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Possibly Unused Things

Within `music.bank`, there's:

  • RCG_portrait_action
  • RCG_portrait_cheerful
  • RCG_portrait_standard

These sound like riffs that would be used during times portraits would change during dialogs to one of the emotions listed (they also sound like variations on some of the main ost). I can't remember if this actually happens in game or not.

Within sharedassets6.assets:

  • background.png

This looks like something from the older River City games? I'm not familiar with them, so I can't be entirely sure, as I've only played RCG.

Within sharedassets0.assets:

  • sactx-4096x4096-BC7-Shops-faaeeb5b
  • sactx-4096x4096-BC7-Portraits-b05b1bec.png

For sactx-4096x4096-BC7-Portraits-b05b1bec, this file is where the alternate palettes for Hasebe and Mami are located. This image is a couple of example(?) usages of two character portraits talking to each other. The icons used for Kyoko and Misako are slightly different, however.

For sactx-4096x4096-BC7-Shops-faaeeb5b, There's multiple demo shops menus made that just list products with the literal phrase of "example text" under each item. I'm not sure if these are worth uploading?

One last thing, which I'm not entirely sure is relevant, is that the music for the Hibari fight in-game plays slower than the version of the track released on the official OST.

--Zeek (talk) 07:27, 3 January 2021 (UTC)

For an answer to at least one of my own questions, the music tracks may be used. I recently started a new game, and one of them played during the conversation with Hasebe and Mami at the start of the game --Zeek (talk) 02:23, 5 January 2021 (UTC)