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Category:Taiko no Tatsujin series

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Rhythm games where the player must hit the right notes on a taiko drum in time with the instructions that appear on screen: either the red center of the drum (ドン Don) or the blue rim (カッ Kah); "Don" and "Kah" refer to the sounds the taiko drum makes. In addition, the game will require the player to perform flams and drumrolls.

The main protagonists are Don Wada and his twin brother Katsu, a pair of anthropomorphic taiko drums with cat-like faces. Their first names come from the respective sounds of the taiko drum, and they both end all their sentences with "Don" or "Kah".

The series was originally exclusive to Japanese arcades, but eventually found its way to home consoles (sometimes coming with a taiko peripheral) and releases outside of Japan.