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The address corresponds with this: [1]

I think someone spelled Masugata incorrectly, possibly deliberately. Kouhei Tamura is credited for Dragon Quest V, but no other games, according to Mobygames. GlitterBerri 04:25, 9 March 2012 (EST)

A friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous asked me to post this for him: "If you wanted to write the address in Japanese, it would be 神奈川県川崎市多摩区枡形5-12-14. The name is probably 田村浩平." // Foxhack 01:59, 4 July 2013 (EDT)

For the bugs page

From Wandervox, imported from the CTE page:

On multiple occasions, I've seen the occurrence of a bug which caused a DQ2 game IN PROGRESS wrap back around to DQ1. From what I've seen, this usually occurs mid or late game, and ends up placing the player character on the world map in an out-of-bounds area. With some time and effort, the player can find their way back in bounds and continue playing with their DQ2 main character's stats, items, etc. (but not party members) in DQ1 and complete the game. I'm wondering if there's more to this beyond the bug itself, as well. What are the conditions leading up to this? This should be able to be replicated in an emulator -- is there a savestate for this?

— Wandervox

So, can any confirm or deny this? If the can confirm this, how does this happen? --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 03:06, 20 February 2017 (EST)

So I'm not COMPLETELY nuts, I guess? I found a recorded (via a highlight on Twitch [[2]]) instance of this occurring. Some in chat say the wrong warp is a known bug in the translation patch the streamer is using, but one of the instances I've witnessed did not involve a translation patch, and I can't find documentation of the bug based on the patch (for whatever that's worth). Worth noting, however: At the end of that clip, the dialogue text goes wonky so, it may indeed be the patch. Maybe this warrants further research. --Wandervox (talk) 17:52, 20 February 2017 (MST)