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Final Fight CD

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Title Screen

Final Fight CD

Developer: A Wave
Publishers: Sega (US/JP/EU), Tec Toy (BR)
Platform: Sega CD
Released in JP: April 2, 1993
Released in US: March 25, 1993
Released in EU: 1993
Released in BR: October 1993

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Compared to its contemporaries, Final Fight CD was easily the most accurate home console port of the arcade game at the time, showing just what the CD format was capable of. It even features a new time attack mode, alongside the usual CD extras like an arranged Redbook soundtrack, extended cutscenes, and a hilarious English dub.

Unused Music

Name Track # Unused Used Description
Unused Track 1 19
N/A A brief musical fanfare. Purpose unknown.
Unused Track 2 21
N/A A more bass-y musical fanfare. Purpose also unknown.
Unused Track 3 22
What appears to be an alternate or early version of the Time Attack music, with a slower tempo, completely different melody and progression (apart from the beginning electric guitar trill), and overall more shallow and shoddy production (especially with the guitar suddenly cutting in and out on each loop).
Unused Track 4 (Opening Offvoice) 25 (OS) / 27 (JP)
A shorter version of the opening music without any dialogue.
Unused Track 5 (Ending Offvoice) 26 (OS) / 28 (JP)
A shorter version of the ending music without any dialogue.

Regional Differences


To do:
Haggar also has a yelling animation in the Japanese version's intro which was removed from the international version.
Japan International
Final fight cd intro jp.gif Final fight cd intro int.gif

In the Japanese version, Jessica's appearance on the TV screen shows her wearing a bra, like in the original Japanese version of the arcade game. This was changed to a strapless dress for the international versions, which is actually more accurate to her in-game appearance. Her palette is also slightly different.

Japan International
Final fight cd intro jp-2.gif Final fight cd intro int-2.gif

Thrasher/Damnd is shown laughing on the TV screen, with the lights behind him flickering. This animation was removed in the international version, as he doesn't laugh here in the English audio dub.


Japan International
Final Fight CD (JP).profiles-1.png Final Fight (US).profiles-1.png
Final Fight CD (JP).profiles-2.png Final Fight (US).profiles-2.png
Final Fight CD (JP).profiles-3.png Final Fight (US).profiles-3.png

In the Japanese version, the profiles are narrated and feature graphics unique to this port. The international versions feature no narration and simply reuse the bio graphics from the original arcade game.

Time Attack Results

Japan International
FFCD JP TimeAttackResults.png FFCD US TimeAttackResults.png

The Time Attack results screen got several touch-ups in the international version compared to the Japanese version.

  • The misspelling "YOU MAKE A NEW RECORD!" has been corrected to "YOU MADE A NEW RECORD!"
  • The "HIGH" score was changed to the "TOP" score.
  • The "YOU" and "TOP" headings use a bolder font.
  • While the Japanese version has all the text in the default yellow, the international version has some variety, such as "YOU" and "TOP" being colored green, and "RESULTS" and the numbers being grey.
  • The background uses a slightly darker palette.


Japan International
Final Fight CD (JP) poisonroxy.gif Final Fight CD (US) poisonroxy.gif

Unlike the SNES port, Poison and Roxy weren't replaced for the international version, though their clothes were changed to be less revealing.

Japan International
Final Fight CD (JP) belger.gif Final Fight (US) belger.gif

In the Japanese version, Belger rides what looks to be an actual wheelchair. In the international versions, this was changed to look more like an office chair with wheels, presumably to make it not seem like you're beating up a disabled man.

Japan International
Final Fight CD (JP) sprites-1.gif Final Fight CD (US) sprites-1.gif

The bar sign in the West Side stage was changed to a club sign.

Japan International
Final Fight CD (JP) sprites-2.gif Final Fight CD (US) sprites-2.gif

The statue found throughout the Up Town stage had its breasts covered up.

The latter three changes had previously been made for the international version of the SNES port, though its redesigned graphics differ from these.


Final Fight CD (JP) ending.png

After Haggar hugs Jessica, the international versions cut to the credits. The Japanese version features an extra ending scene involving Cody and Guy.


  • The international version also retains the international SNES version's name censorship; Damnd and Sodom's names are changed to Thrasher and Katana, and the bonus game enemy says "Oh, my car" instead of "Oh, my god".
  • In the Japanese version, blood squirts when hitting an enemy with a weapon.
  • The Japanese and American versions give you 5 credits, the European version decreased this to just 3 credits.
  • Cody and Guy's special attacks do not travel as far vertically in the European version as they do in the other versions.