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Style Savvy: Trendsetters

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Title Screen

Style Savvy: Trendsetters

Also known as: Wagamama Fashion: GirlsMode - Yokubari Sengen! (JP), New Style Boutique (EU), Girls Style: Paesyeon Lideo Seon-eon! (KO)
Developer: syn Sophia
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: September 27, 2012
Released in US: October 22, 2012
Released in EU: November 16, 2012
Released in AU: November 17, 2012
Released in KR: September 12, 2013

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters is the sequel to the original (as well as the start of a trilogy in some regions) on the Nintendo DS, featuring hundreds thousands of items to collect.

Debug Files
Debug-related files found within the game's RomFS.

Regional Differences

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There are loads of regional differences. Get images, too.
Boutique Names

The default boutique names are different. In the US version, it's called "Mira Luna", in the European version, "Verano", and in the Japanese version, "Lucina".

Brand Names

The Brand names are also different.

Japanese European American
Double U Basic U StyleSavvyTrendsetters-UberClothLogoUS.png Über Cloth
Stray Cat Stage Dive StyleSavvyTrendsetters-StagediveLogoUS.png Stage Dive
FANTANIA Purple Moon StyleSavvyTrendsetters-TeatroAmareLogoUS.png Teatro Amare
Jam Pack Bubble Pop StyleSavvyTrendsetters-MintSprinklesLogoUS.png Mint Sprinkles
G Mine Zip Line StyleSavvyTrendsetters-ZipLineLogoUS.png Zip Line
Baker Bridge Brooke Bridge StyleSavvyTrendsetters-HarlowHeightsLogoUS.png Harlow Heights
Flute F Chorale StyleSavvyTrendsetters-CantataModoLogoUS.png Cantata Modo
Mezzo Flute Chorale Prelude StyleSavvyTrendsetters-CantataTascaLogoUS.png Cantata Tasca
Bisc Mary Miss Ribbon StyleSavvyTrendsetters-LeSparkLogoUS.png Le Spark
soymilk soymilk StyleSavvyTrendsetters-soymilkLogoUS.png soymilk
La Chou Chou Marzipan Sky StyleSavvyTrendsetters-MarzipanSkyLogoUS.png Marzipan Sky
Toruteporute Retrobeat StyleSavvyTrendsetters-PopQuizLogoUS.png PopQuiz
Helga Enid Chen StyleSavvyTrendsetters-ZhadeLogoUS.png Zhade
YLVA ARIANNA StyleSavvyTrendsetters-STRAVALogoUS.png STRAVA
Airship Helion StyleSavvyTrendsetters-AeronefLogoUS.png Aeronef
Dt. 9 Dept. 9 StyleSavvyTrendsetters-Dept9LogoUS.png Dept. 9
Rokian Rokian StyleSavvyTrendsetters-RoksanaLogoUS.png Roksana
Makeup Studio / Beautician

In the US version, Ingrid (rep of ADELIA) is the main beautician, and in the European and Japanese versions, Deborah (rep of Lola Doux) (Elsepth, in the EUR version) is the main beautician.

Revisional Differences

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Differences in Japan-only Tokimeki Up! version

A patch for the game was released in North America on January 30, 2013, updating the game to Version 1.1. A very minor fix, this patch simply fixed a bug that caused the Black Open-Back Turtleneck to disappear from the player's closet after being acquired, and restored the clothing to its rightful place for those who had already been affected.