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Mighty Final Fight

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Title Screen

Mighty Final Fight

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: NES
Released in JP: June 11, 1993
Released in US: July 1993
Released in EU: 1993
Released in AU: October 9, 2014 (3DS Virtual Console)

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Mighty Final Fight is a cartoony entry loosely based on Final Fight, but with an experience point mechanic to unlock cool moves.


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Regional Differences

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Stage 1

In the western version, answering "no" to both of Damnd/Thrasher's prompts (whether or not to bow before him and whether or not you know he rules the streets) will make him flinch and lose a little bit of health each time. The Japanese version has a third prompt afterwards (whether or not you think he's a weakling) that will cause him to lose some more health if you answer "yes".

It should be noted that the second prompt is phrased differently in the Japanese version, so "yes" is the option that will damage him.

Stage 3

In the Japanese version, before fighting Abigail, he gives you the option to do a battle of wits by answering trivia questions from him in a "true or false" format. If you answer them all correctly in a row, you are rewarded with an extra continue. In the western versions, this was removed. Instead, Abigail just talks a bit and then you fight him.

Japanese Text Translation Correct Answer
Question 1
ハガーの むすめの なは ジュシカである
Haggar's daughter is named Jussica.
Question 2
たいりょく まんタンで たべものをとると EXPになる
You gain EXP from eating food while at full health.
Question 3
2めんの ボスのぶきは みぎてにもった かたなである
The boss of Stage 2 uses a sword in his right hand as a weapon.
Question 4
ダムドの わらいごえは ゲヒゲヒである
Damnd's laugh sounds like "hee hee hee".
Question 5
1めんには じゆうのめがみのポスターが 4まいある
There are 4 posters of the Statue of Liberty in Stage 1.