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Starship Titanic

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To do:
  • Some YouTube playthroughs show the Missive-O-Mat E-Mail system with an alternate font and outlined buttons. Is this a version difference?
  • The games save files can be deflated into plain text with zlib, but the flags listed at the bottom are undocumented. Figure out how to re-inflate a save so that these flags can be tested.
  • There is contention on the release date for the PC version.
  • The game was known to have a presence for at least two years of E3 '97 and '98. Search for footage of the game from this time. It could account for the 'demo' voice clips.
  • Extract full verbs list and conversation strings. A (technically) text rich game like this ought to to have more discoveries to find there.
  • It is unclear what causes the message "Starship Titanic was unable to find files essential to the game. You may need to re-install." to appear sometimes at launch. This may be a protection measure against copying the directory structure to another machine and bypassing the installer, so it should be investigated.

Title Screen

Starship Titanic

Also known as: Raumschiff Titanic (DE)
Developer: The Digital Village
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: April 2, 1998
Released in EU: February 10, 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

What's going on here? I'm not writing a wiki description! I'm a parrot, not a description writer! I'm not some Ash-throated Flycatcher you can get to write some description! You want a description you go and ask a Band-Rumped Storm-Petrel! You go and ask an Atlantic Puffin. They'll knock off a description for you, an Atlantic Puffin will, for just half a sardine. I'm a parrot, you hear, a parrot! I don't do this stuff!

Alright, give us a nut and I'll do it...



Sst music.png
Unused Audio
Over 1,760 unused sounds directly from the game's files.

Unused Images

TDV Placeholder Image

A placeholder image featuring The Digital Village logo.

SST TDVplaceholder.png

A lovely picture of the sky above your house

StarshipTitanic a.st.36.png

How nice. The actual image seen in the navigation minigame uses a frameless, glassless version of the image. This version of it is unused.

Hi-Res Magazine

Hi-res textures for the SGT magazine. Normally the magazine is only visible as a small inventory video, making it impossible to read.

SST Magazine 646.png SST Magazine 647.png SST Magazine 648.png

Unused Frames

Very early PET graphics. Evidence supporting this can be found on the prototype page for the game, which also has some of these assets, though even there they are unused.

The first graphic, interestingly, doesn't seem present in the prototype despite it generally having a more 'complete' set of assets for this early PET (depending on how you look at it). These "bubbles" are likely to have been the PET mode toggle switches, since there are six of them, the same as the initial versions of the PET design that would replace this one in prototype 397. The final version of the PET in that prototype, as well as the final game shipped in the end, reduced this button count to five. There seems to be relation to these "bubble" buttons and similar green, red and empty toggle graphics from the prototype.

SST Interface 798.png

SST Interface 794.png

SST Interface 795.png

SST Interface 796.png

SST Interface 797.png

StarshipTitanic y.st.374.png StarshipTitanic y.st.375.png

Unused Chat-o-Matic Portraits

Titania PET Portrait

Titania has a vertical PET icon like most of the other bots, but the only time you "talk" to her is during a cutscene, and as your PET disappears, this definitely goes unused.

SST Titania 712.png

Maitre d'Bot Unused PET Portrait

The Maitre d'Bot has a vertical chat icon showing his body, with the restaurant visible in the background. Maitre D uses a picture of his face in-game.

SST Maitre d Bot.png

(Source: https://www.sydby.com/st/)

Old PET Portraits & 'ChatterBot'

The smallest portraits seen here were originally used by the PET as seen in the game's 397 Beta, but go unused now. The larger versions are unused in both. There is also a portrait for an unused, scrapped bot. Interestingly, the unused bot can be seen in a sketch of the games NPCs found in the First Class In-Flight Magazine included with the 1st Class Cruise Kit version of the game. (This magazine can now also be read by using the Steam versions 'View Manual' button) Judging by the relative height of this character when compared to the others in the sketch, it would have always been below your viewports height, so what the bot was ever intended for remains a mystery.

The prototype contains a text file which preserved the original file name for those two portraits. In the prototype, the portraits are saved under the names "y1314.tga" and "y1304.tga", which were originally titled "smchatter.tga" and "chatter.tga" respectively. This confirms the unknown bot's name as ChatterBot. Some associated strings for this removed character can be found in certain executable strings. See also this unused audio file.

Interestingly, Maitre D is not present in this icon set, though the prototype DOES have one for him in that set.

StarshipTitanic z.st.726.png StarshipTitanic z.st.735.png StarshipTitanic z.st.736.png StarshipTitanic z.st.737.png StarshipTitanic z.st.738.png StarshipTitanic z.st.739.png StarshipTitanic z.st.740.png StarshipTitanic z.st.741.png

StarshipTitanic z.st.727.png StarshipTitanic z.st.728.png StarshipTitanic z.st.729.png StarshipTitanic z.st.730.png StarshipTitanic z.st.731.png StarshipTitanic z.st.732.png StarshipTitanic z.st.733.png StarshipTitanic z.st.734.png

(Source: https://www.sydby.com/st/)


StarshipTitanic a.st.38.png

The bridge console with the game's pink transparency mask atop its screen. This may indicate that the useless flip-up console would have actually displayed something on its panel, which remains blank in-game.

Indeed, this object has its own dedicated class in the ScummVM port, but it does nothing but set an 'active' state on or off. There, it is referred to as a "Games Console". The mask indicates the intention of adding functionality that never made it into the final. In the novel, the bridge had an entertainment device with several games, intended to give the captain something to actually do, being that the ship is always piloted by AI.

StarshipTitanic z.st.663.png StarshipTitanic z.st.671.png

Unused "Remote Thingummy" portraits for First and SGT Class lobbies. In the lift, "Your Stateroom" in the Remote Thingummy uses the Second Class portrait regardless of your current class and stateroom. These icons can be seen in the Official Strategy Guide's page for the Remote Thingummy, but aren't used anywhere in the actual game.

StarshipTitanic ElevatorFloorIndicator1.png

An unused frame from the elevator floor indicator video. There is no floor 0 on the Titanic, the Top of the Well is floor 1.

StarshipTitanic ElevatorFloorIndicator2.png

As above, this frame from the Titania's Eye Channel on TV displays the invalid floor 0.

StarshipTitanic c.st.57.png

The television in the bar may have alternated the text "CORRUPTED DATABASE WARNING" between black and red. This is the unused red frame.

An unused yellow flashing button animation for the Music Room switchboard. The final button just fades white, presumably by code rather then using a video file.

SST Beta397 - z209.avi.gif

StarshipTitanic z.st.802.png StarshipTitanic z.st.807.png StarshipTitanic z.st.616.png StarshipTitanic z.st.617.png StarshipTitanic z.st.612.png StarshipTitanic z.st.613.png

Due to the internal file numbering, it's possible the blue arrows were intended to be displayed on top of the debug menu seen below. As for the grey ones, they were originally part of the PET's graphics as seen in 397 Beta, but are unused now.

(Source: https://www.sydby.com/st/)


The Succ-U-Bus parcel capsule. The parcel only appears while an item is in the Succ-U-Bus tray or system, and you may not have it in your inventory at any time. Dragging a parcel item out of the Succ-U-Bus instantly turns it back into the original item, making this video completely unused.

SST ItemVidsToGif - SuccUBusParcel.gif

Debug Leftovers

Two images remain from a debug menu. There are several references to this "Cheat Room" in memory, implying that at least some of its functionality is still present. Interestingly, the unused room below appears here. The Pellerator, however, is absent.

SST Debug 1.png

SST Debug 2.png

The level select screen is present and functional in 397 beta by holding CTRL+SHIFT and changing node, wherein the unused six-button room takes you to the final Pellerator. That version of the game lacks the item select screen and it's asset. This screen was reimplemented in the ScummVM port by using Ctrl+C, but its implementation is rather buggy.

(Source: https://www.sydby.com/st/)

Static Images

StarshipTitanic y.st.33.png

The Succ-U-Bus in your Second Class Stateroom improperly intersecting with the wall. When you actually approach this node, a fixed version of the image is used instead of this one that contains no clipping issues. Other nodes in the room still show the Succ-U-Bus clipping, however.

StarshipTitanic y.st.159.png

An unused looking down node for a finished Titania.

StarshipTitanic y.st.199.png

A shot from the end of the game. The final game doesn't use this angle, opting to fade away with smoke, but 397 Beta contains an earlier version of the ending sequence that does use this angle. The final game still contains an unused node that displays this image, being the node 1.N of 'TheEnd'. It displays it for a short time and then begins Leovinus' final message.

StarshipTitanic y.st.361.png

An alternate static shot for a headless LiftBot. This shot varies from the used one by having a different neck design. In addition, his hand floats above the handle.

StarshipTitanic y.st.368.png

An unused angle from Your Lovely Home. This view has a node in the game still, specifically Home.Node 2.S. None of the used nodes transition to this viewport, but if you somehow hack your way onto it, you can click the television to go to the normal up close view of it, or you can click along the left side of the screen to move to another used node facing the painting left of the television.

StarshipTitanic y.st.425.png

You can't stop midway through the corridor to Titania's room, so this shot is unused. There are unused voice files that potentially reference this node as being a "Short Corridor".

(Source: https://www.sydby.com/st/ & Original TCRF Research)

Unused Videos

Magazine in SGT Desk Drawer

397 Beta has an alternate magazine sequence compared to the final game. In the final game, after assembling your room correctly and turning the television to the correct channel, you are able to exit your room and retrieve a magazine with the upgrade coupon from the SGT lobby Succ-U-Bus. In the beta, however, after assembling your room, you are asked to open your desk drawer to receive the magazine, and indeed it appears there after watching the advert. This video was used in that beta, but goes unused in the final game since the solution changed. You still can't read the magazine up close in either the beta or the final, though.

Interestingly, the magazine is still secretly stored in the SGT room in the final game, invisible until it's automatically 'mailed' to the lobby Succ-U-Bus.

Titanic Wireframe Spin

Given its filename, it would have been somewhere on the bridge, posibly on the Games Console.

Maitre d'Bot Cutscene

A strange, fairly long unused video of the Maitre d'Bot's head popping up and saying something. The only other characters who have a cutscene video like this are Titania and Leovinus; other characters loop through short clips while talking. Maitre D seems to have no dialogue, used or unused, that would fit this, either.

Has a metadata title of "talk3. sequence"

(Source: https://www.douglasadams.com/cgi-bin/mboard/info/thread.cgi?191,6)

LiftBot's Handle

A somewhat poorly-animated video of the LiftBot using his handle. The camera immediately turns to the right and locks when you ask for a floor, so the LiftBot is always offscreen when changing floors. Also, this LiftBot has no face. This could indicate that this is LiftBot 4. LiftBot 4 is special in that before getting his real head back, he will randomly change floor every now and then, forcing you to use a TV to locate him. Perhaps this video would be used while you were in the lift, to hint at the malfunction. In-game, however, LiftBot 4 is static until he gets his real head back, at which point he acts as a normal LiftBot.

Alternate Item Transformations

Alternate clips for Titania's parts transforming in your inventory. The used clips are slightly different. The ears are also slightly more detailed, having white lines along them. There are separate videos for each ear, but only one for the eyes. The file names indicate there was another eye video, but it's not on any shipped version of the discs. The eye is also the only video with a visible transparency mask.

Note the earlier, less flat mouth model.

Bug Channel

The video containing all of the TV channels in the game shows that a mosquito or moth would fly by on the channel displaying Titania's first-class stateroom eye. It doesn't appear to do this in-game, however, even on different weather settings. This video is used in 397 Beta, where it is poorly looped and interlaced. There, it plays at all times on that eye channel and has no specific context for triggering. It's worth mentioning that there are string references to a 'moth', so this may be a play on Titania's eye currently being emergency morphed into a light bulb.

This video edits out the other (used) parts of the original video for your convenience.

Weather Channel

Starship Titanic z453 weather.gif

Exactly three frames of this video are used in the final game. Whilst the weather channel has lovely little animations for transitioning between seasons, the season on the ship never changes unless the player flips the Seasonal Adjustment Switch, and they cannot be viewing a television whilst they do so, therefore, these animations can't be seen. The Weather channel just hangs out on the frame for whatever season it currently is. Furthermore, the frame for Winter is impossible to see, too, since when you change the season to winter, all methods of exiting the Arboretum are blocked off by being frozen, so you can never even reach a television during winter.

Unknown Room

Inside a used video is a clip that the game never plays of an unused room containing six unlabeled buttons. It can be seen, just for a moment, at 0:14. It has the same door, a similar size, and the same amount of buttons as the Pellerator. From the reflections on the door and the video that the clip is in, this room would have been at the Top of the Well. It's worth noting that there is a mysterious wall on the opposite side of the Pellerator, breaking the otherwise perfectly and purposely symmetrical design of the Well, that taunts you if you tap on it. From the reflection on the door, this room might have been accessible there once, but note that if you look carefully, the wall can be seen still in place in the very same video.

Unused First Class Restaurant transitions

Unused movement transition

An unused transition. Doesn't seem to have a matching static image to display after the movement. The actual used transition tracks the table during the movement, rather then look straight ahead as in this one.

This video edits out the other (used) parts of the original video for your convenience.

Early Restaurant

Because there are only three frames of the following unused content left in the associated video file, a comparison gallery has been prepared below for you instead of a YouTube video. These are the best possible choices of frames in the highest quality possible for this comparison.

Blink and you'll miss it. One of the transitions in the main First Class Restaurant video is not only unused, but appears to be using an earlier version of the Restaurant model. Not only is the UV mapping for the constellation wallpaper different, but there is seemingly no shader effect on the wall at all. There is also no lamp model between the Pellerator and the main doors, and portions of the doors also appear to bare early textures.

Blank Arboretum Door

To do:
Didn't realise there were two streams in this file. I assume the other is just the mask, but I need software that can handle this better to confirm.

The Arboretum's door opening and closing with nothing behind it. In-game, a video with the door opening and closing with each season (and each item state) behind it is used instead, including a frozen version of the door for Winter.

Has two streams with the metadata titles of "GATECOLR.AVI Video#1" and "GATE.AVI Video".

Unused SGT Lobby Node

The SGT lobby has a clip for looking up while in front of the SGT Restaurant door. There's no node to look up there in-game. There is an odd object on the ceiling here, and while it can be seen off to the side in two other looking up nodes that are used, it's directly visible in this unused one. The object seems to serve no purpose, possibly why this clip goes unused (The other two looking up clips it can be seen from show the SGT doors, and so have a purpose). This video also edits out the rest of the (used) SGT lobby clips for your convenience. Note that clicking the object in one of the used views oddly plays the same sound as when clicking a balcony room door, but displays no message.

Sculpture Chamber 'SCSI cable' close up node

The sculpture chamber main video file contains a transition for looking into and out of the female end of the "Giant SCSI Cable". You cannot click to zoom in there in the final game. This video contains only the unused look in\out transition and trims out the other (used) parts for your convenience.

Old Sculpture Chamber Succ-U-Bus

A unique video file for the Sculpture Chamber Succ-U-Bus. Completely unused, because the final game uses one video file for all Succ-U-Bi (presumably to save storage space), with the exception of the sliding glass cover animations which still have unique videos per room, so as to retain accurate reflections. This unused sculpture chamber video contains most of Shorbut's otherwise centrally consolidated animations but is uniquely rendered with the Sculpture Chamber's lighting, shadows, and reflections. It also lacks the Parcel Capsule, but there seems to be no matching isolated video file for a lone animated Parcel Capsule. It's animation is baked into the video that is actually used, unlike this unused one.

Note please the refracted magnifying effect present when the sliding glass cover raises and falls. This detail is not seen in any of the other used unique Succ-U-Bus sliding glass cover videos.

Unused First-Class Stateroom Node

You cannot look up at this painting in-game. This clip has been edited out of the other used first-class stateroom nodes for your convienence.

Unused Fireworks Ending Clip

Better known than the other clips, the ending video for the game contains two endings: one with fireworks outside the ship, and one where the ship explodes, which is triggered if you fail to disarm the bomb before finishing the game. However, the first clip with fireworks is not used for the ending in which you do disarm the bomb. Instead, another separate video is used. Supposedly, Tim Browse of The Digital Village, in response to rumours about the fireworks ending, said that the game has nothing more than the two known endings and that the fireworks clip was for "orphaned ideas that were not used".

(Source: https://www.douglasadams.com/cgi-bin/mboard/info/thread.cgi?191,1)

Unused Pellerator Transitions


The Pellerator visibly shaking. Never plays in-game.

SST z155.avi PelleratorUnusedShaking.gif

Frozen Canal Transitions

Unused transitions for entering or exiting the Pellerator while the Canal is frozen over. Not possible to see in-game, because the Pellerator is frozen shut and unresponsive.

Unused Bot Content

To do:
These animation name strings are very hard to sort through without mechanical code context. Re-verify with video files, examine other characters anim strings, and check scummvm code.

Mostly taken from the default save file, there are references to animations or poses that the final game doesn't use or have assets for.

Fentible (the DoorBot)


Hold face
Gesture forward and around
Look side to side

Krage (the BellBot)


Mother Frame
Lean Backwards
Slow Sway
Hand Wave

Fortilian (the BarBot)

Fortillian Bantoburn O'Perfluous has a positively colossal animation video file clocking in at no less then 2 Minutes and 35 Seconds, the filesize being 41.6MB, making him one of the most animated characters in the game... It's unfortunate then, that a few portions of it goes unused. 44 Seconds of unused animation can be found in here. Many of them would match his different cellpoint moods, but he never seems to change animation selections based on them.

This video shows only the animations that are unused, whilst the used ones have been surgically trimmed out of it for your convenience.

Unused Rooms

To do:
These rooms are tested in the ScummVM port only. Figure out a way to warp to any room in the original and prototype versions for more accurate and appropriate testing.

There are a number of rooms that go unused, though seemingly no assets for any of them. Most of them are lacking nodes and considered invalid to the game.

For some reason, the room listings start at '2' and end at '57'. There is no room 1.

Internal Room Name Resource
Key Image
Other Notes
25 Please delete at earliest opportunity ? Has no nodes.
29 pls delete at earliest opportunity ? Has no nodes.
40 TestRoom - Adam Empty (See below) Has 1 node with four directions (N, E, S, W). All nodes EXCEPT for North are valid. They are all blank or missing assets, and the SOUTH node plays the credits theme, while the EAST and WEST are quiet. All have movement click targets along the left and right side of the screen that change your cursor, but clicking them either does nothing or crashes the game. Clicking on anything other then those movement nodes sometimes fades out the music. Fentible and Krage may not be summoned here. Physically, you would have been able to turn left or right on the spot.
41 Please delete at earliest opportunity Empty Has no nodes. Rooms 41 and 40 are placed right between the Creators Chamber and it's duplicate "On" variant (rooms 39 and 42 respectively), which may indicate relation.
50 HiddenRoom Empty Has no nodes. May have a related function called "findHiddenRoom" , and "petMoveToHiddenRoom". Some references elsewhere in code suggest certain items get stored here so as to be hidden from the playfield.
51 Please delete yarda yarda ? Has no nodes.
54 NoName Empty Has no nodes. Curiously, this is where the 'locate item' function identifies items that the player currently has in their PET to be, so this room functions as a sort of inventory, but as an actual room, it's unused. MailMan also references this room.
56 Cheat Room z#805.tga
Has two nodes, one for level select "Cheat Rooms View", one for item select "Objects View".
57 Canal Empty You thought this was used, didn't you? But in fact, the end of the Grand Axial Canal First Class is internally called Arboretum despite the fact you can't go past its door. Therefore, this unused 'Canal' room is likely referring to the Second Class canal, which is weirdly off-limits at all times regardless of your class in the final game. It's the very last room in the game, so it's probable it was cut due to time constraints, given the game was so far behind schedule. It has no nodes.

Scrapped items, interractables, functionality & other oddities

To do:
Examination of the ScummVM port source is lacklustre here. Someone more skilled should take a look at these files.
  • There is a class called emma_control, most likely named after one of the developers. I'm unsure what it does or if it's used. Possibly related to the SGT lesiure lounge?
  • I'm currently unsure what 'place_holder_item' does. It has five flags and writes to a lot of things.

Strings, references, and unused functionality for some scrapped items and interractables remain in the final game.

Much of the information here was taken either from the original games memory, or from the source code of the reverse engineered ScummVM version of the game. It should be noted that the ScummVM version of the game is now the official distribution of the game on Steam and GOG, which changed over from the original engine to ScummVM on January 16, 2018, removing the original games executables, for better or worse. That version is somewhat inaccurate and incomplete, but is a good entry point to understanding certain functions of the game.


Also known as 'Notes' in some references, this item would likely have been found either on Scraliontis' body, else with Brobostigon. This is based on locations of and context surrounding unused voice files. Assets for this item still exist in the prototype, but seem to have been removed from the final. It still seems to have code to call the CMouseDoubleClickMsg function, and seems to read from and write to a currently unknown string on the save file. Some unused voice lines also imply the possible intention to be able to ask the bots to read the note for you. It can also be found amongst the 'saveable' items list, right between the Napkin and an item called Parcel, which is probably the item that appears on screen when you drop something into the Succ-U-Bus.

It's name within the 'carry' folder of the ScummVM source is simply 'note'.

It is not found within the deflated default save file.

PlugIn \ DataSide & MatterSide

A collectable item with conflicting potential purposes, PlugIn would have been usable on other objects, and would have displayed a message if this was done. These messages would be printed to your PET. If used on the scrapped and now non-existant "DatasideTransporter" object, it would have displayed the message:

Reference String
INCORRECTLY_CALIBRATED This item is incorrectly calibrated

For some reason, it then does an identical but separate drop-on check for "DatasideTransporter" immediately afterwards that retrieves a currently unknown string. This behaviour and the missing string may be the result of not being fully reimplemented in the ScummVM port. Additionally, there is a check for being used on an equally non-existent object called "SendYourself", but the string reference referred to is currently unknown for the same reason as above. These last two checks were removed in future revisions of the ScummVM code and were seemingly never updated to point to the correct string data, assuming that data still exists.

Originally, the game was intended to have two main gameplay types: MatterSide, which was to be the same as the game is today, a lovely pre-rendered point and click throughout the Starship Titanic taking place in the in-game physical world. DataSide, on the other hand, would have been a fully 3D realtime rendered section of the game based on the player going into the ship AI's "Virtual Reality". The navigation sequence on the bridge in the final game may be recycled from the real-time rendering engine intended for DataSide. The novel still makes use of MatterSide and DataSide.

Presumably, based on all of this information, PlugIn would have been some kind of device to facilitate or assist in the player's transference between MatterSide and DataSide.

No direct assets for the item survived. It is not found within the deflated default save file.

Relevent ScummVM port files can be found at:
plug_in.cpp (Current)
plug_in.cpp (Revisional change)
plug_in.h (Current)
plug_in.h (Revisional change)

(Source: https://soundcloud.com/game-informer/hitchhikers-guide-to-douglas-adams-secret-gaming-passion @ 45:54)

"The Bit"

This item is primarily referred to in reference only within unused voice lines, and is specifically called "The Bit" by the Succ-U-Bus. He actually still has a used voice line for the item in the final game, but only his unused lines go into further detail. Presumably, this item would have allowed the Succ-U-Bus to send living creatures anywhere on the ship, as a sort of 'Quick-Travel' system, assuming you had the relevent designer room code. This is contrary to the final game, in which two beings technically get sent through the Succ-U-Bus without any additional item being used, albeit one of those two particular events ended poorly for the one being sent.

This item MAY POSSIBLY be related to, or the same as, the PlugIn item above, but that may conflict with the evidence of the PlugIn being related to MatterSide and DataSide, so this cannot be verified at this time.

The following unused voice files lend some context:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

Please note, if you would, the use of the term SendYourself in some of these lines.

No direct assets for the item survived.


To do:
Figure out what the FreshenCookieMsg bool does

An item with an unknown purpose, and a fairly obvious name. There is a related string printing function titled "CFreshenCookieMsg"

Whilst it can be found twice in a deflated game save file, it has no resource key (image asset) or video file set to display. From its position in a save, it may have been found in the Parrot Lobby. It seems to attempt to either set or read the string "KeepParrotInPet".

Codewise, it has two integer values, and when leaving some kind of node, checks if the second value is 1, and if so, sets the first value to 1;

No direct assets for the item survived.


Can be found in the default save file, seems to have a string that reads "NoName", presumably related to the unused room listed above. No resource key (image asset) or video file has been set for it.

He has very comprehensive logic for sending and receiving mail (which consists of in-game items) and whether or not mail is waiting for you in a particular room. It seems to have no particular NPC logic and no calls to TrueTalkNPC though. This may lead you to believe it's related to the Succ-U-Bus, and while that has not been proven false, the Succ-U-Bus himself has logic for sending and receiving objects and doesn't seem to call this 'MailMan' object.

Miscellaneous Oddities

  • The First Class Stateroom seems to have three unused flags alongside the ones that control the lights and whether or not Titania's Eye is present in the room.

  • For some reason, the code that handles the error message displayed by attempting to enter the second class axial canal refers to it as the third class canal.

  • The two switchboards in the Pellerator are not using the same image or node and are not symmetrical. For some reason, the buttons for the Music Room, the Top of the Well, and the Arboretum are in very slightly different positions in each. This is an OCD nightmare.

  • The Succ-U-Bus has apparently dysfunctional logic that, after entering his view, is supposed to check if either you are on the Promenade Deck or have set a Succ-U-Bus to send to the Promenade Deck (Which one is actually checked is not certain) and if a random number generator rolls a 4. If so, it seems to cause the Parrot to talk using his Succ-U-Bus "EnterView" sentences. This behaviour is not yet properly understood. The parrot does sometimes randomly comment on his dislike for Shorbut when you use a Succ-U-Bus, but this logic checks specifically that you are on the Promenade Deck (Or that his destination is set to that room, again, this is not properly understood yet), and is seperate to the logic that handles that, especially in that the latter check is ran when Shorbut is switched on (using the parrots Succ-U-Bus "TurnOn" comments) and has a 1 in 10 chance of occuring, while the former, this Promenade Deck check, is ran when entering his view and has a 1 in 5 chance. The Promenade Deck Succ-U-Bus has no special purpose in the final game. He is located directly perpendicular to the Starlings, however.

  • The Succ-U-Bus Remote Thingummy controls may have been recycled from originally having been controls for the Phonograph. Inside the Succ-U-Buses logic, the pet controls called are refered to as "PhonographAction". Four buttons seem in use, and they are "Send" , "Receive" , "Record" , and the final one is blank. Presumably, the first two were overwritten for the Succ-U-Bus, but Record is special in that it is ran as an 'else' check to the inital _isOn check that runs Send and Receive. In this separate else statement, "Record" seems only to be used if you are in a room with a Succ-U-Bus present. Which is rather redundant, really.

  • For some odd reason, entering the username 'colin' causes the game to act as if you had typed 'leovinus'. The ScummVM port also accepts the username 'scummvm', for Leovinus' account and will then skip the password check.


Some video files seem to use the Title metadata of the video to indicate mask RGB colours for transparency. On very few occasions, the video titles hold the original lost file names for the video. Names that don't seem to have a functional purpose for the game or that are just 'interesting' are written below.

Some video file have two streams with the second containing another title. If there is no second title listed for a video below, there was only one stream title in the original file.

First off, notably, hidden in the title metadata for the TV channels video in the game is the following comment:

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z453.avi Final frame by Sean and Jason :-) Video file for all TV channels.

The final frame is for the SGT magazine upgrade competition. Presumably refering to Sean Sollé and Jason Williams. Not present in the Prototypes version of this video, which contains a different final frame.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
a113.avi a752.avi Video#1 Microsoft Waveform: pcm22kdouglas.wav Leovinus' speech

Title refers to invalid and non-matching filename. It's interesting to note that this (a752.avi)is the correct filename for Leovinus' speech in the games Prototype.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z91.avi PANLMVNW.AVI mask255 Fuse box

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z184.avi music room phonograph stop.avi Video #1 Phonograph stop button
z187.avi nocyclin.AVI Video #1 Phonograph cylinder eject cycle animation
z191.avi to z193.avi VerTpR sequence Vertical Music system switchboard levers
z210.avi to z213.avi HorBtL sequence Horizontal Music system switchboard levers
z215.avi & z216.avi Water_un.avi Video#1 Water tank instrument bot
z217.avi Ham sequence Water tank instrument bot's hammer

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z230.avi arm sequence Liftbot using his handle (Unused video, see above)
z233.avi 24.AVI Video #1 alpha0 Lift settling on a floor

Alpha colour refered to in title does not match desired transparent colour in the video.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z241.avi againcellpoint sequence PET Cellpoint Dial

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z242.avi BUTTONS1.AVI Video #1 alpha0 Unused Starmap indicators from the prototype

Incorrect mask colour refered to.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z243.avi 3ScrollRight.AVI Video #1 alpha0 PET Menu Arrows
z244.avi 3ScrollLeft.AVI Video #1 PET Menu Arrows
z245.avi 2ScrollRight.AVI Video #1 PET Menu Arrows
z246.avi 2ScrollLeft.AVI Video #1 PET Menu Arrows
z247.avi 1ScrollRight.AVI Video #1 PET Menu Arrows
z248.avi 1ScrollLeft.AVI Video #1 PET Menu Arrows

No mask in these videos.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z254.avi FinalMaitreRightBrain sequence Maitre d'Bot's right arm holding a piece of Titania's brain
z255.avi FinalMaitreRightEmpty sequence Maitre d'Bot's right arm
z256.avi PictureFrame sequence A photo of the night sky above your house item
z257.avi PhonoCylinder sequence Phonograph Cylinder item
z258.avi Perch300Final sequence Parrot Perch item
z261.avi AnotherNose sequence Titania's (not douglas') Nose (after transformation) item
z262.avi test sequence Napkin item
z261.avi Key300Final sequence Music System Key item
z264.avi mouth sequence Titania's Mouth (after transformation) item
z265.avi MagazineFinal sequence SGT In-flight Magazine Item
z266.avi LongStickVeryFinal sequence Emergency Long Stick item
z267.avi Liftbotheadfinal sequence Liftbot 4's Head item
z268.avi Lemon300Final sequence A fresh Lemon item
z269.avi FinalMaitreLeftKey sequence Maitre d'Bot's left arm holding the Music System Key
z270.avi crazyarm sequence Maitre d'Bot's left arm
z271.avi HoseEnd sequence The other end of a hose item
z272.avi Hose sequence Hose item
z273.avi HammerFinalAgain sequence a Hammer item
z274.avi GlassYellow300Final sequence A glass of mustard sauce item
z275.avi GlassYellowFinal sequence A glass of ketchup sauce item (this is the 'red glass' item, despite it's metadata title)
z276.avi GlassPurple300Final sequence A glass of Starling Purée item
z277.avi GlassEmpty300Final sequence A glass item
z278.avi Feather sequence A parrot feather item
z279.avi Eyeball300Final sequence Titania's Eye (after transformation) item
z280.avi AfterEar sequence Titania's Ear (after transformation) item
z281.avi Telly sequence A crushed television set item
z282.avi KFC_FinalYellow sequence A chicken coated in Mustard Sauce item
z283.avi KFC_FinalRed sequence A chicken coated in Ketchup Sauce item
z284.avi KFC_FinalPurple sequence A chicken coated in Starling Purée item
z285.avi KFC_FinalNoGrease sequence A very plain chicken item
z286.avi KFC_GreaseAnim sequence A very greasy chicken item
z287.avi CentralCoreGreenFinal sequence Titania's Central Intelligence Core item. Note that there is only one Intelligence Core, and it's coloured blue, not green.
z288.avi BridgePieceYellowAgain sequence Yellow fusebox bridging piece item
z289.avi BridgePiece300Red sequence Red fusebox bridging piece item
z290.avi BridgePieceGreen sequence Green fusebox bridging piece item
z291.avi BridgePiece300Blue sequence Blue fusebox bridging piece item
z292.avi FinalBrainPieceYellow sequence Titania Brain Centre (Yellow)
z293.avi FinalBrainPieceRed sequence Titania Brain Centre (Red)
z294.avi FinalBrainPieceGreen sequence Titania Brain Centre (Green)
z295.avi FinalBrainPieceBlue sequence Titania Brain Centre (Blue)
z285.avi KFC_FinalNoGrease sequence A very plain chicken item
z286.avi KFC_GreaseAnim sequence A very greasy chicken item
z432.avi ObjEar2.avi Video #1 alpha0 Titania's ear item.
z435.avi ObjCore.avi Video #1 mask0 Titania's Central Intelligence Core item.
z455.avi ParC sequence Mask0 Parrot carry animation

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z296.avi 3rdHighlight.AVI Video #1 alpha255

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
z422.avi ObjFrozenGob.AVI Video #1 alpha0 Incorrect alpha value referred to. 'Gob' is British slang that can mean Mouth, and indeed this video is for the Rowbot's\Titania's mouth. Has a duplicate in z423.avi with the same metadata.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
b2.avi SGTc sequence mask255 SGT Stateroom door
b3.avi SGTc sequence mask0 SGT Stateroom door
b8.avi vasea sequence SGT Vase
b11.avi tv sequence SGT Television
b13.avi dchair sequence SGT Quarter Chair
b21.avi nav.AVI Video #1 SGT Little Lift, looking at doors
b27.avi stick sequence Emergency long stick dispenser
b27.avi shat sequence Emergency long stick dispenser glass smashing animation
b117.avi 24MOV.AVI Video #1 mask255 SGT Restaurant Dispenser Switch
b118.avi NAV.AVI Video #1 SGT Lobby main node transitions video
b117.avi 24MOV.AVI Video #1 mask255 SGT Restaurant Dispenser Switch

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
b36.avi PRRTNTSM.AVI Video #1 Parrot eating Pistachio Nuts in 2nd Class animation
b38.avi tv mask for 2nd class.AVI Video #1 mask255 2nd class television

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
b144.avi promsouth. sequence Promenade Starlings isolated animation

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
b311.avi right.avi Video#1 alpha255 Embarkation Lobby, Marsinta's desk right side
b312.avi left.avi Video#1 alpha255 Embarkation Lobby, Marsinta's desk left side

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
b315.avi, b317.avi & b320.avi NUHEADS.AVI Video#1 Creators Chamber heads

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
b344.avi SUBWOUT.AVI Video#1 Succ-U-Bus 'Mother' sneezing animation

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
c44.avi Bzzz sequence Unknown (unused?) video. Possibly related to the bug\fly in the room? Placed between 1st class room animations.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
c300.avi DOOR1MOV.AVI Video#1 alpha255 Broken Rowbot calibraiton door animation
c302.avi COLOUR.AVI Video#1 alpha255 Rowbot\Titania mouth singing animation. Unknown what it's original name was refering to.
c366.avi GATECOLR.AVI Video#1 GATE.AVI Video #1 Unused Arboretum gate animation.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
c374.avi DkLd sequence Music System Box animations
c381.avi talk3. sequence Unused Maitre d'Bot talking animation.
c386.avi mc sequence Maitre d'Bot's body animations from behind.
c388.avi ma sequence Maitre d'Bot's body animations from infront, far away.

Filename Stream 1 Title Stream 2 Title Notes
c392.avi lift2R sequence 1st class lobby animations

Unused Setup Strings

Files found in and around the installer on Disc 1 of the retail game.

Note also that the _user1.cab cabinet contains a render of the central well which is unused by the installer or game, however is readily avaliable as a wallpaper on the games website, so it hasn't been uploaded here.


Part of the value.shl text file found inside the _user1.cab InstallShield cabinet. LifeBoat was the name of the engine designed for Starship Titanic, but all retail and beta builds known ship with the executable name ST.exe, even in the installers data1.cab cabinet. Weirdly, an identical duplicate ST.exe is also found in that cabinets ReadMe directory.

Anti-Piracy message

We all know that you are trying to steal this program.

Found in the _user1.cab InstallShield cabinet file, in the same directory as the installers parrot sound and background bitmap.

Unused Executable Strings

Below are unused strings found in the main executable, memory, save games, and other related game files.

Starship Titanic is getting ready to sail.
Please Wait...
Visit the Starship Titanic web site at www.starshiptitanic.com
Beta Release, Build

These lines were used during beta in place of the launch splash screen and would contain the build date appended to "Build".

Reference String
unknown Connection refused by remote hose
unknown That doesn't seem to do anything.
DOESNT_WANT_THIS It doesn't seem to want this.

The first is a very clever joke referencing an in-game item that sadly goes unused. All of these strings are for "The other end of a hose" item. The second and third strings seem likewise untriggerable, though both hose items have them.

Succ-U-Bus auxiliary hose attachment incompatible with sliding glass cover.

Not only does this message not appear, but the Succ-U-Bus in the Parrot Lobby doesn't actually have a glass cover. It's visibly leaning against the adjacent wall as the room is, lore-wise, unfinished.

This string is intended for the main hose item, not the end of hose item as above.

The Succ-U-Bus is a Single Entity Delivery Device.

Doesn't seem to display if you try shoving multiple items in. There doesn't seem to be any code that triggers this, either. Weirdly, this string appears a second time near the canal entrance denial messages.

This glass is totally and utterly unbreakable.

Related to the long stick dispenser, but doesn't display, opting for a more handwavey reminder as to the purposeful architectural design of preventing passengers from the unseemly hoarding of multiple long sticks.

Please supply Galactic reference material.

Due to it's location, probably related to the main menu. As a guess, possibly part of a scrapped physical DRM system?

The Chicken is already quite clean enough, thank you.

Doesn't display if you repeatedly use the napkin on the hot or cold very plain chicken.

Reference String
CLASS_NOT_PERMITTED_IN_AREA Passengers of your class are not permitted to enter this area.

While this line is actually used for the first class grand canal if you're SGT or Second Class, this particular instance is displayed if you attempt to open the door of a Second class cabin as SGT Class. This can only be done with hacking, because Nobby will refuse to take you to a floor above your current class. Clicking on a door will also produce a sound effect.

Reference String
ROOM_RESERVED_FOR_FIRST_CLASS This room is reserved for the exclusive use of first class passengers.enter this area.
That does not currently include you.

Appears if you attempt to access a First Class cabin while in Second Class. You cannot do this without hacking as Nobby will refuse to take you to a room above your class. Unlike the above instance, no sound effect is played when you click the door.

Reference String
NO_LOSERS No losers.

Appears if you attempt to access a First Class cabin while in SGT Class. Again, you can't do this without hacking. No sound effect is played. If you should somehow find yourself inside a First Class cabin while your class is Second or SGT, you will be trapped inside forever as you cannot use the door even from the inside. At least it's incredibly comfy in there.

Only First Class passengers are allowed to use the Gondoliers.

Doesn't appear even if you hack your way to the Gondoliers in a mismatched class.

no class

You can't, or shouldn't be able to, have a room assigned without being at least third class, so this string isn't ever displayed. It's intended for the section of the PET that reads out your room code.

Let Titania figure out where Earth is (skip puzzle)

Apparently the game would have finally granted you mercy for the final puzzle of the game, after throwing televisions down wells and coating chickens in mustard...

Would have. That functionality and the displaying of this string obviously didn't make it into the final, so tough.

Now used in the ScummVM version, still unused in the original version.







MAYBE_POSSESSIVE (placeholder... don't choose)

MTRANS (mental transfer, eg: see, hear)

udden return to matterside

Partially missing string related to MatterSide. Possibly related to the above notes on the PlugIn item.



Titania has eleven device slots. 'YepItsASlot' is not one of them. It seems the game evaluates whether or not you are dropping something onto this object, wherever said object is supposed to be, and is supposed to stop a playing movie if so. It then checks if the slot is occupied or not and changes a movie frame based on that. It's code is listed after similar evaluations for Titania's slots.

The other strings seem to be used to set various flags for Titania. They are otherwise not displayed in game. Specifically, they seem related to her sense slot configuration flags.

ReadWaveFile: Not a PCM file. I can only load them

An unexpected error has occured. Please consult your manual for information.





You have not assigned a room to go to.

The reference name this string is associated with is very likely: "NO_ROOM_ASSIGNED".

Appears in your PET if you try to use the Remote Thingummy to get an elevator to take you to your stateroom but haven't been assigned a room by Marsinta. Impossible without hacking, because you can't leave the Embarkation Lobby without talking with Marsinta.

Reference String
CANAL_CLOSED_FOR_WINTER Sadly, the Grand Canal transport system is closed for the winter.

This message does actually display when getting into a boat from the top of the well, but it's impossible to get there during winter under normal circumstances because the working Pellerator is frozen shut and the boat is frozen inside of an ice burg.

Reference String
STUCK_TO_BRANCH You can't pick this up on account of it being stuck to the branch

Sadly, this is out of your reach.

Reference String
FOODSTUFF_ALREADY_GARNISHED This foodstuff is already sufficiently garnished.

Doesn't seem to display if you try to apply sauce to a chicken already pre-garnished in ketchup, mustard, or Starling Purée.


The bed will not currently support your weight. We are working on this problem but are unlikely to be able to fix it.
This is your stateroom. It is for sleeping. If you desire entertainment or relaxation, please visit your local leisure lounge.

While these lines are actually displayed in-game, they get cut off due to the unchangeable screen resolution. The parts in bold are normally offscreen.

Reference String

Bundled with the "Talking to" strings, e.g. "Talking to the DoorBot" where "Talking to" and "the DoorBot" are separate strings. In this case, the PET would have read "Talking to a ChatterBot". This seems to be a removed character.

The Parrot has an unused line referencing the ChatterBot as probably being a bot with the ability of free movement throughout the ship, potentially similar to Fentible and Krage, rather then a bot confined to one room like Fortilian or Marsinta. This strings reference seems to be between the Barbot and the Bellbot.

There is a portrait and related sketch for an unused bot nearer the top of the page, and the prototype lends evidence that directly links these two things, the name and the portraits, as being the same character.


Bundled alongside the names of most of the other games characters and in the same text formatting as them (3PetSml). The Maitre'D is not present in this batch of names.

As for the TGA filename, the filename can be found in one of the pet graphic blocks of the default save file, and is related to ChatterBot. Should link to this unused image, but the final game uses obfuscated filenames, while this reference is using the original filename as found in the prototypes FileMap.

Indeed, a PET graphic filename for the BellBot found directly above this one in the same file is "z#720.tga", the first letter refering to the archive in which the numbered file, be it a jpeg, a TGA, a WAV or MP3 that the save file is trying to find can be located. This could imply ChatterBot to have been scrapped very early, even before the games prototype, as his portrait file name didn't get updated along with this new naming convention.

ChatterBot has not had any functionality discovered left over in the final game at this time.


This is a string REFERENCE name, and it's not known what, if any, string is associated with it at this time. This is very confusing, I know.

Seems it's string would have displayed if the name of the character you are talking to is not found.


This is a string REFERENCE name, and it's not known what, if any, string is associated with it at this time. This is very confusing, I know.

As above, it's string would likely have displayed if the name of the room you are in cannot be found.

Version Differences

German Release

This build has the version number 1.00.42d, making it one engine revision later then the final English patch, which was 1.00.42c.

  • The doorbot plays a different animation before explaining the inventory to you. Instead of awkwardly gesturing to the right twice, he now plays his rolling eyes animation before continuing. He also appears to play this animation much more frequently when idle.
  • Instead of translating every instance of English text within prerendered scenes of the game, most instances were changed to Blerontinian, the language of the planet the Titanic was launched from. To accomidate this, a new PET menu was added which automatically translates the onscreen Blerontinian to German. This is not universal, for instance the magazine winner video on the TV displays in German from the start.
  • The text defining your current PET page has been pasted over with a new small background to accommodate the German translation, as the original asset was probably not designed with translation in mind.
  • This version seems to default to half Music volume and slightly less Parrot volume.
  • Two of the still image renders used during Titania's speech have been substituted with brand new renders better matching the portition of Titania's speech that they are displayed on.
English Version German Version
SST TitaniaSpeech AlteredReleaseImages Orig 1.png SST TitaniaSpeech AlteredReleaseImages German 1.png
English Version German Version
SST TitaniaSpeech AlteredReleaseImages Orig 2.png SST TitaniaSpeech AlteredReleaseImages German 2.png
  • Douglas Adams' television Easter egg at the start of the game was rerecorded with Douglas speaking in German:
English Version German Version
  • The introduction cinematic was rerendered with the new localized game title. The pacing also seems slightly different.
English Version German Version

Macintosh Release

To do:
Check if the macintosh version has the same Titania speech ending change that the German version does.

This build has the version number 1.00.42mc.

StarshipTitanic MacOSClassicInstallerIcon.png

  • There is a unique icon for the installer, seen directly above.
  • As with the German version, the Doorbot has better chosen animations for the inventory tutorial sequence, and plays his eye rolling animation much more frequently when idle.
  • The BellBot occasionally gets stuck mid-animation.
  • There is a new Now Loading screen before a game loads.
  • The game can now be played in windowed mode.
  • Using function keys to switch between PET pages appears to have been removed.
  • The mouse cursor moves at a smoother framerate then in the Windows version.
  • Unlike the Windows version, you can start the game without a valid audio configuration, however doing so will cause dialogue and animations to immediately end upon starting.
  • Uses a slightly smoother in-game font.
  • Pretty much every environment has had their sound configurations altered, with much more dramatic positional audio and reverb effects (arguably too dramatic), assuming your Mac OS extensions are functioning properly.

Unused Dialogue Boxes

These Windows dialogue boxes cannot be accessed in-game.

About Window

Sst dialogue1.png

Unfinished Window

Sst dialogue2.png

Timeout Window

Sst dialogue3.png

Macintosh Dialogue

Starship Titanic (Mac OS Classic) - Assert.png

In the Macintosh application, there's an assertion dialogue at DLOG 130.

(Source: Original TCRF Research)

Easter Eggs


If you have at least one save file, launching the game will open a restore dialogue. On this dialogue, right click one of the DoorBot's eyes and his portrait will be replaced with this. The file name for this portrait is "EVILTWIN.BMP".

SST EviltwinUsed.png

BarBot's Bell Ballad

Rarely, the BarBot's Bell will play it's chime at different pitches with each press, until it breaks. It's unknown if there's a specific condition to get this, but the ScummVM port seems to do this much more frequently.

Hitchhiker's Text Files

Each of the three disks has a text file at root, each containing a different word. Their file names are in bold below; they have no extensions.

The first three seem used to identify which disc is which.

So long and thanks for all the cash

There are more in the Assets folder of the game:


HTML Hidden Messages

Two HTML files are included in the game directory with secret messages in each when you view the source for them.



Oh, very clever. View source. See all the funny hidden stuff.
Look, nobody likes a smartass.


ST on the Internet.html


Please visit the Starship Titanic Website 'cos it has lots of useful
stuff on it and is funny and is regularly updated and is generally 
very fabby.

Digital Village people who made the website get made:

Alison Humphrey produced it in her inimitable Canadian fashion, then
	buggered off back to Canada to look after the shop.
Cynthia Miall made the graphics and text with her frizzy hair, while
	wondering when the new Tarantino movie would be out.
Rob Hegeman provided groovy Californian art direction and typography
	and general Potatoshop wizardry.
Yoram "yoz" Grahame did lots of codey stuff, continually yelling good
	things about Perl and bad things about Netscape table rendering.
	He got in late and sneezed a lot. (www.yoz.com)
Claudio Calvelli ate lots of chocolate and used Linux to keep our
	funky packets of IP love flowing. Don't mention sh/dd.
Michael Bywater was a grumpy old curmudgeon who wove jolly and "zany"
	comedy out of Catholic/Jewish guilt and pagan perversion.
	He will boil and burn in hell, listen to me, I am the Pope.
Oscar Chichoni and Isabel Molina gave us lots of art deco ideas and
	didn't know what we were talking about.
Lisa Hinton wandered off to the BBC. COME BAAAACK! We miss you!
Richard Creasey, Richard Harris and Douglas Adams pointed, nodded,
	admired and scribbled on their Newtons.
	(www.sekhmet.com, www.diversity.org, dna.tdv.com (coming soon))
Robbie Stamp patted people on the back lots and pulled together
	serious cash for us. What a star.
Kathy Burslem cooked the books, understood taxes and cried "WHYYEEE?"
	(She also gave me a lovely big jar of Skippy that I had to take
	home 'cos people kept picking it up for no apparent reason)
Emma "Tank Spice" Westecott kept nagging me for massages. Oh, and she
	produced the game. (www.shenerd.com)
Tim Browse, Adam Shaikh and Rik Heywood kept nagging for games of
	Carmageddon. Oh, and they programmed the game. (www.browse.net,
Sean Solle programmed in a dressing gown and cycling helmet. He kept us
	amused with bizarre theories and toy stories. (www.solle.net)
Jason Williams, Mike Kenny, Richard Millican and Renata Henkes kept
	walking through our office with plates stacked high with bread.
	I've no idea what they were doing.
Neil Richards wrote lots of funny stuff too, such as the rules of Nib,
	but could he pick up his MSN mail? Could he arse.
John Attard and Darren Blencowe worked their Voodoo magic and game up
	with some nice graphics for the "intranet". (www.voodoo-animation.com)
Berni Doyle, Gillian Best, Nikki Bridgman, Adrian Day, Guy Lafayette,
	Paul Sharling, Graeme Shepherd and Mark Wise did lots of graphic
Dr Jack Kreindler lugged his Archie in and diagnosed us as having an
	inflamed Debabelizer.
Tessa Glover, Francine Verchin and Sheila O'Rourke tested seven shades
	of crap out of the game. (And Francine had a baby!)
Sophie Astin and Neil James kept things hunky-dory in the office and
	partied in a buck-wild style out of it.
Ian Stewart rattled off retail rocket science. I once saw him in a
	wrinkled suit. Once. (www.xola.com)
Mary Glanville swanned around to various operas and flirted with Charles
	Simonyi, and we miss her.
Robert extracted our stresses regularly with his massage table.
.... and everyone I've missed.

The software that we used to make the website:
	Intel Linux, LinuxPPC and MKLinux
	GoLive CyberStudio
	Macromedia Dreamweaver
	Allaire Homesite
	GNU Emacs & vi
	Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
	Debabelizer (sorry Jack)
	The Slightly Paranoid Mail Server

Nuff respec:
	Everyone who registered on the website
	Everyone who got the joke with the password mail (and there were SO many
		who didn't)
	Everyone who chose Frogga mundanis (17.29%)
	Everyone who buys merchandise off us (please do that)
	Ken "KevinSteveDave" Gordon and the rest @ SSI
	Debbie "Leopardskin Pillbox Hat" Barham
	Aztec (Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated)
	Archway to The Angel
	Classic Theatre, Toronto
	Cycling along the canal to Camden in the summertime
	Charlie Stross And His Everything Filter
	Stuart Bruce (atomiser.demon.co.uk)
	Food For Thought, Cranks, Pret A Manger, Cafe Nerro and Costa's
	O'Reilly And Associates (viva camel! viva koala! viva panther! viva shark!)
	Lamb for "Gorecki" and 187 Lockdown for "Gunman"
	All those lovely people at 1 Infinite Loop
	All those lovely people at 1 Microsoft Way
	the security guards at Bayham Street and the banjo player from Deliverance

We hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoyed the buy-1-get-1-free Lindt
milk chocolate offer at Tesco Metro.

YG, Covent Garden, 18/3/98

stop adding stuff! stop!