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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: EA Games
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: November 23, 2002
Released in US: November 14, 2002
Released in EU: November 15, 2002

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EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
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To do:
  • There are files mentioning characters like Dobby, the Bloody Baron, and Dedalus Diggle. Find a way to decode ".geo" files.
  • Developer commentary I found here.

Unlike in the PC version, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is another example of how video games often vary from system to system. Like this, for instance, where you can just spam the Knockback Jinx [Flipendo] on people all day just to hear their annoyed, but often hilarious, complaints and pain sounds if you're bored.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Audio
Harry talks more than enough.

Build Dates

To do:
Dates in other versions.

A build date is present at 0x1FA4c for the US version and 0x1F6AA8 for the JPN version.


Oct 17 2002 18:56:23


Oct 24 2002 12:04:55

Unused Characters


Dobby was supposed to be part of the game, appearing at the end as shown in these files.
He can be seen in the PinkRoom, doing some facial animation.
His body is absent and does not exist in the game (although an identical model with the body can be seen in the cinematics of the PS1 version of the game).
Apart from the facial expressions, he has 2 animations: "SV_DBY_TESTHEAD", which, according to the name, is a test animation, and the second animation "SV_DBY_STAND".

HP COS GHSE69-62.png

Weasley Family's Ghoul

This dirty monster is the Weasley family's Ghoul!
It is a "pet" of the family that is briefly mentioned in the book as living in a room under the attic and howling when there was no noise.
He appeared in the PS1 and Gameboy Color version of the game (which is also his first physical appearance), in which Molly Weasley ask Harry, Ron, Fred, and George to shut up the ghoul.
This was followed by a boring mini-game that consisted of putting pipes that the Ghoul throws into a chest.

In the game, Molly might have asked the player to get rid of the Ghoul. But he has no animation, despite the T-Pose, which indicates that he was scrapped early enough to be replaced by the gnomes to throw.

From the front From the back


HP COS GHSE69-5.png
A troll is present in the game's files, especially in the test level. It appears to be in a very early state: it has no collision nor movement, just staying still and making some animations, the textures are badly done, and it has no AI. Its rejection seems quite obvious, as there is no troll in Chamber of Secrets. But according to the Eurocom developer, the project was initially supposed to be a Sorcerer's Stone game, so it's normal that many HP1 leftovers are found.

Tex1 256x256 m e12fe670648dfc54 14 arb.png

It can be seen in this painting in the DADA Class room.

Argus Filch and Mrs Norris

Filch and his cat were supposed to be in the game, but unfortunately he is only mentioned and never physically appears, though he would do so one year later as a Prefect variant in the Library Annexe. Norris has some animations for walking, running, attacking, and for being hit by a spell, a Stink Pellet, and by Dungbombs respectively, while Flich only has a slight animation in a T-pose.
Some sounds are assigned to them in "FXmap.dbg" in the Entrance Hall, but this doesn't exist.

HPCOS GHSE69-46-V2.png HPCOS GHSE69-27.png

Dedalus Diggle

It is possible that this is originally a remnant of Sorcerer's Stone, as one of the developers claimed, but there are also lines of dialogue revealing that he could've been found at the Leaky Cauldron. The abandonment of this character is probably because Dedalus Diggle does not appear in Chamber of Secrets, whether book or movie format or in any game (except LEGO Harry Potter). The model only has animations for interacting with other NPCs.

HPCOS GHSE69-33.png

Female Prefects

Female Prefects were supposed to appear, but never do; they don't even have dialogue lines. All variants are included in the model, which explains why they are all in the same model in the image. Note that it reuses the faces of the students used...

HPCOS GHSE69-34.png

Professor Quirrell

As before, obviously a remnant of HP1. Unfortunately, loading the model crashes the game, but it has animations for walking, sneaking, reading, sneak, "learning", "Summon Harry" and "Direct Away", etc.


Unused Levels

Test Maps

In the game's files of the GameCube and Xbox versions of the game are some test maps which can be loaded via file replacement. They all have the same level structure, but with different objects. The file names are most likely the initials of the developers who used them. Interestingly, at least one of the test maps in the Xbox version has a lagers file size, but whether any of the test maps are different on the Xbox version still needs to be investigated. The PlayStation 2 version either doesn't have these test maps or stores them using different formats. Some of the test maps have broken collision, and one doesn't load at all.

The Pink Room

In the game's files, there is a test level named "PinkRoom.geo". It can be loaded by replacing files.
This level is quite simple: there are various objects that don't always work. The most interesting thing about these objects is that there are unused ones, like a rotating trash can that gives infinite beans. But most notable is Dobby's head, which is animated (the Dobby model is actually used in the PS1 version of the game; the images used in the book are the models of the GameCube/Xbox versions). Harry seems to have an interaction in front of him. There are also scales that don't look like the ones that can be seen in the game.

Unused Dungeon

This dungeon is called "PreLibry", and from its appearance, it might be an early version of the Restricted Section...

This level is really unfinished; there is no exit and it has a lot of bugs: the doors are invisible (this is fixed when a Prefect sees you), the spells don't work (even those cast by Prefects), and when you restart the level all the sounds of the game except the music and Harry's voice will be disabled. There are LOTS of chests and jars, but they are all empty. There is no overhead camera as in the final version, so the camera is always stuck between two walls.

The Prefects have slightly different behavior, more reminiscent of the PlayStation 2 version, but their spells don't work. They do chase you as in the PS2 version, however, and them catching up forces restarting the level again.

When you arrive in the big room, there is a blocked door; you were probably meant to cast Flipendo on a button. However, it's possible to get into the room after the blocked door by going through the walls via bad collision detection. You will first have to go through a secret corridor, and at the end of it there is a door that was probably implemented without a corresponding room or door to it; by crossing it, the player will find himself inside the wall and will be able to go to the last room.

At the end of the room there is a portrait; thanks to the Free Camera hack, we can see that there is a hole to get out, but the painting was not programmed to open, so this level has no exit.

Note that the first hallway contains unused portraits of Dumbledore, Lily Potter, etc.


A large, empty grey room named "Viewer". The file of this level notes the presence of Tom the barman (the barman from the Leaky Cauldron), as well as various information on animations; it is probable that this room was planned to test various animations.

 VIEWER.A00 SV_HRY_BUR03_2 =HEADMESH B_WideEyesShape B_BlinkShape B_SquintRightShape B_SquintLeftShape B_JawSlideShape B_CheeksShape B_FrontalisShape B_FurrowShape B_OpenJawShape B_GrimaceShape B_SmirkRightShape B_SmirkLeftShape B_SneerRightShape B_SneerLeftShape B_AAAShape B_BMPShape B_DLTShape B_EEEShape B_FFVShape B_GKKShape B_OOOShape B_SHHShape
 PopTest CS_TST_Animviewer Tom the Barman


A file named "Infirmary.geo" is present in the game, so it is likely that the infirmary was supposed to be a room in the game. However, the file is empty, with the only thing marked "INFIRMARY.A-1", so it is likely that this room was never started. It was probably deleted because the sequence of Harry's accident and his subsequent stay in the infirmary seen in the film is not present in the game.

Quidditch Common Room?

There is an unused loading screen in the game named "QuiddCommonLS.geo". The image of the loading screen shows the image of the Griffindor common room, which indicates that the map was probably never made. The name of this file suggests that it is probably a Quidditch locker room or something else.

Unused or Unseen Map Geometry

Defense Against the Dark Arts

In the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room, behind a portait, there is a hole where Harry might've been meant to pass through, but the painting is never opened. It is likely that these are the remains of a deleted challenge, or the old location of the portrait for entry into the first challenge. Note that in the next game, the hole is no longer there, but there is a poorly textured square at that location.

HP COS GHSE69-56.png


In the corridor of the library, behind the portrait that came out of the reserve, there is a piece of the floor, indicating that a double door must have originally been there instead of the portrait.

HP COS GHSE69-67.png

Unused Spells

Locomotor Mortis

Originally, Harry would also get to use the Leg-Locker Curse rather than just the Prefects when they find him. It was probably deleted because this spell is useless, except for the sadistic pleasure of annoying people. Note that the garbled text in the second string corresponds to button prompts; a spell or item can be set to B, Y, X, or Z.

The corresponding audio files are available in this sub-page.

How much is the Locomotor Mortis Spell Book?
The Locomotor Mortis Spell (Equip to ������) allows you to cast the Leglocker Curse yourself! Go on, try on Malfoy!


There is very little information about this spell, except for some unused dialogue lines that refer to it.


This spell is listed in the spell list, in the .BIN text files, and elsewhere. Unlike other spells, it is not specified as a real spell:

Information for Petrificus

Harry should have been able to Petrify people!
Note that these text haven't been translated into other languages.

Lapifor Rabbit

It is not a spell that Harry could have cast, but its existence in the game is revealed by assigned sound files and actions that are listed in "FXmap.dbg". It has actions to be hit by a Dungbomb and to walk, indicating that it is simply the Rabbit in question and not the spell. It had to be removed very early in the development.

	DW	00d3h

Unused Texture

Weasley Poster

Found in "Test_DP", it seems to be a very compressed poster. Because of the low quality of the texture, it is difficult to determine if it is Fred, George, or Ron, and the purpose of this texture is unknown. HP GOS flying dude.png

Unused Text

Inside the langtext directory of the Filesystem, one can find the .BIN files, which are all for captions of dialogue in-game. Though some are unused...


Harry Potter lived at number four Privet Drive with his horrid Uncle and Aunt and their vile son, Dudley. Harry was often locked in his room and even though he was actually a wizard, he couldn't magic himself to freedom. One evening, a house-elf called Dobby appeared ... Dobby warned Harry not to return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ... Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts! There is a plot to make most terrible things happen. if Harry oter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger. Dobby disappeared and shortly after, Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley, and his brothers, Fred and George, arrived in a flying Ford Anglia to rescue Harry from his prison. They flew him to their home, the Burrow, which is where , on a warm evening in late August, our story continues ...

This is literally a cut-and-paste of the prologue of the PC version of the game. It would have made more sense for the game to start directly with Harry and Ron arriving at the Burrow. But apart from this text, there is no data about this cutscene.

Wizard Cards...?


Who knows? It is possible these were temporary strings to ensure no Wizard Card ended up using the wrong text string, when the later cards would display in the Folio Magi. This string appears 10 times.

You collected a...

Lumos/Nox spell collected.
Diffindo spell collected.
Expelliarmus spell collected.
Skurge spell collected.
History Book collected.
Incendio spell collected.
Avifors spell collected.
Flipendo spell collected.
You collected a Spell.
You collected a Wizard Card!
You collected one Knut!
You collected one Galleon!

The first line in this suggests the Lumos spell was to be toggleable, as Nox is the canon incantation to disspell Lumos. However, the spell was ultimately made to dissipate after a short time, making Nox unnecessary. The latter lines here are generic-styled pickup text strings, while the PAUSED_CONTINUE string is what it is, for pausing the game.

The other strings after it are never displayed; the first is plainly obvious, no text is displayed when picking up a Wizard Card at the moment it vanishes in Harry's hand, and neither Knuts nor Galleons appear in Diagon Alley.

You collected your potion kit; you how have 1 phial to collect potions with!
You collected a phial of Wiggenweld!
A packet of Belching Powder!
You collected a Book!
You collected a Bertie Botts Bean Bag! You can now collect 10 more beans!
You cannot collect any more Beans!
You cannot collect any more Stinkpellets!
You cannot collect any more Balloons!
You collected a Bertie Botts Bean!

Much like before, these are generic strings for collecting mandatory items for Harry's second-year adventure at Hogwarts.

  • The first line regarding a potion kit suggests that Harry would keep a kit containing his set of any potions he might find, rather than just the Wiggenweld that happens to be common almost everywhere around Wizengamot.
  • The book is stored amongst the strings for Ginny's lost items, indicating that Harry would have to find that as well.
  • There are no Bertie Botts Bean Bags that increase the carrying capacity by ten in the final game.
  • Instead of the string displaying, Harry speaks upon trying to pick up more beans than he can carry. The strings for Stinkpellets and Balloons are apparently unused.
  • The generic string for collecting a bean was definitely a placeholder, before the designers came up with comical reactions for picking up different flavors.

Harry's Actions

  • The former string is a non-spaced version, as the used one has the two words spaced from each other. The string can be seen in a screenshot featured in the manual.
  • Unsneak is done in this game by moving Harry away from the wall he is sneaking on, unlike in the PS2 version where a button press can also be done. This game's successor makes it actually possible to unsneak.

Trading Wizard Cards

Test strings for card-trading sequences, stored in ALT.bin:

Do u like trading Wizard Cards?
I have Wizard Card 2, and will swap you for Wizard Card 59?
I have Wizard Card 23, and will swap you for Wizard Card 27?
I have Wizard Card 36, and will swap you for Wizard Card 84?
I have Wizard Card 61, and will swap you for Wizard Card 77?
I have Wizard Card 75, and will swap you for Wizard Card 13?
I have Wizard Card 78, and will swap you for Wizard Card 98?
I have Wizard Card 81, and will swap you for Wizard Card 43?
I have Wizard Card 94, and will swap you for Wizard Card 31?
Ok thanks harry - nice doing business with you!
Sorry Harry, I dont have any Wizardcards to swap!
Ahh yes I have that Wizard Card. Lets swap!
I'm sorry, I don't have that card available to swap!


  • In "FXmap.dbg", a sound is listed as "DDOFFICE_DOOR_OPEN" and "DDOFFICE_DOOR_CLOSE", but the door of Dumbledore's office never opens like it does in the PS2 version of the game.

Cheats Menu

The game contains a cheat menu for developers, containing the possibility to go to any level (day or night), to have all the spells, and to obtain Dungbombs (which are unused).
It is stored in a file named "cheats.txt"; unfortunately, nobody has managed to get it to work yet.

It can be seen in action in a video by a former developer of Eurocom (the company no longer exists), who performs various commands with the menu on the Xbox version, going to the pink room and a test map mentioned above.

Level Selector
Save Game
I'm a big cheater!
#Listing of all commands recognised in cheats.txt :                             
#(Cut and paste at your leisure)