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Talk:Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (SNES)

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Something I've found a long time ago as a kid on the SNES version. In the trolley stage, after the first few jumps, if you threw a marble at the row of buzz-saws in this picture, the game takes you to a warp screen. Anybody with experience would like to investigate it? Maybe see what causes it or if there are more places like it?




Crash Handler, like in Sonic 3D Blast?

It happens on the first level when you jump on the cat when it's walking to the left, then land in a narrow timeframe on the trigger for Mickey freakout (See video) and some people said it happened to them on the final level, which is quite sprite intensive.

I think it is a Crash handler. Just a theory though.

Maybe due to a sprite overload? I do recall in Zelda Phantom Hourglass that if you triggered the pirate woman event while triggering the warp frog in the exact same frame, the game crashes nastily. So it might be a similar case... Montas1992 19:02, 12 December 2012 (EST)

It most likely is a crash handler. Traveller's Tales liked to hide crashes behind secret warp screens, so the player doesn't realize what really happened (see also: Sonic 3D Blast). --BMF54123 19:08, 12 December 2012 (EST)

More info about how to trigger the level warp ith cheats

(From Codemasters)

Stage Level Warp Menu Loader

After warping back to a previous stage, pause will be disabled. Appears to be a cutscene and/or pause menu combined. The level warp location seems to be set where an enemy and/or object moves from left or right. Wherever they stop while moving in a specific direction is where to stand. Then you will have to jump on the enemy or object and land in the opposite direction in that spot. (Might be untrue).

I forgot to notify that the "Stage Level Warp Menu Loader " code and its values is for reference. Those are the default values for when the menu is not active.

Stage Values (Dec) XX YY
Steamboat Willie - 49 175
The Warf - 24 178
Mad Doc 1 - 174 86
Mad Doc 2 - 228 178
Ride The Gurney - 112 179
Mad Doc 4 - 8 180
Elevator - 152 180
Mad Doc Eol - 73 181
Moose Hunt - 233 187
Moose Chase - 146 173
Haunted House - 109 188
Haunted Basement - 17 182
Haunted Halls - 150 183
Garden - 113 184
Tunnel - 47 185
Steps - 208 185
Table - 58 187
Library - 209 175
Kitchen - 176 176
Dungeon - 84 177
Tower Escape - 138 174
Dungeon2 - 202 182
Pete Eol - 115 191

(Source: Hacc)

Can anyone test it? Montas1992 08:01, 15 December 2012 (EST)


So, one day on my YouTube channel, I played a prototype of Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse. I can't remember much, but I can put the video in here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDftimdg7oE This is the video. That's all I can say. Thank you for reading this. The preceding unsigned comment was added by KingDeeGamingandMemes (talk) • (contribs)