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Donkey Konga 2

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Title Screen

Donkey Konga 2

Also known as: Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade (JP)
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: July 1, 2004
Released in US: May 9, 2005
Released in EU: June 3, 2005

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Donkey Konga 2 is a follow-up of Donkey Konga. It's the last Donkey Konga game released in US and Europe. Japan would get one more Donkey Konga game called Donkey Konga 3.


Unused Text
Dixie has a lot of notes...

Unused Graphics

Funky Kong Badge

Unused Final
Funky Kong Badge.png DK2E - Badge 4.png

In the Game > Badge.nut file (Intentional versions) is a different badge design of Funky Kong. The unused one shows a front-facing render, while the final one uses the image from Diddy's Kong Quest.


DK2E - ASCII.png

While the letters Œ œ ‘ ’ “ ” are in the texture file, they can't be displayed since the game uses Shift-JIS. If the first hex byte is between 81 - 9F, this tells the game this is a Japanese character, and the second byte confirms which Japanese character to use. Since those European characters also use 81 - 9F, the game won't display them.

Regional Differences

Startup Screens

Japan US Europe
DK2J - Health and Safety.png DK2E - Health and Safety.png DK2P - Health and Safety.png

The Japanese version uses the same start-up warning image from the Japanese version of Donkey Konga that tells the players to be wary of vibrations, the sound, and the amount of time they play. The International versions replaces this image with a Health and Safety message.

Japan International
DK2J - Nintendo Logo.png DK2E - Nintendo Logo.png

A common change where the Nintendo logo is blue in the Japanese version, while it is red in the International versions.

Title Screen

Japan US Europe
DK2J - Title.png DK2E - Title.png DK2P - Title.png
  • The Japanese version has ドンキーコンガ2 below the English title.
  • The Japanese version has a subtitle ヒットソングパレード which translates to Hit Song Parade.
  • The Japanese title has additional copyright information.
  • The US version reuses the title from Donkey Konga, but adds a 2 to the title.
  • The European version modifies the Japanese title by removing the Japanese text and making it larger.
  • The PRESS START BUTTON text has had the word BUTTON removed for the International versions.

Song Genres

Japan US Europe
DK2J - Genre.png DK2E - Genre.png DK2P - Genre.png

The Japanese and European versions display the Genre on the Song Panels, while the US version doesn't display them.

Buttons on DK Bongos

Japan US Europe
DK2J - Bongo A.png DK2E - Bongo A.png DK2P - Bongo A.png

The American version removed the Green Arrow that indicated which button to press that represented A on the DK Bongos.

Japan US Europe
DK2J - Bongo B.png DK2E - Bongo B.png DK2P - Bongo B.png

The American version removed the Red Arrows that indicated which buttons to press that represented B on the DK Bongos.

Currency Symbol

Japan International
DK2J - Currency.png

DK2J - Currency 2.png

DK2E - Currency.png

DK2E - Currency 2.png

The currency symbol in the Japanese version (which is a parody of the Japanese ¥ currency) was changed to look like a Banana Coin in the International versions.

Results Screen

Japan International
DK2J - Results.png DK2E - Results.png

The Results Screen on the Japanese version has shapes behind GREAT, OK, BAD, and MISS. These were removed in the International versions.

Jam / Beat-Mix

Japan International
DK2J - Cool 1.png

DK2J - Cool 2.png

DK2E - Mix 1.png

DK2E - Mix 2.png

The Japanese version reuses the COOL / Jam mode from Donkey Konga where all the required notes to hit are not displayed, which means you have to memorize which notes to hit.

This mode was replaced with Beat-Mix in the International versions where the notes you need to hit are different each time you play a song.


US Europe
DK2E - Challenge Text.png DK2P - Challenge Text.png

The Song Number text position in the European version is placed above the Number Flag, and the font color was changed from red to blue.

Additional Text below Notes

Japan International
DK2J - Notes.png DK2E - Notes.png

Like in Donkey Konga, the Japanese version has text below the notes to explain what action to perform. These were disabled in the International versions (the textures are still present in the Game.nut file). The sounds with パ (pa) correspond to the higher-pitched drum, those with ポ (po) correspond to the lower-pitched drum, and those with チャ (cha) correspond to clapping. Those that end with ン (n) tend to be used at the end of a sequence of notes. For example, a sequence involving three hits of the lower drum in rapid succession might be represented as ポ ポ ポン (po po pon).

(Source: [1])

Left Notes:

DK2J - Note Japan 3.pngpa

DK2J - Note Japan 2.png パッ pa—

DK2J - Note Japan 1.png パン pan

Right Notes:

DK2J - Note Japan 6.pngpo

DK2J - Note Japan 5.png ポッ po—

DK2J - Note Japan 4.png ポン pon

Clap Notes:

DK2J - Note Japan 9.png チャ cha

DK2J - Note Japan 8.png チャッ cha—

DK2J - Note Japan 7.png チャン chan

Both Notes:

DK2J - Note Japan 10.pngDouble

Other Notes:

DK2J - Note Japan 13.pngDK2J - Note Japan 13.pngDrum / Clap Rolls

DK2J - Note Japan 11.png 連打 Consecutive Hits

DK2J - Note Japan 12.png 拍手 Applause

The text below the notes can be enabled by using the following Gecko Codes:

US Version:
  0401C678 60000000
  0401C67C 60000000
  0401C884 60000000
  0401C888 60000000

Europe Version:
  0401DBF0 60000000
  0401DBF4 60000000
  0401DDFC 60000000
  0401DE00 60000000


Japan International
DK2J - Badge 1.png DK2J - Badge 2.png DK2J - Badge 3.png DK2J - Badge 4.png DK2J - Badge 5.png

DK2J - Badge 6.png DK2J - Badge 7.png DK2J - Badge 8.png DK2J - Badge 9.png DK2J - Badge 10.png

DK2J - Badge 11.png DK2J - Badge 12.png DK2J - Badge 13.png DK2J - Badge 14.png DK2J - Badge 15.png

DK2J - Badge 16.png DK2J - Badge 17.png DK2J - Badge 18.png DK2J - Badge 19.png DK2J - Badge 20.png

DK2J - Badge 21.png DK2J - Badge 22.png DK2J - Badge 23.png DK2J - Badge 24.png DK2J - Badge 25.png

DK2J - Badge 26.png DK2J - Badge 27.png DK2J - Badge 28.png DK2J - Badge 29.png DK2J - Badge 30.png

DK2J - Badge 11.png DK2J - Badge 12.png DK2J - Badge 13.png DK2E - Badge 4.png DK2J - Badge 14.png

DK2E - Badge 6.png DK2E - Badge 7.png DK2E - Badge 8.png DK2E - Badge 9.png DK2E - Badge 10.png

DK2J - Badge 15.png DK2J - Badge 16.png DK2J - Badge 17.png DK2J - Badge 18.png DK2J - Badge 20.png

DK2J - Badge 19.png DK2J - Badge 22.png DK2J - Badge 23.png DK2J - Badge 24.png DK2J - Badge 25.png

DK2E - Badge 21.png DK2E - Badge 22.png DK2E - Badge 23.png DK2E - Badge 24.png DK2E - Badge 25.png

DK2J - Badge 26.png DK2J - Badge 27.png DK2J - Badge 28.png DK2J - Badge 29.png DK2J - Badge 30.png

Some of the badges were changed in the International version:

  • The human badges were removed.
  • The Boo badge was removed.
  • Six extra Donkey Kong Country badges were added.
  • Five new Star Fox Assault badges were added.

Japan International
DK2J - Badges.png DK2E - Badges.png

The default badges in the Japanese version are the human badges, while they are the Donkey Kong Country badges in the International versions.


US Europe
DK2E - ASCII.png DK2P - ASCII.png

Some of the ASCII letters in the European version were changed (see table below).

ASCII Letter Letter in US Letter in Europe
~ œ œ
{ { ͤ
} } ʳ
" "
' '


Like the first Donkey Konga game, Donkey Konga 2 has different songs between the Japanese, American, and European versions.

Song # Japan US Europe
1 愛のために。
For the Sake of Love
2 さくらんぼ
The Anthem That's The Way (I Like It)
3 secret base ~君がくれたもの~
Secret Base (What You Gave Me)
Wild Challenger
Wish You Were Here Jungle Boogie
5 Over Drive
Over Drive
6 ダイナマイト
Road Trip Don't Let Me Get Me
7 全部だきしめて
Embracing Every Bit of You
8 Go Girl ~恋のヴィクトリー~
Go Girl (Victory of Love)
La Bamba
The Bamba
9 WAになっておどろう
Let's Dance in a Circle
10 モンキーマジック
Monkey Magic
I Don't Want To Know (If You Don't Want Me)
11 Yeah!めっちゃホリディ
Yeah! Super Holiday
Unpretty I'm A Slave 4 U
12 おどるポンポコリン
Dancing Pompokolin
U Don't Have To Call I Just Wanna Live
13 ドラえもんのうた
Doraemon's Song
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) Are You Ready For Love?
14 チャレンジャー!!
All Star
15 ハッスル
Why Don't We Fall In Love Pumping On Your Stereo
16 DANZEN!ふたりはプリキュア
Absolutely! We are Pretty Cure
No More Drama Mansize Rooster
17 ビバ★ロック
Viva ★ Rock
18 Realize
Come Clean Green Greens (Kirby)
19 おしえて
Tell Me
Born Too Slow Pokémon Main Theme
20 マジンガーZ
Mazinger Z
Rock The Boat Mute City Theme (F-ZERO)
21 ラッキーチャチャチャ!
Lucky Cha Cha Cha!
Send the Pain Below Super Mario Bros. 3 Theme
22 特捜戦隊デカレンジャー
Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Donkey Konga 2 Theme
23 ゼルダの伝説 ラテンフュージョン
The Legend of Zelda Theme
Headstrong Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
24 スーパードンキーコングのテーマ
Donkey Kong Country Theme
Pieces La Cucaracha
The Cockroach
25 Donkey-Kong-A-Go-Go!!
Donkey Konga 2 Theme
Full Moon Breakfast At Tiffany's
Ambitious Japan!
Losing My Religion
27 種のうた
The Seed Song
Shiny Happy People
28 アルプス一万尺
10,000 Feet Up in the Alps
It's Been a While Runaway Train
29 ガンタナメラ
High Roller Eine kleine Nachtmusik
A Little Night Music
30 トレパーク
31 ハバネラ
aka Havanaise
32 子犬のワルツ
Minute Waltz
Minute Waltz William Tell Overture
33 Enjoy The Silence
Hidden 蛍の光
Auld Lang Syne
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

The Hidden Song is played at the end of the Challenge set.

Sound Sets

There are sixteen new sound sets that were added to Donkey Konga 2 that can be purchased from the Shopping Mall. Most of the sound sets were changed in the International versions.

Sound Set # Japan US Europe
1 アルプス
2 スーパーカー
Super Car
3 ジャングル
4 SF
Science Fiction
5 ラテン
6 ゼルダ
7 サイレン
8 オーシャン
9 木魚
Mokugyo (Wooden Fish)
10 音符の色
Colored Notes
11 チャイナ
12 じゃんけん
Janken (Rock Paper Scissors)
Safari Carmen
13 純正ドラム
14 カルメン
Sea Mammals
15 いたずら
16 DJ
Disc Jockey