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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Developer: EA UK
Publisher: EA Games
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: November 23, 2002
Released in US: November 14, 2002
Released in EU: November 15, 2002

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
  • the release date is probably wrong, ' should fix it
  • Debug Stuff
  • Too much test map or unused level setup

No console of this era has escaped Harry Potter. Not even the 6th generation consoles. These home console versions were developed by EA UK, previously known as Bullfrog Productions, who would design and produce the adaptation of the first book in collaboration with a British studio in Derby, Eurocom, who would make the Xbox and GameCube versions.

These games were designed with enthusiasm of the franchise with the help of JK Rowling, trying to make Hogwarts the most faithful to the book. Sadly, the contract was changed to be a Chamber of Secrets adaptation, condemning many elements to the axe such as a whole asset for the Girls' Bathroom mountain troll, the three headed dog Fluffy and others... To put it lightly, the EA UK studio would be further troubled spending 5 months realizing and finishing the level of the Burrow while the rest is yet unfinished and the deadline approaches.

Despite the fact that this version was underestimated and misunderstood, it was a better success than other versions even if its quality can be compared to others today.


Unused Audio
You don't want to go making friends with some who smoked on dragonflies and who yell in the Slytherin dungeon...
Bomb hpcos ps2.png
Unused Textures

Unused Maps

Whomping Willow 5

DADA Classroom Night

Test Levels

The Portrait Room

The Entrance Hall has a portrait room that would have allowed fast travel to different parts of the castle. This room is no longer accessible by normal ways and when you enter it, the room has been left non-functional and devoid of these paintings.

Unused Models



The well-known Dark Lord would have appeared back when the project was on HP1, before it changed for the second one, making this model among others go unused.

Voldemort HPCOSPS2.png

Pomona Sprout

The Herbology teacher would have taught things in this game as in the original work. The intact model was reused in the remake of the first game and is also left unused in the GameCube and Xbox version of the game with minor texturing and modeling differences.

Sprout HPcos PS2.png

The Old Hag

The Old Hag is an witch living in Knockturn Alley who occasionally eats children. She has some animations and a few lines, she was probably forgotten after Knockturn Alley was removed from the game. the Gamecube and Xbox version has exactly the same unused model.

Hag HPCOSPS2.png

Robeless Harry

Harry and his friends already wear Hogwarts robes before even getting there in the PlayStation 2 version, whereas on GameCube and Xbox only Harry always has it. This model is seen in the PS1 version during the storybook sequences.

Cloakless harry HP COS PS2.png

Double Headed Newt



Wand? Ice Cream? Tower Control?

This model is called "modelnotfound" and is probably used as a fallback if a model is either missing or fails to load. The model in question is just some untextured polygons.

Modelnotfound HPCOSPS2.png


The Dungbombs could have been used, but were abandoned as the Stink Pellet is easier to use and unlike the Xbox and Gamecube version, it can be fitted to the buttons without necessarily being functional. The model was recycled for the remake of the first game.

Dungbomb hpcosps2.png Dungbombs Icon HP2 PS2.png

The game also has a very early version meant to be used for the inventory, the form was also quite different.

Dungbomb2 hpcousos2.png

Early Flipendo Button

A very different button: red and with the old symbol of the previous versions.

Button hpcos.png

Alohomora Lock

A large lock that was supposed to be installed on doors that can be unlocked with the respective spell. It got reused in the remake of Sorcerer's Stone.

Aloha hpcosps2.png

Unused Spells

In addition to Flipendo, Expelliarmus and Harry's small array of spells, seventeen other spells can be found in the game probably from early development as little data remains of these spells other than these texts.

Thirteen of these spells also exist in the GameCube and Xbox version except that unlike there, here the description of these spells have been filled in. The other version only contained placeholder text, so we can know more about the usefulness of the spells as they are often modified for the game.


Nox is the equivalent of Lumos since it works in the same way even though it is described as "the counter-spell of Lumos". It was often quoted with Lumos in some unused text of the GameCube and Xbox version.

Extinguishes wand


The first appearance of the Reparifors spell which originally should have been served with Lapifors as seen below. It would make its first appearance in the Game Boy Advance version of the third game and was a healing spell that could be used with a Chocolate Frog.

Returns transfigured objects and creatures to their original


An unknown spell with a curious purpose that would never appear anywhere else.

Pull away wooden support


A spell intended for Duelling. This spell may have been cut due to its similarities to Rictusempra, which does the same thing in canon.

Tickles small opponents, makes them weak


There is a lot of evidence that this spell has gone a little further than others: it has some audio data and rabbit sounds in the GameCube and Xbox version and the rabbit itself still exists in the game, it can be seen shamefully locked in a cage in Diagon Alley in front of the Magical Menagerie. Hermione would be the only one who can learn it in the Windows Prisoner of Askaban game.

Turns small creatures into rabbits

Locomotor Mortis

Harry would have been able to cast the famous spell that only Prefects can cast in the game. At one point the spell would have been purchased from Fred & George according to some unused lines. The data of this one is still on GameCube and can be cast with help from a memory editor, but the spell can't really be used.

Locomotor Mortis 
Binds legs


The Stickfast Hex is an alternative to Locomotor Mortis because it works in the same way. Doesn't exist in the other version.

Shoes stick temporarily to the floor

Locomotor Wibbly

The Jelly-Legs Jinx appeared in the books and was rejected because Locomotor Mortis is much easier to make ingame.

Locomotor Wibbly
Jelly legs/legs collapse


Another dueling spell that allows throwing a smoke screen concealing the caster, and it already appeared in the Game Boy Color games. This spell would have been learned in a second Defence Against the Dark Arts class where Harry should have learned it to defeat the Doxies invading the class, Ron's unused lines support this source.

Conjures smokescreen

Wingardium Leviosa

The most famous spell of levitation that already appeared in the previous game and has appeared on the PS1 game only.

Wingardium Leviosa
Makes objects fly


This spell was never featured in any game... Probably too complicated to render properly. It was cast many times by Harry in the book.

Pimples erupt on opponent

Petrificus Totalus

This spell could be a duelling spell or another alternative to Locomotor Mortis.

Petrificus Totalus
Total body bind


In any other game, Spongify was use to make Harry jump high, but it could have been use in any situation for this purpose and wound up re-used in the 2003 Sorcerer's Stone game.

Will make some objects soft

Mucus Ad-Nauseam

The spell was in the GBC game as another duelling spell, used to make the oponement's nose fall down. It could be purchased at Gambol & Japes for eight Galleons at one point according to found lines in the Xbox version.

Mucus Ad-Nauseam
Curse of the Bogies


Yep, again, a duelling spell. Was used in the PC version for the same purpose as written down below.

Tongue-tie opponent

Wrong Hand, Right hand ?

Nothing is know about this, it may be something that could be or not, an actual spell. Perhaps it was related to testing wands at Ollivander's.



Placeholder Placeholder

Unused Text

Unused Objects

Sheet music 1
Sheet music 2
Sheet music 3

The listed objects do not exist in the game. The flute however, would certainly have been intended for Fluffy.


Some items at Gambol and Japes were once in Galleons, Knuts and Sickles. In the final game, only Sickles can be collected.

Billywig Blades


Belch powder

Belching Powder would have been a collectable ingredient like in the GBA version.

Walking Teapot

It is unknown what this object could have been...

Potions Kit
This is a Potion Kit, you'll need this to impress all your mates.

Prior to the final version, Harry would have had to buy a Potion Kit instead of a vial at Mulpeppers for Snape's classes. The model is the same as the Potion Kit you have to find at Hogwarts.


The first three tasks were for back when the game was an adaptation of the first book, rather then the second.

Buy wand from Ollivanders 
Collect owl from Eeylops Owl Emporium.
Meet Hagrid in Leaky Cauldron courtyard.

Action text

Two action texts that could have something to do with Ollivander where you would pick some wands, like what happens in the 2003 sixth generation console adaptation of Sorcerer's Stone.


Funny Password

This text below might be the password to access Filch's and Snape's offices, which are located in the left hallway at the Entrance Hall.

Filch's Office Password
Snape's Office Password
Xmas Riddle 1
Xmas Riddle 2
Xmas Riddle 3

Unused Character data


The three-headed dog from the first book as a dedicated character type, Audio Data, Music data (it's just codes that trigger a music, not something you can hear) but no model of him exist anymore.
You can still see him on a Tapestry at Hogward.



Muggle children and parents are unique character types, but the game never takes place outside the wizarding world, it is unknown where these would have been used.
They are mentioned in the game code, even though no data on them exists any more.



animations files for a character named "Frozen" exist.
It seem to have animations for walkin, Casting Spells, "Howling" and bitting.
It could be Firenze but really mispelled.
No other information other then a file exist for him.


The game have 5 unused character type named "Dummy1", "Dummy2", "Dummy3", "Dummy4" and "Dummy5". No data remain for them.
A developper commentary explain who are they

 CREATE_OBJECT_ThingCharacterDummy  | dummy character used for testing. 


Borgin & Burkes' one-sided entrance

On the south end of Borgin & Burkes' main room, there is a permanently-locked door, which the Malfoys can be seen having come from during their cutscene. What makes this one interesting is that near the end of the escape, you pass by the other end of it in an offshoot of Knockturn Alley (in the same loading zone as the store)... and it is a generic blank wall corner with no door in sight, despite what the in-game map, room position, and general Euclidean geometry would dictate. This is especially notable since it is possible (albeit very difficult and hit-or-miss) to have Harry do his "locked door" animation at this blank wall.

Grounds door

In the cloistered courtyard (named "Transfiguration Courtyard" in some later games), there exists a door, corresponding to the Transfiguration classroom entrance in the films. This door can be opened on the arrival night, the first day, and the night after, and then it becomes permanently locked. Going through the door causes Harry to exit from another door at the top of a random nearby tower, with nothing but a small unwalled balcony to stand on and nothing to do but go back through the door or dodge off the side (causing Harry to fall to his death fainting and respawning). The door's warp seems absolutely pointless, especially since it becomes inaccessible so soon; however, it is worth noting that the day it becomes inaccessible is the same day Harry is given his broomstick for recreational use, so it may simply be a method to tease the rooftops before they can be freely reached (note he cannot land on the aforementioned balcony from his broomstick).