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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)

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Title Screen

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Also known as: Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze (JP)
Developers: Retro Studios, Monster Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii U
Released in JP: February 13, 2014
Released in US: February 21, 2014
Released in EU: February 21, 2014
Released in AU: February 22, 2014

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Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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  • Pre-final demo differences on http://dkc-forever.blogspot.com/2014/11/secret-hoard-o-beta-de-donkey-kong.html.
  • Regional differences
  • A lot of placeholder/early text in the SWF files.
    • There's actually more SWF files embedded into RFGFX/GFX files like MasterShell.rfgfx (83818700-518b-400c-a5d6-6a024aa93bc4), LoadingScreen_*.rfgfx, HUD.rfgfx and PauseMenu.rfgfx.
  • There's also code for executing debug functions, if utilities:Controller.bDebugOn is set to true in the related GFX/SWF file.
  • You can use ProductionFlags.ini in the final game...

Retro Studios takes another crack at the Donkey Kong Country series. While it received a tepid response at the time of its release (and some bitter resentment from Metroid fans), it's since undergone a reassessment and nowadays is considered to rival Diddy's Kong Quest as a contender for the best Country game.

In 2018, the game got rereleased for the Nintendo Switch, now with a funky new character.


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Prerelease Info
Kiosk Demo
Unused Text
Text you never see, placeholder or early, you name it!

Unused Code

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There is code to execute debug keys.

Build Date

The executable has a string value for a build timestamp under the !#$RetroBuildInfoStamp!#$??? entry but it was stubbed with useless padding.


Alternative Boss Sequences

Big Top Bop

The level has an flag named DebugEnabled, set to 0, setting it to 1 makes the boss perform an alternative sequence for testing.

(Source: LolHacksRule)

Leftover E3 Demo Assets

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A number of assets weren't removed from the final game.


DKCTF bombs kiosk.png

The icon for 2-4 (Sawmill Thrill) in the level selection menu.

Internal Oddities

Grape Juice Island

The level package for the boss in Juicy Jungle, has _grapeJuiceIsland in the name for the world instead of _juice like the usual level naming structure. Most likely the file would've been named b00_juice_polarBash or that name would have been in the world directory and file name.

MP4 Compilation Dates

The movies have dates for when they were compiled. The intro movie was compiled on Nov 2nd of 2013 at 2:05 PM. The outro movie was compiled on Oct 31st of 2013 at 2:35 PM.

Achievement Strings

A strings file labeled "miiverse" seems to have strings for some kind of cut achievement system.

Title Description
Defeated Pompy You defeated Pompy! You served that showy sea lion a slice of humble pie!
Defeated Ba-Boom You defeated Ba-Boom! Numbers? Ha, nothing a Kong can't beat!
Defeated Skowl You defeated Skowl! It takes more than that to spook a Kong!
Defeated Fugu You defeated Fugu! Little fishy ain't so scary now!
Defeated Bashmaster You defeated Bashmaster! Guess he wasn't so unbreakable!
Defeated Lord Fredrik You defeated Lord Fredrik! Booted that frosty fool off your island!
Max hits: Bosses You hit every boss to the max! Flying fists of fury!
Max hits: Barrels You hit every Slot Machine Barrel to the max! Racking up the numbers!
- No damage finish You beat the level without taking damage! This Kong is untouchable!
- No damage boss clear You beat the boss without taking damage! The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
First secret path You opened a secret path! Keep your eyes open!
All secret paths You opened all the secret paths! Kongs are natural-born explorers!
All bonus stages You beat all the bonus stage types! This Kong's got skills!
Bright Savannah revealed You can now explore Bright Savannah! Take plenty of sunscreen!
Autumn Heights revealed You can now explore Autumn Heights! Watch your step!
Sea Breeze Cove revealed You can now explore Sea Breeze Cove! Go for a swim!
Juicy Jungle revealed You can now explore Juicy Jungle! Ahh, refreshing!
Donkey Kong Island revealed You can now explore Donkey Kong Island! Home again!
Every island revealed You've revealed every island! Explore that secret in the sky!
- All levels complete You've completed all the levels on this island! Kong supremacy!
Every level complete You've completed every level in the game! Long traveled, but so worth it!
- Temple complete You've found a relic! Mysterious!
- KONG letters collected You've found all the KONG letters on the island! Kongs have good eyes!
All KONG letters collected You've found all the KONG letters in the game! Skill jumps are no match for a well-timed Kong!
- Puzzle Pieces collected You've found all the Puzzle Pieces on the island! In every nook and cranny--gotta find 'em all!
All Puzzle Pieces collected You've found all the Puzzle Pieces in the game! Nothing's too hidden for a Kong!
200% achieved You've achieved 200%! Hard mode? That wasn't so hard!
Obtained everything WOW! You have done it all! You are the ultimate Kong!
Music gallery filled You've filled the music gallery! Music to your ears!
Image gallery filled You've filled the image gallery! Pretty!
Diorama gallery filled You've filled the diorama gallery! You could stare at it for days!
Figurine gallery filled You've filled the figurine gallery! Awesome collection!
All galleries filled You've filled all the Extras galleries! Master of Extras!
First Bronze Medal You got a Bronze Medal! Dipping your toe in the water!
First Silver Medal You got a Silver Medal! Getting there!
First Gold Medal You got a Gold Medal! Whoa there, speedy!
First Shiny Gold Medal You got a Shiny Gold Medal! It's so shiny!!
All Bronze Medals You got at least a Bronze Medal in each level! Well on your way!
All Silver Medals You got at least a Silver Medal in each level! No small feat!
All Gold Medals You got at least a Gold Medal in every level! Kongs love gold!
All Shiny Gold Medals You've got a SHINY Gold Medal in every level! Gah! Too bright!!
100 coins spent You've spent 100 coins! Big spender here!
1,000 coins spent You've spent 1,000 coins! Where do you find them all?!
Purchased every item You've purchased every item! You never know when you'll need 'em!
Used every item You've used one of every item! Kong of all trades!
Visited every shop You've visited Funky on every island! Funky's happy to see ya!
Show posts You are displaying posts! See what the word is!
Made a post You made a post to Miiverse! Get connected!
Autopost You turned on autoposting! Share your successes with the world!
Ultimate Kong POW You defeated 7 enemies with a single Kong POW! Go teamwork!
3 consecutive bops You bopped 3 creatures in a row! Look, Ma, no ground!
6 consecutive bops You bopped 6 creatures in a row! Who needs to touch the ground?!
9 consecutive bops You bopped 9 creatures in a row! The floor is lava!
12 consecutive bops You bopped 12 creatures in a row! Whoa! Breakthrough bopping bravery!
5,000 bananas collected You've collected 5,000 bananas! Can never have too many bananas!
1,000 coins collected You've collected 1,000 coins! Funky will be happy to take these off your hands!
500 balloons collected You've collected 500 balloons! Where do you keep all these?!
500 bops You've bopped creatures 500 times! Bop all those things!
50 triple-bop combos You've done 50 triple-bop combos! Ya! Woohoo!! Yahoo!!!
100 Kong POWs You've performed a Kong POW 100 times! Teaming up to take on anyone!
Threw 100 creatures You've thrown 100 creatures! Putting those big arms to use!
10,000 Cane Jumps Whoa! You've used Cranky's Cane Jump 10,000 times! Hop to it, gramps!
500 Rambi blocks destroyed You have destroyed 500 Rambi blocks! Rhinos are stronger than stone!
100 Slot Machine Barrel hits You've hit Slot Machine Barrels 100 times! Those barrels never knew what hit 'em!

Internal Project Name

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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The game's internal project name is "rs10", according to the rpx filename and a filepath in the rpx. "rs" presumably stands for "Retro Studios", suggesting that this is Retro Studio's 10th project. But it's not clear what constitutes a "project" in this case or how their other games fit into this numbering.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Revisional Differences

The original release of the game had a glitch which had a rare chance of not unlocking 3-4: Scorch 'N' Torch after completing 3-3: Frantic Fields. On April 3, 2014, a patch labeled as Version 1.1.0 was released that fixed this glitch.