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Proto:Donkey Kong Jr. Math

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Donkey Kong Jr. Math.


Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Sansuu Lesson is a compilation of Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong Jr. Math, released in October 1983 as a pack-in game for the Sharp C1 Famicom TV.

Notably, Jr. Math (which wouldn't be released in standalone form until December) is an early version with some interesting differences. Only the +-×÷ Exercise mode is present, under the name "Jr Lesson +-×÷".

Selection Screen

Jr. + Jr. Sansuu Lesson Jr. Math
DKJrMath-ProtoSelectScreen.png DKJrMath-FinalSelectScreen.png
  • The name of the game mode is different, as mentioned above.
  • There's no music.
  • Junior starts at the top-left part of the screen instead of the bottom-right.
  • Donkey Kong is absent.
  • The graphics are from the first two levels of Donkey Kong Jr., rather than the last.
  • The screen's layout is different and more simplistic.
  • The vine and options are slightly further to the left.

Math Screen

Jr. + Jr. Sansuu Lesson Jr. Math
DKJrMath-ProtoQuestionScreen.png DKJrMath-FinalQuestionScreen.png
  • Donkey Kong is in a cage. Interestingly, the sprite used for him here is an unused sprite from the original game.
  • The current and high score aren't present. The amount of time elapsed is shown instead.
  • The Nitpicker on the left is absent. Instead of it laying eggs to show correct answers, apples appear next to the question numbers.
  • Pressing Start sends you back to the selection screen instead of pausing the game.
  • The number 8 matches its appearance in the original Donkey Kong Jr. (and by extension Atari's Quiz Show where the font originated). It was changed to a more standard design, likely for legibility reasons.
  • The chains are a pixel further to the right.