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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Developer: EA UK
Publisher: EA Games
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: November 23, 2002
Released in US: November 14, 2002
Released in EU: November 15, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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  • Unused map: flying map test, "white box", other (PROBABLY SCRAPPED OR NON EXISTANT)
  • Unused model: Old hag, more...
  • Unused map state :ChapterTestArt

ChapterTestFlying ChapterQWCPrototype ChapterTestJO ChapterGalleryJO ChapterTestMC_Navigation ChapterTestMS ChapterTestNT ChapterTestAE ChapterTestTM ChapterWhiteBox1 ChapterWhiteBox2 ChapterTestCM ChapterArtReviewBox Chapter2Scripter

  • Debug Menu (uncertain): Scenario selector, map selector, ?

What do we get from two Harry Potter games made by two different studios with the same resources? The same things, but in this case, it won't be as good.

Even if the PS2 version is not up to the level of the Xbox and GameCube versions of the game, it was able to bring advantages that the others didn't have, and the PS2 version would later become the most recognizable version. But at least we can still assault people with Flipendo, because everyone likes violence!

Unused Model



The well known Dark Lord should have appeared at the beginning of the development when the project was on HP1, before it changed for the second one, making this model with other, unused or even deleted from the game.

Voldemort HPCOSPS2.png

Pomona Sprout

The Herbology teacher would have taught things in this game as in the original work. The intact model was reused in the remake of the first game and is also left unused in the GameCube and Xbox version of the game with minor texturing and modeling differences.

Sprout HPcos PS2.png

The Old Hag

The Old Hag is an witch living in Knockturn Alley who occasionally eats children. She has some animations and a few lines, she was probably forgotten after Knockturn Alley was removed from the game. the Gamecube and Xbox version has exactly the same unused model.

Hag HPCOSPS2.png

Lapifor Rabbit

This rabbit would have been the result of a transformation of the Lapifors spell, which works like Avifors aside from creating a classy white rabbit. It can also be found in the GameCube and Xbox version under a quite different model.

Rabbit HPCOSPS2.png

Robeless Harry

Harry and his friends already wear Hogwarts robes before even getting there in the PlayStation 2 version, whereas on GameCube and Xbox only Harry always has it. This model is seen in the PS1 version during the storybook sequences.

Cloakless harry HP COS PS2.png

Double Headed Newt



Wand ? Ice Cream ? Tower Control ?

This model is called "modelnotfound" and is probably used as a fallback if a model is either missing or fails to load. The model in question is just some untextured polygons.

Modelnotfound HPCOSPS2.png


The Dungbombs could have been used, but were abandoned as the Stink Pellet is easier to use and unlike the Xbox and Gamecube version, it can be fitted to the buttons without necessarily being functional. The model was recycled for the remake of the first game.

Dungbomb hpcosps2.png Dungbombs Icon HP2 PS2.png

The game also has a very early version meant to be used for the inventory, the form was also quite different.

Dungbomb2 hpcousos2.png

Early Flipendo Button

A very different button: red and with the old symbol of the previous versions.

Button hpcos.png

Alohomora Lock

A large lock that is supposed to be installed on doors that can be unlocked with the respective spell. It became reused in the remake of Sorcerer's Stone.

Aloha hpcosps2.png

Unused Textures

Early Title Screen

The game contains a much different and brighter title screen, two loading screens and a scrapped controller option graphic than the used version.
The title screen has artwork of Harry and a gnome whose head is used in the Gamecube and Xbox version. The screen has the note "Burrow Focus Test Level", presumably referring to a level or something else, and "EA confidential" showing that it is from an early prototype.

There are two title screens, one identical to the other, one with a bar and the current game logo.
The controls screen has the specification "In the case of the demo, the only spell is Flipendo", this must be from a private prototype where the other spells were not yet implemented, either as a demo for beta testers or for the playable demo at E3 2002.

HP PS2.png HPcos PS2.png HPcos 2PS2.png Controle HPCOS.png

Early Inventory

LUMOS HPcos.png

Early Loading Screen

Experliarmus Map HPCOS PS2.png AragogForest Map HPCOS PS2.png Incendio MAP HPCOS PS2.png

Early Map

Burrow map HPcos PS2.png Borgin MAP HPcos PS2.png Mullpepper MAP HPCOS PS2.png LVL 2 Hogwart HPCOS PS2.png LVL22 Hogwart HPCOS PS2.png

Early Action Button

Button ui HP COS PS2.png

Early Health bar

Health bar HP COS PS2.png

"Test" animation

Some "test animation" files in .TGA format exist in the game. This image depicts Uma Thurman from the 1998 film The Avengers, occasionally poorly edited with different colors.

HPCOSPS2 uma.png HPCOSPS2 uma2.png HPCOSPS2 uma3.png HPCOSPS2 uma4.png

Unused Dialogue


The PC and PS1 versions of Chamber of Secrets have an introduction sequence before Harry's arrival at the Burrow, though the console releases were also meant to have it. This dialogue can be found in the Gamecube and Xbox version of the game, completely identical. Note that the line "There is a plot to make most terrible things happen." was already an unused line in the PC version.

File where it was found Clip Note
This line is for an unused introductory cutscene narrating the events of the story up until the game starts at the Burrow. The text is similar to the opening cutscenes of the PC and PS1 versions, but not identical to either. In the final versions of the sixth generation console adaptations, the game starts directly with Harry, Ron and his brothers arriving at the Burrow, with no introductory cutscene. Apart from this line, there is no data about this cutscene. The subtitle text corresponding to this line exists on the GameCube and Xbox and PC versions as well as the line "there is a plot to make most terrible things happen." was already unused in the PC version.

The second Defence Against the Dart Art class

File where it was found Clip Note
Fumos would have had a dedicated class, Harry would have had to sneak in the Fumos challenge while Doxies from the original work, attacked the class and had to be fought with the spell.


File where it was found Clip Note
It seems that Harry should have originally taken money from the Leaky Cauldron rather than from Molly Weasley.

The Olg Hag

File where it was found Clip Note
This Hag is an NPC who was taken to oblivion with Knockturn Alley. These dialogue lines were scattered in each console version of the game except the PS1, especially the second line which is also present in the Xbox version of the game, the GameCube one had 4 other lines from her.