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Donkey Konga

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Title Screen

Donkey Konga

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: December 12, 2003
Released in US: September 27, 2004
Released in EU: October 15, 2004

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Donkey Konga is the first game to introduce the plastic cover tune DK Bongos, which ended up becoming a staple feature in all subsequent Donkey Kong games on the GameCube.

Debug Menu

Donkey Konga Debug Menu.png

Higa => Higashi
Akam => Akamatsu
Mura => Murakami
Kuro => Kurohata

Enter the Action Replay code

Version Encrypted Decrypted
00005F83 08000000
04003600 807E0020
04003604 907E0024
04003608 7FC3F378
0400360C 48052558
0403A89C 38600001
04055454 38600001
04055B60 4BFADAA0
Europe EEVC-A7HR-A6QN9
05EE454D 18000000
04003600 807E0020
04003604 907E0024
04003608 7FC3F378
0400360C 48054848
0403CDA4 38600001
04057724 38600001
04057E50 4BFAB7B0

to access a debug menu after the Nintendo and Namco logo screens in the PAL version. The options are, for the most part, self-explanatory.

To do:
  • Document more thoroughly.
  • Codes for other regions.

(Source: Ralf@gc-forever)

Regional Differences

To do:
More regional differences. Source


The Japanese, American and European versions of this game all use different songs.

Song Japan USA Europe
99 Red Balloons No No Yes
Ai no Uta Yes No No
All the Small Things No Yes Yes
Alright No No Yes
Ashita ga Aru sa Yes No No
Ashita he no Tobira Yes No No
Back For Good No No Yes
Bingo No Yes No
Busy Child No Yes Yes
Campfire Medley No Yes No
Canned Heat No No Yes
Clarinet no Kowashichatta Yes No No
Colors Yes No No
Cosmic Girl No No Yes
Dancing In The Street No Yes Yes
Densetsu No Starfy Yes No No
Desire -Jouretsu- Yes No No
Diddy's Ditties No Yes No
DK Rap (Monkey Rap) Yes Yes Yes
Donkey Kong Country Theme No No Yes
Donkey Konga Theme Yes Yes Yes
Don't Stop Me Now No No Yes
Fly High Yes No No
Hamutarou totokko Uta Yes No No
Hungarian Dance #5 in G Minor Yes Yes Yes
Hyokkori Youtan Shima Yes No No
I Think I Love You No Yes No
I Want You Back No No Yes
Kaze no La La La Yes No No
Kirby! Yes No No
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! No Yes No
Koi no Dance Site Yes No No
La Bamba Yes No No
Lady Marmalade No No Yes
Like Wow No Yes No
Louie, Louie No Yes Yes
Love Somebody Yes No No
Mambo No. 5 Yes No No
Mario Bros. Theme No No Yes
Mas Que Nada Yes No No
Mata Aeru Hi Made Yes No No
Mini Moni Jan-ken-pyon! Yes No No
Momoiro Kata Omoi Yes No No
Mori no Kumasan Yes No No
Okina Furui Tokei Yes No No
Oklahoma Mixer Yes No No
On the Road Again No Yes No
Oye Como Va No Yes Yes
Para los Romberos No Yes Yes
Pokemon Advance Theme Yes No No
Pokemon Theme No Yes No
Rainbow Cruise No No Yes
Richard III No No Yes
Right Here, Right Now No Yes No
Rock Lobster No Yes No
Rock This Town No Yes No
September No No Yes
Shake Yes No No
Shining Star No Yes No
Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing) No Yes Yes
Stupid Cupid No Yes No
Super Mario Theme Yes Yes No
Super Smash Bros. Melee Opening No No Yes
The Galaxy Express 999 Yes No No
The Impression That I Get No Yes Yes
The Legend of Zelda Theme No Yes Yes
The Loco-Motion No Yes Yes
Tubthumping No No Yes
Turkish March Yes Yes Yes
We are the One Yes No No
We Will Rock You No Yes No
What I like About You No Yes No
Whip It No Yes No
Wild Thing No Yes Yes
You Can't Hurry Love No Yes Yes