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Donkey Konga 3: Tabehoudai! Haru Mogitate 50 Kyoku

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Title Screen

Donkey Konga 3: Tabehoudai! Haru Mogitate 50 Kyoku

Also known as: Donkey Konga 3: All You Can Eat! 50 Freshly-Picked Songs for Spring
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: March 17, 2005

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Little monkey goes to the big city to bang his bongo drum, but nobody likes his dirty sound so Donkey Konga 3 doesn't come out overseas.

Early Text

News Bulletins

An earlier version of Funky News can be found in the file MemoData_tgs.res. Unlike its Donkey Konga 2 counterpart, this one is decidedly less interesting, as every single message is the same:

Japanese Translation
Thank you for playing~
Donkey Konga 3 will be out
this March, yo!
Just hang in there a little longer
'til it's ready!

Song Data

A tentative song list can be found in SongData_tgs.res. Compared to the final list, it has six fewer song entries and many, many value tweaks.

  • Many songs use the Star Fox theme (34Fox) as a placeholder file.
  • In addition to the six missing slots, several others are blank and have a placeholder title such as "?????". These are:
    • Happy Days
    • Locolotion
    • Seishun Kyousou Kyoku
    • GO!!!
    • Ashita ni Nattara...
    • Banana Tengoku
    • Doremifa Daijoubu
    • Yodel Tabehoudai
    • Kochira ★ Mona Pizza
  • Some of these blank slots have "みてい" ("pending") in their ruby field.
  • Prices are generally far lower than in the final game, likely for testing purposes.
  • Some song titles were edited to add formatting whitespace.