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Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People/Strong Badia the Free

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This is a sub-page of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People.

Cheat Talk

In the english.langdb file are internal directions for The Cheat's lines, used by Matt Chapman to give the little guy the right intonations. Find out what the talking cheese is really saying!

Since The Cheat has so many lines in this episode, only the more interesting lines are included.

Context Subtitles Translation
Strong Bad asks The Cheat what's red and fat and smells Mezeh meh? [quick comeback?]
Strong Bad: No, the other thing. Meh, meh! [Oh, yeah!]
Strong Bad wants The Cheat to rethink his country's name. Meh mehzemeh! [The heck you say!]
Strong Bad shows The Cheat Strong Badia's splendor. Meh meh meh meh. [It's not that great, actually.]
More diplomatic failure from Strong Bad Meh meh MEH meh meh! [We reject your rule! We've seceded!]
Strong Bad is begging at this point Mehzemeh. [Deal with it.]
He's still begging. It's getting kinda sad Mezeh meh meh! [I reject my slave name!]
Strong Bad wants his lighter back Mezemeh, meh. [Spoils of war, buddy.]
Strong Bad gives the pilot wings to The Cheat Mehehme MAHehme? [what the heck is this for?]
The Cheat is ready to "persuade" Strong Sad with a lighter and tongs. Mezehmeh meh meh ze MEH MEH! [We vant to ask you some questions!]
The Cheat, acting as interpreter, asks Strong Mad to join Strong Badia. Mezeh meh. Mezeh meh? [You heard the man. How about it?]
What does The Cheat think of The Of Town? Mezeh meh meh MEH meh MEH! [I'm saying something that sounds kind of dirty!]
Strong Bad: Where'd you learn to talk like that? Me ze meh. [War is Hell.]
Strong Bad wants The Cheat to wrap the Tire in chains. Mezehememeh meh meh meh? [Are you going to make an obvious joke about snow tires?]
Strong Bad has slain Strong Mad's monster Meh mezeh meh! Meh ze Meh! [He has slain the monster! Hail Strong Bad!]
The Cheat is attacking The Of Town's castle Mezeeh meh! [Death to the king!]
The Cheat steps into The Poopsmith's fog of war Meh meh meh meh? [What the heck did I just step in?]
Strong Mad and The Cheat met again on the battlefield Meh Meh! [Strong Bad!]
Strong Mad loudly proclaims his forgiveness. Meh, meh. [Whatever!]
Strong Mad and The Cheat are friends again! Meh meh meh-meh meh! [I've already forgotten what this was about!]
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Lines

All subtitles are ripped directly from the game's english.langdb script file. Any errors or inconsistencies are intentionally preserved.

Alternate Lines

Several lines of dialogue have alternate versions left in the voice archive. Interestingly, four of these lines were rewritten because they mentioned real life products.

Early Line - 76304000 Final Line - 81045376
But seriously, who wants that job? Stuck in a castle all day,
hooked up to an IV of Crisco, making dumb laws...no thanks, man.
But seriously, who wants that job? Stuck in a castle all day,
stuck making dumb laws, probably stuck in the bathtub...no thanks, man.
Early Line - 76640512 Final Line - 80618368
A weird rock with some popsicley crystals and suspiciously obvious indentations! A weird rock with popsicley crystals and a suspiciously obvious hole in the top!
Early Line - 76683008 Final Line - 79902976
My baseboards are full of Chick-O-Sticks!
My baseboards are full of chicken sticks!
Early Line - 76990080 Final Line - 79911552
That's from their sold out "A December to Dismember" tour.
I went through 3 cases of Mentos
just to get backstage to steal that thing!
That's from their sold out "A December to Dismember" tour.
I had to bribe 3 roadies, 2 guitar techs, and like a dozen dark wizards
just to get backstage to steal that thing!
Early Line - 77155456 Final Line - 79884928
Oh child, don't get me started! Double trouble, triple trouble,
Pop-O-Matic Trouble, pretty much all types!
Oh child, don't get me started! Double trouble, triple trouble,
stomach trouble, pretty much all types!
Early Line - 77284224 Final Line - 82484480
A donation of energy, from the 24-Hour Pwawty People of Pompomerania. From Pompomerania, a half-empty can of Bull Honkey Caffeinergy Sauce.


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Strong Sad
I have an unusually sensitive epidermis. (No subtitles)
Just Strong Sad being Strong Sad. This line would have been used somewhere...for something.
I'll never get anywhere throwing money around like that. Two more generic responses for trying to use Strong Badian Quesos.
Bribing people is beneath me. ACCEPTING bribes, on the other hand...

House of Strong / Bleak House

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
If that mob weren't trying to help me, and these pilot wings were a tear gas canister,
then MAYBE I'd use this there.
It's impossible to get the pilot wings while the protesters are in the yard.
Eh, it's the door to the attic. Nothing worth setting up there. There's no door to the attic. There is no attic. There is nothing up there where there's nothing.

Strong Badia

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Burn the Strong Badian flag? Unlike in the previous episode, the Strong Badian flag isn't an interactive object.
I'm gonna pretend you didn't just ask me to do that.
Hours of flaming fun for 1-4 players! This line indicates that the Maps and Minions board was supposed to stay lit, like some of the other flammable objects.


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Heya, Strong Bad! (No subtitles)
A different intro for the Black Market behind the stand. The lack of subtitles indicate that it was cut early on.
What- Bubs? But how'd you get back here so quick? (No subtitles)
Human rights groups move fast these days. I gotta move faster! (No subtitles)
Once again, Bubs. Where's all the good stuff? This would have been triggered by asking about the Black Market twice, but the option to ask about it goes away after asking once.
You mean like weapons, and harvested organs, and illegally excavated artifacts...
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I don't know WHERE you'd find a Black Market around here! A-la-ma wink! Wink!
Okay, it's lost its intrigue.
Heya, Strong Bad! Want to buy something totally and completely legal?
Either introductory lines from Bubs or dialogue for Strong Bad passing by the stand.
All hail Strong Bad!
Thanks for comin' by! Tell your friends, unless your friends are the police!
Solid gold (jold)! (No subtitles)
Another one of those mysterious lines with no subtitles and no context.


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
You might wanna put on safety goggles, Pom Pom.
My dance moves have been known to shoot sparks, shrapnel, and blinding lime juice.
A set of conversations remarking on Strong Bad's dance skills...
Pom Pom
Bubble bubble-bubble.
All right Pom Pom, prepare to join Strong Badia. My dance moves are gonna style you out. ...but it's not possible to talk to Pom Pom about it beyond the initial conversation...
Pom Pom
Bubble bubble-bubble.
Do my worst? Man, I ALWAYS do my worst.
I'm using my best moves here, man. What does it take to impress you? ...and these lines just confuse the issue on how to solve this puzzle.
Pom Pom
Bubble, bubble bubble.
I'm gonna have to cut you off, Strong Bad. You've already got one of those!
Bubs will just give Strong Bad the drink regardless of what it is.
Sorry, Strong Bad! No flaming drinks!
Pompomerania doesn't allow drink fads that died out ten years ago!
Unused dialogue for trying to use the lighter on any one of the drinks.
Cold Ones Light: Half the calories, half water. There's no interactive Cold Ones Light sign anywhere in the cloughb.


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
When I take over, I'm gonna have to do something about Country's educational system.
Like... make one.
Country's flag can't be clicked on.
I can't burn Strong Mad's flag. He clearly spent hours on it. Country's flag can't be clicked on! Pay attention.
Plus, he'd probably give me another thermonuclear wedgie.


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Those flowers are just begging to be oppressed by the twin fist juggernauts of
Powersledge and Hammerbolt.
The flowers aren't a hotspot and thus cannot be clicked nor threatened.

The Castle

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Can you believe The Old King of Town trying to play me like that? A second conversation where Strong Bad tries to weasel out of his kingship.
Strong Sad
'Twas a vile deception, my lord. But worth it, for putting you on the throne, where you belong!
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

File Name Image Comments
env_clubtechnobeersigns_text Cold Ones Rough Reference images for the Cold Ones signs in Pompomerania.
They're ripped directly from the sbemail "buried" and the short "Ever and More!" on the site, background elements and all.
obj_blackmarketitemsbubs Guns, booze, crumpled up piece of papers I guess? Items that should appear on the shelves in Bubs' Concession Stand.
The top half of the gun is seen briefly, but the camera isn't positioned to see the whole set of items.
obj_mapstrongbad Madagascar should be on the right A rough doodle of what would become the Maps and Minions world map.
At one point, the player might have had control over what country went where, like in the first episode.

They said it was Fhqwhgads...
env_bushedbgbridge has an image apparently from the texture designer in an e-mail viewed in Windows Live Mail. In Homestar Ruiner, this image has a proper alpha background.

Early (env_castlemayojar) Final (obj_jarmayofluffpuff)
Margie the Marshmellow loves it! Now that's expensive store-brand goodness

This early Fluffy Puff Mayo label is written in Comic Sans, is spelled wrong, and shouldn't even exist since the newer label was already in the previous episode. Three strikes, it's out.

(JayTheBrainMann: Original TCRF research)