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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Developer: EA UK
Publisher: EA Games
Platforms: GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Released in JP: June 24, 2004 (GC/PS2)
Released in US: June 2, 2004
Released in EU: May 29, 2004

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Unlike the previous games, the third main Harry Potter game is pretty much identical across the 6th gen game consoles (though the PC and - by necessity - GBA versions were still quite different, and the PS2 version has EyeToy side-games). In this game, all three of the golden trio can be played as, and of course have different abilities. Don't just Flipendo that statue, hook onto it and leap across a chasm. Or turn it into a dragon instead! Also, the collectible cards are less "worldbuilding" and more "presenting fairytales as history."

To do:
  • Ron's unused mucus spell has icons and audio associated with it.
  • Any unused cutscenes.
  • Scripts related to test maps in the Level Select.
  • Script related to unused Spell Challenge (Draconifors).
  • Document level select/build string with proper screenshots.

Build Date

To do:
Dates in other versions.

A build date is present at offset 0x37BCDC:

May 10 2004 18:41:01

Unused Text/Subtitles

Download.png Download Subtitle text for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2)
File: HP3 apt_text.zip (91 kB) (info)

Various lines in the game are never subtitled outside cutscenes, compared to its two predecessors. A few of them reference events not depicted in the final game, indicating they're leftovers from earlier in development.

GUI_LOCTXT_FGOFFICE_002=Fred and George's (Open for Business)
GUI_LOCTXT_FGOFFICE_003=Fred and George's (Closed %2D Back Soon)
GUI_LOCTXT_MUGGLESTUD_003=Fifth Floor Corridor
GUI_LOCTXT_MUGGLESTUD_004=(Beware of the ghoul!)
GUI_LOCTXT_MUGGLESTUD_005=Fifth Floor Atrium
GUI_LOCTXT_MUGGLESTUD_006=Disused Classroom
GUI_LOCTXT_FLOOR4_005=(Mind the vanishing step!)
GUI_LOCTXT_ENTHALL_003=Broom Cupboard
GUI_LOCTXT_QUIDDITCH_001=Quidditch Stadium
GUI_LOCTXT_QUIDDITCH_002=Quidditch Stadium (Locked)
GUI_LOCTXT_HOGWARTS_001=Hogwarts Castle
GUI_LOCTXT_OUTSIDE_002=Main Gates (Locked)
GUI_LOCTXT_MARAUDERSCHALL_001=The Marauder's Challenge
GUI_LOCTXT_CARPECHALL_001=Carpe Retractum Challenge

After the first potions lesson, Harry was supposed to obtain the Firebolt from Sirius and be taught a lesson, presumably by Professor McGonagall. Broom flying is not present in the game, only flying with Hippogriffs.

SV3_RON_D1POTION1_002=I'm really sorry...
SV3_HRY_D1POTION1_002=Don't worry; let's go outside.
SV3_MCG_D1POTION1_001=Ah, Mr Potter.
SV3_MCG_D1POTION1_002=You've got a very good friend somewhere...
SV3_HRY_D1POTION1_003=A Firebolt! I can't believe it! Who -?
SV3_MCG_D1POTION1_003=There was no card, no message of any kind.
SV3_MCG_D1POTION1_004=I daresay you'll need to get the feel of it. Why don't you go outside and try it out?
&SV3_FIN_D1POTION1_001=We'll see you out there!
&SV3_RON_D1POTION1_003=Come on then, let's go outside and try your Firebolt out!
&SV3_HRY_D1POTION1_004=Let's go outside and try out the Firebolt!
&SV3_MCG_D1POTION1_005=I thought you were both going outside to try out Harry's new broom.
&SV3_MCG_D1POTION1_006=Why don't you go outside? I'm sure you want to practise flying on your new broom...
&SV3_MCG_D1POTION1_007=Come along, outside with the pair of you.
&SV3_MT1_D1POTION1_001=Shouldn't you be trying out that broom?
&SV3_MT2_D1POTION1_001=Shouldn't you be trying out that broom?
&SV3_MT3_D1POTION1_001=Shouldn't you be trying out that broom?
&SV3_DNT_D1BROOM1_001=Go on then, get on it, Harry!
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_001=Now, Harry, if you would like to take it steadily first...
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_002=Try flying up and hovering a few feet from the ground.
&GUI_GEN_HLPTXT_067=Use the left analog stick to fly up.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_003=Hurry up.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_004=We're waiting.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_005=Fly up, Mr Potter.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_006=Take it a little higher...
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_007=Now fly back down to the ground and hover above it.
&GUI_GEN_HLPTXT_068=Use the left analog stick to fly back down to the ground.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_008=Fly down, Mr Potter.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_009=A little closer to the ground.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_010=You seem to be having trouble, Mr Potter. I'm sure it's not the broom. Try again.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_011=Fly up and hover a few feet from the ground. Then fly back down to the ground and hover just above it.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_012=Excellent. Let's find something to really put the Firebolt through its paces.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_014=Right, Mr Potter, see how many you can catch.
&GUI_GEN_HLPTXT_069=Fly at Draconifors dragon statues to knock them out of the sky.
&GUI_D1BROOM1_HLPTXT_002=Catch the flying Draconifors dragon statues by flying towards them and pressing 'CATCH'.
&SV3_MCG_D1BROOM1_015=Right, Mr Potter, see how many you can knock out of the sky.
&GUI_D1BROOM1_HLPTXT_001=Knock the flying Draconifors dragon statues from the sky by flying towards them and pressing 'BOOST'.
&GUI_GEN_HLPTXT_070=Catch Draconifors dragon statues by flying at them.
&SV3_DNT_D1BROOM1_002=That was great!
&SV3_FIN_D1BROOM1_001=Yeah, fantastic!
&SV3_HER_D1BROOM1_001=Oh, Harry! Who sent you that broom?
&SV3_HRY_D1BROOM1_001=No idea. There wasn't a card or anything with it.
&SV3_DRC_D1TALKTO_001=New broom, eh, Potter? I'll bet it's a gift from Sirius Black. With any luck it's been jinxed...

Broom flying was also intended to be done before the Hippogriff lesson.

&SV3_HER_D2BROOM2_001=Hagrid? What's the matter?
&SV3_HGD_D2BROOM2_002=I'm havin' a bit o' trouble!
&SV3_HGD_D2BROOM2_003=Me copies of 'The Monster Book of Monsters' have all run off and I'm s'posed ter be startin' the lesson in a few minutes!
&SV3_HER_D2BROOM2_002=It's OK, Hagrid. You go to your hut. We'll handle it.
&SV3_HER_D2BROOM2_003=Harry - can you get on your broom and chase down those copies?
&SV3_HER_D2BROOM2_004=We need to stop them all before Hagrid gets to class!
&SV3_HER_D2BROOM2_005=There's no time to waste, get on your broom!
&SV3_HGD_D2BROOM2_004=I thought yeh were helpin' me with those books, Harry.
&SV3_HER_D2BROOM2_006=Don't waste your time here! Get the other books!
&SV3_HRY_D2BROOM2_003=Two to go!
&SV3_HRY_D2BROOM2_004=Just one more!
&SV3_HRY_D2BROOM2_005=Done it!
&SV3_HRY_D2BROOM2_006=I need to turn back!
&SV3_HRY_D2BROOM2_007=I can't leave at a time like this!
&SV3_HRY_D2BROOM2_008=Oh, no! Out of time!
&SV3_HER_D2BROOM2_007=Harry, get on your broom and get those books before Hagrid's class starts.
&SV3_HGD_D2CAREMG1_001=Gee up, there!

Related to this, many strings reference a playable challenge of this:

&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_001=Select an opponent
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_002=Use your flying skills to catch as many of the flying Draconifors dragon statues as you can.  Good luck!
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_005=A number of flying Draconifors dragon statues are hidden about the grounds; use your flying skills to find as many as you can.  Good luck!
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_006=Truly excellent, Mr Potter.  You receive an A%2B.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_007=Well done.  That effort deserves an A.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_008=Good effort.  I'll give you a B.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_009=Nicely done.  That's a C for trying.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_010=Not bad.  You receive a D.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_011=Mmm, could do better.  An E is all you deserve.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_012=Not good at all, Mr Potter.  Your attempt deserves an F.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_FETXT_013=That was truly dreadful, Mr Potter.  I think you should try again.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_IGTXT_002=To unlock the Advanced Broom Flight Challenge, you must obtain the Firebolt.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_IGTXT_003=To play the Advanced Broom Flight Challenge, take control of Harry and stand him on the stone symbol.
&GUI_BROOMFLIGHT_IGTXT_004=Try to knock the flying Draconifors dragon statues out of the sky before the time runs out.

A few GUI subtitles reference cut abilities and items:

&GUI_SPLDESCTXT_FIREBOLT_001=Superior racing broom.
&GUI_SPLDESCTXT_MUCUSPROJECTUM_001=Creates and throws a large glob of mucus.
&GUI_SPLDESCTXT_MELOFORS_001=Transfiguration spell. Transforms a person's head into a pumpkin.
&GUI_FANDG_SHOPTXT_006=Broom Handle Polish
&GUI_FANDG_SHOPTXT_007=Brass Compass
&GUI_FANDG_SHOPTXT_008=Silver Tail%2DTwig Clippers

The Mucus Projectum spell was intended to be an item Ron could purchase for an optional challenge, similar to Hermione's Snufflifors spell, but cut before release.

&GUI_QST_GLOVERHIPWORTH_001=Snot Slinging Challenge
&SV3_FRD_FANDG_007=Hey Ron! You ought to try our Snot Slinging challenge out in the grounds. Just go out and find the stone symbol with the hag on it. We guarantee you'll have loads of fun!!
&SV3_RON_FANDGRON_015=This'll allow me to conjure snot? Wicked! How much is this Mucus Projectum spellbook, Fred?
&SV3_RON_FANDGRON_016=What does this Mucus Projectum spellbook cost?
&SV3_RON_FANDGRON_017=Got it! The Mucus Projectum spellbook!
&SV3_GRG_FANDGRON_011=Now that you have the ability to conjure snot, here's a challenge!
&SV3_GRG_FANDGRON_012=See this chap? That's Glover Hipworth %2D Inventor of the Pepperup Potion %2D the cure for the common cold...
&SV3_GRG_FANDGRON_013=...The man responsible for the virtual eradication of snot, bogies and mucus throughout the wizarding world!
&SV3_FRD_FANDGRON_004=And therefore, a great target!
&SV3_FRD_FANDGRON_005=See if you can get him around Hogwarts. If you get him everywhere, we'll give you an extremely rare collector's card!

Debug Menu

Text referencing a debug menu is present, with the string 'DebugMenu' appearing plenty of times throughout the disc file.

Level Select

CHAPTER SELECTION: 'X' - Select Room, '0' - Start Chapter 
ROOM SELECTION: 'X' - Select debug start point

The level select can be loaded with the following code on the US version:

Press L for Level Select

Unused Cutscene

Under normal circumstances, the cutscene before turning in the first potion's homework indicates that you still need to collect ingredients. This is because one of the ingredients, Billywigs, requires Buckbeak to obtain, who is inaccessible due to the lesson unlocking him immediately following a night segment, where the doors to the grounds are locked. Despite this, an alternate cutscene exists accounting for you obtaining all the ingredients. Strangely, no music plays during this version, and Ron and Harry are shown exiting the opposite dormitory from normal. No alternate cutscene exists for the second set of ingredients.