generic string for collecting a bean was definitely a placeholder, before the designers came up with comical reactions for picking up different flavors.

Harry's Actions

  • The former string is a non-spaced version, as the used one has the two words spaced from each other. The string can be seen in a screenshot featured in the manual.
  • Unsneak is done in this game by moving Harry away from the wall he is sneaking on, unlike in the PS2 version where a button press can also be done. This game's successor makes it actually possible to unsneak.

Trading Wizard Cards

Test strings for card-trading sequences, stored in ALT.bin:

Do u like trading Wizard Cards?
I have Wizard Card 2, and will swap you for Wizard Card 59?
I have Wizard Card 23, and will swap you for Wizard Card 27?
I have Wizard Card 36, and will swap you for Wizard Card 84?
I have Wizard Card 61, and will swap you for Wizard Card 77?
I have Wizard Card 75, and will swap you for Wizard Card 13?
I have Wizard Card 78, and will swap you for Wizard Card 98?
I have Wizard Card 81, and will swap you for Wizard Card 43?
I have Wizard Card 94, and will swap you for Wizard Card 31?
Ok thanks harry - nice doing business with you!
Sorry Harry, I dont have any Wizardcards to swap!
Ahh yes I have that Wizard Card. Lets swap!
I'm sorry, I don't have that card available to swap!


The original, hand-written manuscript of Hogwarts: A History takes pride of place in this library and can only be viewed by special appointment.  However, students may admire its ornate cover from below.

This text is found just after Hagrid's sweet letter. The game never mentions an "appointment" to see the book that has to be stolen in the game, it is only "cover adorned" from below. This text does appear in the PlayStation 2 version, however.

Harry's First Day 
Neville's Toad 
The Parselmouth 
Hogwarts: A History 
Avifors Challenge 
The Polyjuice Potion 
Tom Riddle 
Gryffindor vs. Slytherin 
The Chamber of Secrets 
The Last Day of Term

A string of text which seems tied to the days' quest lines; these strings are never executed.

Xbox Leftover


The texture of the Xbox version's buttons can be found fully functional in the game files under the name panel.geo and also under all its translations.
It is possible to play with the Xbox buttons' textures by replacing the files, but the spells assigned to the X button will be visually assigned to B and the spells assigned to B will be visually assigned to A (spells can not be assigned to button A in the GameCube version).

Note that the texture of the buttons of this version are stored under the name panel_GC.geo.





  • In FXmap.dbg, DDOFFICE_DOOR_OPEN and DDOFFICE_DOOR_CLOSE are listed as sounds, but the door of Dumbledore's office never opens like it does in the PS2 version of the game.
  • In FXmap.gbg, DIAGON_GRINGOTTS_DOOR_CLOSE and DIAGON_GRINGOTTS_DOOR_OPEN are listed as sounds, it seems that Gringott's Bank should have been accessible through Diagon Alley at some point in the development
  • In FXmap.gbg, WILLOW_LEAVESHIT is listed as one of the sounds of Whomping Willow. Do I need to go into detail?
  • In the Diagon Alley script files, the file mentions:
    CS_DA_HarryNKncokturn CS_DA_FredNGeorge
    But neither the twin brothers nor Knocturn Alley is present in the game (The twins were nevertheless present in the PS2 version)
  • In the Defense Against the Dark Art class script file, the file mentions
    which mentions a deleted "battle" between Snape and Lockart
  • In the Flourish and Blotts script file, the file mentions
    Molly Weasley is never seen during the cutscene with Lockart although the game suggests that she is there
  • In the Leaky Cauldron script file, the file mentions
    as said above, Dedalus Diggle was inexplicably removed from the game, he can still be seen in the PS2 version and a commercial for the Xbox/Gamecube one

Unused Screen

Quidditch Win Screen

The game file has a dedicated screen of when you lose or win a game of Quidditch, it shows the screen of when you face Slytherin by default, or Gryffindor on winning. It was supposed to appear at the end of the match of Slytherin VS. Gryffindor.
Leaving this screen warps you back to the Hogwarts Grounds but curiously, if this is executed at night, Harry spawns higher above the ground...

HPCOS GHSE69-121.png HPCOS GHSE69-180.png

Phrase Display "Doodah"

This is a Text Debug menu, it allows displaying all the text strings of the game. You just have to press the left analogical stick to change the text, the D-PAD to make them scroll and L/R to change the text bank.

HP COS GHSE69-92.png HP COS GHSE69-93.png

The Xbox version has additional details that are technically loaded in the gamecube version but curiously not displayed

DOODAH hpcosXBOX.png

Cheats Menu

To do:
add credit

The game contains a cheat menu for developers accessible via two hidden options in the pause menu, containing the possibility to go to any level (day or night), in any state of the level. It also allows some Cheat settings, some of them don't work properly but when they are on, they allow to be invincible, to "remove the bad guys" or to be able to Noclip with the directional keys.

HP2 Cheat Menu (USA) HP2 enable cheaty keys (USA) HP2 debug menus (Europe) HP2 enable cheaty keys (Europe) HP2 Enable Cheat Menu (Japan) HP2 Enable Cheaty keys (Japan)
 0044af3e 0000000a 
0049edab 00000007 
 0044af3f 00000050 
 0042af5e 0000000a
0047edcb 00000007 
 0042af5f 00000050 
003EFAA6 0000000A
00443AEB 00000007 
003EFAA7 00000050 

Here are all the parameters:

Cheats On Off
Complete Current level
God Mode
Show Me The Money !
GBA linkup fully loaded
Kill Harry
Remove The Bad Guy
Allow cheaty buttons
Level Selector
I'm a big cheater!

The game contains however 2 files related to the cheat menu that the game never loads, build.dat and cheats.txt it contains a list of all the commands but some are not part of the final menu, such as an option to disable the music for example.



#Listing of all commands recognised in cheats.txt :                             
#(Cut and paste at your leisure)                                                

Unused Content

In the cheat menu, the menu of Day 0 (Burrow) unlike the other map, does not allow choosing the scenario of the map.
However, the text of the Borrow Submenu does exist, but specifies that it was not set up.

This submenu has not been setup yet.
Start     Start of level
Barn      Shoot the gnomes in the barn 
Washer    Duel with washing machine 
Garden    deGnome the garden
Washer dead   dead washer
Gnomes Dead   dead gnomes 


Unused Sound

Harry's scrapped monologue

This version contains a non-compiled Sound Forge file named "sfx_harry.snd", it contains some monologue that (except for the Bean) does not exist in the game, nor even in the subtitles.

File where it was found Clip Subtitle Comment
Woaw, a Dung Bombs ! 'Smells horrible, this will come in useful for clearing the (crowds ?) Dung Bombs are totally unused in the game and are unusable since they were never finished.
A balloon in a box ! Great for surprising people with.

A balloon in a box !

It is strange that it specifies "in a box", the balloons do not have a box.
A chocolate frog ! It's even got a Wizard Card !

A Chocolate frog !

In Harry Potter, Chocolate Frogs are always sold with a card, but not in this game. An unused monologue of Harry mentioning the name "Chocolate frog card" although he never calls it that and there is no Frog.
An Owl treat ! If I feed this to Hedwig when she's sitting on a perch, this something may happen !

An Owl Treat

It is in his interest that this "something" happens.
Woaw, I found a gold Galleon

A gold Galleon
Great ! A silver Sickle
A Silver Sickle
Wicked ! Some Knuts, Wizard money !
Knuts !

Galleons, Sickles and Knuts are British wizarding money in Harry Potter. Only the Sickles appear in the final game. However, according to some text placeholder and a menu, the Galleon and other money would have been collectable at the Leaky Cauldron rather than via Molly Weasley and the barrels.


File where it was found Clip Subtitle Comment
This term I shall be teaching Duelling. Let me introduce you to my assistant Professor Snape. He tells me he knows a little about duelling himself and has sportingly agreed to help me with a short demonstration. linked to the confrontation between Snape and Lockart which no longer takes place. the end of this sentence was curiously cut off during the pronunciation of "with".
I don't think so, ' time to split up the dream team I think. Mister Malfoy, come over here While the dialogue "Mister Malfoy, come over here" is used in the game, the unused dialogue files in "EaSound" reveal that the first part of the dialogue which is actually a response to a lost line of Lockart's which, according to the subtitle, says "If you'd like to partner up with Mr Weasley-' for the duel. Both lines are used in full in the PC version, but use different takes.

The old Hag

File where it was found Clip Subtitle Comment
You don't want to spend to much in Knockturn Alley, dearie. Hag's dialogue, the unused NPC, seems to have been scattered in the 3 versions of this game, 4 lines in the GameCube version, 2 in the PS2 version especially this one with the only difference of the echo effect.

Unused Map

Gringotts Bank

The bank of Gringotts is a map exclusive to the GameCube version. To unlock it you just have to connect your GBA to the system and find the required cards on the GBA version. The portrait was completely locked on the Xbox version but it is possible to access it via cheats. The room remains unchanged because the version is the version where the developers worked and also because the map was accessible via Diagon Alley, in development.