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Starsiege: Tribes

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Title Screen

Starsiege: Tribes

Developer: Dynamix
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 30, 1998

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

A large-scale online multiplayer FPS in which tens of armored soldiers ski around the slopes playing explosive Frisbee. SHAZBOT!!

Copy Protection

One of the most widely distributed pirated copies of Tribes had the player name pre-set to DaJackal (DaJackal was a cracker who probably cracked this game: the warez scene group ORiGiN/OGN released it on December 21st 1998, and DaJackal was a member of ORiGiN at that time). In a later patch (around 1.1) players bearing the name DaJackal would be automatically kicked from game servers upon trying to connect, with the following friendly message:

The FBI has been notified. You better buy a legit copy before they get to your house.
To do:
Find exact patch number and maybe a screenshot

Unused Voices

Early Voices

male1.vol and female1.vol contain unused, early renditions of voice commands, with the timestamp of 5/14/98 for the early female voices, and 5/21/98 for the early male voices. They are all 22KHz, unlike the final voices' 11KHz.

Deaths, Taunts and Grunts

Each voice has a unused "hrrng" (wcolor3), *groan* (wdsgst5), "Yoohoo!" (taunt1), "Missed me!" (taunt2), "Dance!" (taunt3), "I've had worse" (tautn11), and "Hey!" (wwshoot1).

As the game uses a common death sound for both genders and all classes, the death sounds in certain voices are left unused. female2, female3, female4, female5 and male5 have recorded death sounds.