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Super Fighter III

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Title Screen

Super Fighter III

Also known as: Street Fighter III, Mari Street Fighter IV Turbo
Platform: Unlicensed NES

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Super Fighter III is an unlicensed NES port of Street Fighter II, perhaps notable for being one of the few not to use the Hummer Team or Cony engines.

IRQ Test


This game has the same IRQ test as World Hero (which shares this game's engine), and it's even accessed the same way: hold B + Select + Start and reset the game. Release the buttons to continue to the title screen.

Revisional Differences

Like many other unlicensed fighters, this game has a handful of different revisions.

Common to all of them is a health cheat: simply press Up + Start on either controller to empty player 2's health bar, allowing you to defeat them with one hit. (Don't do this after landing the winning attack, though - player 2 will get back up and nothing else will happen, forcing you to reset.)

Street Fighter III


This is the name of two title hacks that both use the logo from Hummer's Street Fighter II. One version uses the original cast, while the other adds a set of recolors.

The logo's different palette also affected the "PUSH START TO PLAY" text, causing it to look odd.

Mari Street Fighter IV Turbo


This hack uses an altered version of the Street Fighter III title screen with "MARI TURBO" text and the Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3 added to the top. Some of the logo's tiles were removed, and the III was slightly redrawn to look like a IV.

The player select screen has been filled with recolors, complete with some rather lazy, amateurish select portrait edits. E. Honda, Zangief, Balrog, and Mario have been added, but they're just Guile clones with equally lazy sprite work.

This version also has some bugs:

  • If you select a recolor, your character might suddenly change between matches.
  • The aforementioned Guile clones have broken graphics for their Sonic Booms and hit effects.
  • The IRQ test code mentioned above doesn't work, freezing the game on a black screen.

(Source: Bootleg Games Wiki)