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Final Fight: Streetwise

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Title Screen

Final Fight: Streetwise

Developer: Capcom Studio 8
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in US: February 28, 2006
Released in EU: April 7, 2006

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Final Fight: Streetwise was a well-intentioned yet ill-designed attempt to restart the Final Fight franchise that was ultimately doomed by executive meddling, which led to Capcom Studio 8 being shut down. And it contains enough cursing to make you think the writers were sailors...

Unused Music

PSXData\MUSIC\previews.bin contains the preview clips used in the music shops. The archive contains two preview tracks that are not used:

The first is for Temptation, Pt. 2, performed by Fat Joe. The song is not included in the game, and was either a placeholder, or they simply did not get clearance to use it in the game. You can hear the full song here.

The second one is for Superfun Teenage Girls, performed by Stymie & the Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra. Not only that...

The full song is still on the disc, as SXData\Music\QRSTU\stymie.adx! Judging from the preview track, this song might have been planned to be purchasable at one point, but it's very different from the rest of the game's soundtrack, so it was probably axed because of that. Portions of the song are still used in the roach- and rat-killing minigames.

Speaking of the rat- and roach-killing minigames, the victory and losing themes have an additional 30 seconds of music that is never heard in-game. The victory theme uses portions of Superfun Teenage Girls, while the losing theme uses a bit of library music with a kazoo and a drum.

Leftover Cutscene Audio

PSXData\Cut1Aud\scene005.adx contains a bit of conversation between Kyle and the cashier at the diner that was never used. Here, Kyle asks for info on a "black guy who looks like he means business", which leads to the cashier to question his heterosexuality; in the final game, Kyle has to kill some roaches to get information on Stiff and Weasel. The file is dated August 4, 2005, while the rest of the files are from September to December 2005, so it's from an earlier draft of the story that got cut.

Unused Cutscene Video and Audio

The game renders most of its cutscenes with the in-game engine and plays back all conversation and sound effects from a streamed ADX file, but there's some strange leftovers:


The introduction cutscene. The disc has a video version (PSXData\Cut1\Scene000.sfd), but the game ignores it and renders it with the game engine instead.

Scene001, Scene038, Scene048

The game's files contain engine-rendered versions of all three cutscenes (PSXData\Cut1\Scene000.saw/adx, PSXData\Cut2\scene038.saw/adx, and PSXData\Cut2\scene048.saw/adx), but the game plays back video files instead.

Unused Videos



The first, trailer.sfd, is an early E3 promo for the game which contains footage from various stages in development, and very different-sounding Kyle and Cody voice actors.


The second is a duplicate of video2.sfd called video4.sfd. The video is What Drives the Weak, performed by Shadows Fall. Strangely, text inside the game's executable file mentions four bonus FMVs, but only three are available in the bonus section.

Unused Voice Clips

The main sound archive (PSXDATA\SOUND\DIALOG.ADS) contains all gameplay voice clips and sound effects that play during the game. It also contains some early voice clips for Kyle Travers:

Early Final
Ah, a key!
Ah... maybe if I had a key...
Ah, feelin' better already!
Aha, found it!
Aww yeah!
Don't mind if I do!
Feelin' better already!
I can use this!
I'll take that!
Shit, it's locked!
This should help!

Unused Graphics

To do:
Get graphics.

Although Soda and Sake can't be purchased, they contain icons for shop menus, and Soda has its own description and price. There is also a blue Candy Bar that isn't found anywhere in the game.

Icon Item Price Description
Soda $10 Refreshing Capcola Soda. The official soft drink of Metro City.
Provides MINOR health boost.
Candy Bar $10 Not your ordinary bar. Chocolate, caramel, peanuts... and a little something extra!
Provides MINOR health boost.
Sake $0 -

Notably, some bystanders mention that Soda can be purchased in shops, and it is on display in some shops.

Unused Items

Along with the Candy Bar mentioned above, there is a Curry and Rice food and a Fence Post weapon.

Unused Text

Journal Entries

Saturday, 6:07 PM Mike Haggar
Haggar! Sure! He and Cody are tight. Bet HE can help...in one way or another...
TO DO: Catch a train back to the Pier District.
NOTE TO SELF: Get name of Cody's house-cleaning service.

When Kyle goes to Cody's apartment and sees Haggar's photo, the player is sent to the Pier District, skipping this entry and going to the "Finding Haggar" entry.

Sunday, 9:14 AM Training with a master
Talk about your silver linings! First Haggar, now Guy?! Couldn't ask for 2 better mentors than that!
IMPORTANT!: Pay close attention! I can use all the help I can get!
NOTE TO SELF: Don't forget: Guy could help more later!

Like Haggar's training, there is a journal entry for the time Kyle trains with Guy, but as the player can't pause during trainings and after completing it the player goes directly to Guy's burning mansion, it can't be seen.

Sunday, 6:54 PM Glow source revealed.
God, I hate that Weasel prick!
So, the old fish-packing plant, huh? Makes some sense. Who'd ever suspect that old dump as the glow factory?
TO DO: Better get back to Cody and Guy pronto.

After defeating Weasel's men and obtaining the info needed, Kyle receives a call from Guy informing that Cody left before he has a chance to go to their place, thus leading to Kyle going to the factory instead.

Sunday, 8:51 PM VANESSA!!!
Vanessa's in trouble! Looks like the Hood is goin' down fast, and I bet the Barfly's right at the heart of the mess! I guess the only way back is by the freight train tracks... Dammit, when's this all gonna end?!!!

This suggests that the player would need to go from the Pier District to Kyle's Hood after seeing the news of the Hood's situation. However, after the scene, the player is teleported to the Hood.

Character Names

Chopper Dan
Heavy Duty
Mad Moose
The Brawler
The Whammer

Those names are listed with the Biker ally, suggesting that the Biker would appear as an enemy or that ally names would be visible.

Officer Kurtis

The name of the Cop ally.

Officer Chuey

The name of the SWAT members assisting Sergeant Sims near the end of the game.

Madam Eiko

Madam Celeste's name in the game's data.

Rat Cage

Although the rats in the battle against Stiff Death are named, the containers they come out from aren't.

Uncompiled Source Code

The file located at PSXDATA\Test\sndids.h in the Xbox version is a C++ header file that was used to define the sound effects and voice samples used in the game. Some code samples:

#ifndef _SNDIDS_H_
#define _SNDIDS_H_
//This file is autogenerated based on the bank names in config\banknames.txt
//and the data in o:\sound\deliveries

//Compound sound defs from bank 1 (bldg)
#define CSNDID_WEASAL_TAUNT                                                    0x20010000
#define CSNDID_WEASAL_HIT                                                      0x28010001
#define CSNDID_FORKLIFT_REV                                                    0x28010002

// ##DONE##

//Sound defs from bank 4 (porn)
#define SNDID_ASSTRAY                                                         0x88040000
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_1                                                     0x88040001
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_2                                                     0x88040002
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_3                                                     0x88040003
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_4                                                     0x88040004
#define SNDID_TAPE_1                                                          0x88040005
#define SNDID_TAPE_2                                                          0x88040006
#define SNDID_TAPE_3                                                          0x88040007
#define SNDID_TAPE_4                                                          0x88040008
#define SNDID_WSL_SLAM_1                                                      0x80040009
#define SNDID_WSL_SLAM_2                                                      0x8004000a
#define SNDID_WSL_SLAM_3                                                      0x8004000b
#define SNDID_MOVIE_PROJECTOR                                                 0x8004000c
#define SNDID_WSL_HIT_1                                                       0x8804000d
#define SNDID_WSL_HIT_2                                                       0x8804000e
#define SNDID_WSL_HIT_3                                                       0x8804000f

// ##DONE## 

//Compound sound defs from bank 4 (porn)
#define CSNDID_FLOWERPOT                                                       0x28040000
#define CSNDID_TAPE                                                            0x28040001
#define CSNDID_WSL_SLAM                                                        0x20040002
#define CSNDID_WSL_HIT                                                         0x28040003

// ##DONE##