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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3/Unused Objects

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This is a sub-page of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3.

A large number of objects were created or planned for use in World-e levels, but ultimately went unused. Object IDs will be given where applicable. Unless otherwise noted, replace bytes 157812-157813 in the ROM to see the object. This will replace the first Goomba in World 1-1 with the appropriate item.

Unique to Super Mario Advance 4

Test Enemies

Whistle while you hurt

Object ID: 0001 (generator), 0004 (stationary), 0005 (flying)
What appear to be test enemies, using a blue version of the Warp Whistle graphic.

One toot will send you to Hell

One type is stationary (but can still hurt the player), while the other chases after Mario/Luigi. When it changes its angle, the sprite rotates as well. You can't see Object ID 0001 with the method mentioned earlier.


Short fuse He/She/It's gonna blow

Object ID: 00B6
A simple bomb that will not explode until the player picks it up. Once picked up, the bomb will explode in about 5 seconds.


This will act like a Bob-Omb explosion, destroying nearby enemies and potentially harming the player.

Floating Block

It's seaworthy

Object ID: 00E3
A block that bobs up and down in the air.

Maybe it's a log?

Acts like the Chomp Rocks in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: standing off-center will push it to the left or right and rotate the block. Unlike the Chomp Rocks, this cannot hurt enemies. It makes a splashing sound when it moves, so it might have been meant for a water level.

Number Blocks

Blast off!

Object ID: 54
To see these blocks, change ROM address 140912 to 54, and ROM address 14090F to 5B. This will replace the second ledge in World 1-1.

Mario's Early Years: Fun with Murder

An interesting concept for a block. When these blocks are picked up, the block below will be set to 0 and the block in hand will be decremented. Throwing these blocks will stick them to any solid surface, even walls! They can also be thrown at enemies to kill them.

P-Wing Block

Would have been nice

Object ID: 55
To see this object, change ROM address 1408E2 to 55. This will replace the second shrub structure in World 1-1.
An unused block type that gives an unused object! This in-level P-Wing acts just like the map one, though obviously this can't be saved for other levels.

Super Mario Bros. 2

Mushroom Blocks

I think we've seen enough of these, thanks

Object ID: 51
To see these blocks, change ROM address 140912 to 51, and ROM address 14090F to 5B. This will replace the second ledge in World 1-1.

Grand Theft Foreground

Work exactly as expected – they can be picked up, put down, and thrown at enemies to kill them. However, the tile the Mushroom Block is put in front of will be destroyed when picked up. Also, they will not stop pipes from spitting out enemies.


Tick Tock, Mario

Object ID: 00BF
Touching this Stopwatch will freeze the stage timer for 5 seconds. This would have been handy in areas with short timers.

Super Mario World


Yoshi won't eat you here Well hello there little guy

Object IDs: 016B (Dolphin swarm), 00D4 (single vertical Dolphin), 00FC (single horizontal Dolphin)
These Dolphins are ridable and won't harm you. That's pretty much it.


HEY BIG GUY Hey little guy

No object IDs found
Yoshi's fireballs, with angry eyes. Since they don't seem to be coded, their purpose is unknown.


What's the story, Fishbone?

Object ID: 00D1
Identical to the Fishbone from Super Mario World, but with a redrawn sprite! Too bad there's no good place to put it.

Giant Gate

Maybe later

Comprised of 3-Up Moons and Cape Feathers, although the Bonus Star graphics remain intact. Hitting the bar will act like hitting the card at the end of a level, minus actually getting a card. Going above the bar will not count as clearing the level.

Lakitu's Cloud

Sure, it's a cloud, whatever you say

Object ID: 0122
This seems to be Lakitu's Cloud vehicle, but the graphics are nowhere to be found in the ROM. It does function, though, and can be moved with the D-Pad, but will never disintegrate.

Land Cheep-Cheep

Fish out of water

Object ID: 012C
A Cheep-Cheep that flops around on the ground. Unlike the harmless Super Mario World variant, this Cheep-Cheep will hurt you if you run into it, though it's still hittable by stomping.


This isn't an efficient way of bombing, I have to say

Object ID: 016D (X-position must be odd)
Note: This object will not work with the aforementioned method.

While the object with this ID is used, the only place it appears in the e-Reader levels spawns Para-Goombas instead, as the object location's X position is even. The Para-Bomb graphics have been updated to match the Super Mario Bros. 3 Bob-Omb design. When they land, they turn into wind-up Bob-Ombs, and will only explode when you stomp on them.


He's allergic to plumbers

Object ID: 00D5
Homes in on the player and stays near the water's surface.

Silver P-Switch

Silver: The second best thing to Gold

Object ID: 00C1
This switch can be carried around like the Super Mario World switches. Hitting the switch will turn all nearby enemies into silver coins, which can be picked up for points and eventually extra lives. Unlike SMW, this will not play any music.


Ready to strike Go go annoying enemy!

Object ID: 00D7
Stays in place until the player is in close proximity. Then it will move left, do a loop, and then continue moving left indefinitely.


Get dizzy

No object ID found
This would presumably act like the Fuzzies in SMW. No associated object ID has been found, so it's possible that it was never programmed.

Yoshi Egg

What the?

No object ID found
Graphics for a Yoshi egg. As there are no other traces of Yoshi in the game, this object's purpose remains a complete mystery.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Arrow Lift

Yep, look at the name. Arrow Lift

Object ID: 00E8
Identical to the Arrow Lift in Yoshi's Island, this ball will spin constantly until the player jumps on it. Once on board, the ball will move the direction in which the arrow points.


A bright future unfolding What do you mean the e-Reader's been canceled?!

Object ID: 0117
Presumably Wigglers after metamorphosis, these enemies appeared in only one room of Yoshi's Island! When the player stomps on a Flutter, they will become enraged and charge in the direction of Mario/Luigi.


Don't worry, you won't be appearing on stage tonight

No object ID found
Presumably would have functioned like a larger Boo Buddy. Strangely enough, this Big Boo graphic resembles its unused graphic from the original Yoshi's Island! The only apparent difference is the palette used.

Super Mario Advance

Veggie Shell

Look at it go!

Object ID: 7E
To see this object, change ROM address 1408E6 to 7E. This will replace the first set of bushes in World 1-1. Note that you must have Veggies activated: Use the CodeBreaker code 83002D52 0001.

While the shell is technically from Super Mario Bros. 2, this scaled-up version comes from Super Mario Advance. Pulling up the vegetable sprout will give Mario/Luigi this giant shell which will do everything a normal shell does (kill enemies, break bricks, hit blocks), but it's much faster and you can ride on top of it. You can also pick it up after you've thrown it.

(Source: GoldS, jdaster64)