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I'm terrible at this

Some notes on the GameCube version: Metroid Fusion is nowhere to be found on the disc. The individual ROMs are not included in the FST, but can be found at the following addresses in the full ISO:

Bounty_Hunter_X.gba	0x09900000
ChopperII.gba		0x0A900000
DTiles3.gba		0x0B100000
invaders_v1.gba		0x0B900000
Jetpack2.gba		0x0C100000
looploop.gba		0x0D900000
Paddlepanic.gba		0x0E100000
popem.gba		0x0E900000
Proxima.gba		0x0F900000
powershot.gba		0x0F100000

These file names can be found at 50097D98, and the table listing their locations starts at around 500992A4. I wasn't able to find the file lengths anywhere, but they're probably somewhere and I'm just terrible at this. - Vague Rant 10:22, 1 October 2012 (EDT)