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Proto:Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color).

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This appears to be a prototype of the kiosk demo?

A kiosk demo of the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country was found in the September 9th, 2020 Nintendo leak, along with several other Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs. The ROM name is CGBBDYE0.326. The final game uses "BDD" as for the first three digits of the product code, not "BDY".
Listed on the official release spreadsheets as "DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (DISPLAY)", with a release date of barely one month before the final release.

General Differences

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ROM Header

Prototype Final USA/Europe Final Japan

Main Menu

  • Only Adventure and Options can be selected.

Options Menu

Prototype Final
DKCGBCproto-titleoption.png DKCGBC-titleoption.png
  • The options menu in the prototype has an extra option with Diddy Kong's head not found in the final game. It has five settings: TITLE 1 through TITLE 5. Changing it doesn't appear to have any effects.
  • The options to toggle DK Barrels and Star Barrels on and off are unlocked by default.
  • Selecting Sound Test doesn't mute the menu music.


Prototype Final
DKCGBC MainMap Proto.png DKCGBC MainMap Final.png

The water on the overworld map screen is slightly different.


Prototype Final
DKCGBC-protosticker.gif DKCGBC-finalsticker.gif
  • Sticker packs are much smaller in the prototype. They were likely made larger so that they'd be more noticeable on the Game Boy Color's small screen.
  • The game automatically soft-resets after you defeat Very Gnawty.

Inaccessible Menus

To access these menus, enable the GameShark code while in the options menu and press B and you'll appear in the menu. Disable the code afterwards so that the menu functions properly.


Gameshark code: 01026E09.

  • The Bonus menu is missing the View Items option.


  • Selecting either Funky Fishing or Crosshair Cranky will take you to an unfinished version of Funky Fishing. The graphics and sound are very broken, no fish spawn and the timer never expires. There's also no way to exit without reseting.


  • Selecting Hi-Score will take you to an unfinished version of the Galleon Gunner level in Crosshair Cranky. There's no way to win or lose but you can pause and exit.


Gameshark code: 01036E09.

  • Appears to be identical to the final game but there's no way to start up a linked game.


Gameshark code: 01046E09.

  • Identical to the final game.