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Title Screen


Developer: Teh Internets
Publisher: Mexico

I AM NOT A SPAMBOT, I AM A PERSON! ... Or a fox person type thing, depending on who you ask.

Who am I? Well, I used to translate / romhack video games, but I got tired of doing that and retired after finishing Samurai Pizza Cats... three years later than intended. Oops! These days I don't do any fan translations, but I still like to poke around games to see what I find. Which is why I'm here.

I also tend to piss people off without meaning to, so uh, please don't get angry at me. Or something.

Projects on hold 'cause I'm lazy

  • The Punisher (Xbox) - On hold until I can get a retail disc and verify the content I found is actually in the game.
  • Final Fight Streetwise (Xbox) - See above. I found a lot of suspicious content in the ISO and want to verify it's present in the real disc.
  • Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green (PC) There appear to be remnants of the original game in there, but I need to play this with someone else to make sure.
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PC version) - I'm currently gathering notes on this game. There's an insane amount of unused audio, graphic and text content in the PC version. Sadly, the 360/PS3 versions use different compression methods for their audio so I won't be able to work much on that.
  • Bad Boys: Miami Takedown (PlayStation 2) - I'm doing a writeup of the debug mode. (WIP notes here.) Thankfully, the game runs fine on PCSX2, just a bit slow. This is going to be pretty damn large so if you have any comments, feel free to mention it on my talk page.
  • Tintin: Destination Adventure (PC, PS1) - There are remnants of a debug mode in the PC version. I'm currently investigating if they're also in the PS1 version.
  • Deadpool: A whole neeeeeeeeeeew woooooooooooooooooorld of unused content to unlock / I've seen some shit in there / and I would dare / to show it to every one I knoooooooooooooooooooow

New pages or additional contributions

Minor corrections and contributions

Pretty pointless additions