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Photodummy.gtx isn't unused. When you have a profile picture displayed on-screen in the game and go to the HOME Menu, it displays photodummy.gtx over that picture. Although, it could be argued that "placeholder image" doesn't mean "unused." So I didn't edit it.

Anyone's move. --Petraplexity (talk) 19:53, 29 March 2015 (EDT)

Unused Sprites

Is this Unused? http://www.spriters-resource.com/wii_u/gameandwario/sheet/72746 --Major Agent 3 Guy (talk) 15:49, 17 June 2016 (EDT)

Unused Sound Files

As someone else said, the unused dog sound files are pretty much in .WAV file format. To convert them from .RDB, I took the first $6E bytes from the file "dog6.wav", appended them to the beginning of each of the .RDB files, and they can be played as .WAV files instead.

One issue that I noticed is that I believe there is more static-y background noise during playback with this hacky method of conversion. But I don't know of any proper or better way to convert them, so I'll be uploading what I have for the time being.

Also note: dog1.rdb does not contain the same sound effect as dog1.wav and dog1.raw do. The dog1.raw and dog1.wav files are indeed the same, but dog1.rdb is different. So there are 7 unique sound effects (some sound very similar). (Also, I checked and verified that dog6.rdb and dog6.wav are indeed the same sound.)

--ChainSwordCS (talk) 01:52, 7 July 2022 (UTC)

Nevermind partially... I'm an idiot. The .RDB files are indeed just raw data, that can be imported and converted in a program like Audacity. I will however note that the format is important, so here: Signed 16-bit PCM, Big-endian, 1 Channel (Mono), Sample rate: 32000 Hz. I took that metadata from the two example .WAV files Nintendo left for us (: I'll upload the stuff and add it to the page tonight or in a few days. --ChainSwordCS (talk) 02:15, 7 July 2022 (UTC)

py_amb_last1 isn't unused

It plays once you pass 100,000 points in Bird, and will loop until you get a game over. Video proof: https://youtu.be/kDj9D5O_gSE&t=6m50s --RandomNumbersGuy (talk) 07:08, 10 November 2022 (UTC)