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DK: Jungle Climber

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Title Screen

DK: Jungle Climber

Also known as: Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber (EU/JP)
Developer: Paon
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: August 9, 2007
Released in US: September 10, 2007
Released in EU: October 12, 2007
Released in AU: November 15, 2007

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Unused Game Description

This game has a banner directory (like many other DS games) which contains a banner and a set of plain text files for different languages, each containing a short description of the game's multiplayer mode, to be displayed on the receiving system when Download Play is used.

Interestingly, it has a Chinese version file, "dlexpl_ch.txt", despite this particular game never being distributed there. This file seems to contain an early version of the Japanese text instead.

Text from "Chinese" file (dlexpl_ch.txt) Final Japanese text (dlexpl_jp.txt)
たいせんで アツくなれ
ドンキーコング ジャングルクライマー
ノンストップ レースバトル!
さいそくは だれだ!
Donkey DS
Blaze in Battle!
Beat out your rivals!
(Source: Translation: GlitterBerri)
Donkey Kong Jungle Climber
Nonstop race battle!
Who's the fastest?!

Development Logs


	WorldCoinCnt = {
		0 , 3 , 5 , 4 , 2 , 3 , 2 , 0
} //UE


Another instance of "Donkey DS".

	Version = "2007/05/07 14:09:01"
	bLoadLevelMCS = 0
	EditLevelName = "Level/StartUP.txt"
	RootPass = "C:\DonkeyDS\data/"
	Padding = 0




This is the most interesting of the four log files present in the root directory as it mentions a debug HUD.

	bVisibleDebugHUD = 1	//デバック表示
	bPauseDisplaySW  = 0	//ポーズ時の表示
	bResetDebug      = 1	
	bBGMEnable		 = 1	//BGM有効無効
	ResetStartLevelName = "level/&&Start-Menu"	//"level/StartUp"
	BootLevelName = "level/Logo"	//初回ブート時開始レベル


	bVisibleDebugHUD = 1	//Debug Display
	bPauseDisplaySW  = 0	//Pause Display
	bResetDebug      = 1	
	bBGMEnable		 = 1	//BGM On/Off
	ResetStartLevelName = "level/&&Start-Menu"	//"level/StartUp"
	BootLevelName = "level/Logo"	//Initialization Level on 1st Boot