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Title Screen


Developer: Flow Fire Games
Publisher: Flow Fire Games
Platforms: Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Released internationally: March 16, 2018 (Windows), December 16, 2020 (XB1/Switch)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Synthetik is a top-down bolt-action roguelike-like shooter from Berlin, tasking willing cyborgs to fight their way through a swarm of mechanized menaces to reach and stop a doomsday device known only as The Heart of Armageddon.

To do:
  • Check the Synthetik Wiki for any more unused content (these used to be linked at the bottom of this article): Items (1, 2), Loot, A9 Infinite, SS58 Plasma Mod.
  • Maybe ask the developer to show off the unused shrines?

Unused Graphics

Unused Gun Sprites

These have been released by Shrike alongside the weapon modding update.

Old Item Icons


Unused Saturn 7 Heavy Tank Portrait

Apparently the tank was planned to be a boss at some point, instead of being a guardian of the final boss.

Old Destroyed 12.7mm Turret Sprites

The 12.7mm turret has red drums/coils on the back, in the current version of the game.

Roomba Attack Frame

The little Roomba robots found in most levels were planned to have a close-range attack.

Suicide Bomb Ballbot

An explosive variant of the fast melee enemy was planned and scrapped before it got any other directional sprites. Most likely replaced by the Spiderbot and Doomba.

Machine God Zir Splash Screen

Synthetik windowsplash zir 0.png

The Machine God of War, Zir is seen on the right side of this picture. The filename implies it to be a splash image for either a launcher or a loading screen.

Unused Object Graphics

Transistor Tileset

A whole motherboard of transistors, batteries, and heatsinks.

The purple theme suits the third floor of Kaida HQ, the V-Reality Chambers which uses purple floors, black rocks and crystals.

God Shrine

Filename calls it a God Shrine. Compared to a normal quest shrine, it's rounder, darker, and the surrounding tubes are pointed upward.

The only god it can be dedicated to is the Machine God Zir, as he is the only Machine God that appears in Synthetik: Ultimate.

Normal Shrine God Shrine
Synthetik Shrine-Quest.png Synthetik god shrine.png


An object named "constructor" with three slots for batteries, just like the battery that appears in the daily data bonus window. Appears in the weapons test devroom.

It is not known what it would construct.

Unused Mars Graphic

A shot of Mars with fiery cracks along its surface.

Obscured Cutscene Graphics

These pictures from the opening and ending cinematics are normally obstructed by text.

Unused Audio



Present in the main folder. Despite its name, it's actually a duplicate of a gunshot sound used by assault rifles in the game.


Present in the same folder as the executable.


Unused main menu track.



This track was used in Version 1, in the tutorial/firing range area.



Found in an old version, purpose unknown.

Unused Enemies


To do:
  • Video showing Havoc in action.
  • Hack the game to access it and see if it works.
Synthetik Havoc.png
Full sprite. Click to enlarge.

Cut boss enemy that bears a resemblance to an Apache helicopter. Appears on one of the trading cards on Steam.

Not much is known about its function, aside from it moving up and down and shooting, similarly to Last Defender, which in turn moves sideways and shoots downward. It was cut probably due to it being too similar to other bosses.

Despite its files calling it a boss, it uses the normal enemy healthbar in the screenshot.

Grenade Turret

These sprites show that another type of turret was planned.

This one would have fired grenades just like Enforcer, Headhunter and Red Guard Nemesis.

Unused Areas


A weapon testing room. Includes the unused Constructor object and two unused shrines, plus shrines from the Arena game modes and the God Shrine.

Synthetik Weapontest.png

Out-of-Bounds Objects

The firing range has some objects to the left of the teleporter, which are never visible in gameplay. Some Headhunters can also spawn out of bounds.

Synthetik Firingrange.png

Cut/Unobtainable Items

Sentry Turret

Synthetik DMR Sentry Turret.png

Not to be confused with the one used by the Engineer class.

An unused Sentry turret item, shares icon with DMR Sentry Turret.

Deploys a stationary high-range sentry turret, attacking nearby enemies.

Combat Amphetamine

Synthetik Combat amphetamine.png Synthetik Combat amphetamine red.png

Slows down time for a duration.

Grants a short-duration movement speed buff after usage. Higher item power increases this duration, but does not increase the duration of the time slow itself.

No longer obtainable due to frequent crashing.

Time Lock

Synthetik Time Lock real.png

All buffs, debuffs, and any non-stun status effects currently applied to enemies will stop for 10 seconds while active.

Recycle bonus: reduces heat generation.

Covers any status effects applied to the player, including stuns.

Newly-applied status effects during the item's active time also stop in duration.

Starter item for Specialist classes.

No longer obtainable. Replaced by Refresher, purchasable in an Alchemy store in-game instead of being a starting item.

Trophy System Drone

Synthetik Trophy System Drone.png Synthetik Trophy System Drone red.png

Shoots down bullets mid-flight, can overdrive for increased effect.

Recycle bonus: keep a weaker version of the drone

Unsoldered Chip

Synthetik Unsoldered Chip.png

Destroying a boss enemy charges the chip with energy. Use to permanently unlock a new microchip.

Tied to an unused mechanic. Unobtainable.

Armageddon Shard

Synthetik armageddon shard.png

Obtaining four of them used to grant the player the A R M A G E D D O N machine gun, with a random variant applied to it.

Replaced by Cursed Weapon Parts. Now collecting four Cursed Weapon Parts grants a random weapon with the CURSED variant.

Armageddon Shard is now the name of an item that grants immense stat boosts to the player, but kills them after completing three rooms.

Unused Code

Fire Grenade

obj_item38_grenade_toxic-Create at line 6: heatperuse = 25

obj_item151_grenade_fire-Create at line 6: heatperuse = 25

obj_item96_stickybomb-Create at line 14: heatperuse = 5

Code referring to a Fire Grenade that would increase weapon heat on use by 25, making it functionally similar to the Acid Grenade, listed just above it.

7.62mm Bullets

They are referenced in the mod weapon balancing file, but when trying to use it, defaults back to 5.57mm Kaida SC, which is the caliber most AK rifles use in this game.