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Biting the Bullet

Before I get into why I have named this as such, first I need to explain something. I am insane when it comes to beta stuff. I develop my own theories based upon the *facts* given to me, so what I'm about to say may blow your mind or you may say I am totally nuts, but it needs to be put out there for everyone to consider, and this is the best place to do it cause I know this place isn't too lively all the time but when s*** hits the fan sounds like people are ready to flock. So now it's time to break this all down for you guys as simple as I can:

To quote Skreeny, right off the site, who seems to be more adept at haxing the game then I am currently. (Can't even figure out how to get the battle.net beta's dat's and stuff loading properly to take an in-depth look at unit data, but he seems to have.)

"Merc Biker<0>*<0>Independent Units<0>Normal<0> | Badlands Critter<0>*<0>Critters<0>Normal<0> | Space Critter<0>*<0>Critters<0>Normal<0> | Cargo Ship<0>*<0>Independent Units<0>Normal<0> | Merc Gunship<0>*<0>Independent Units<0>Normal<0> | Raider<0>*<0>Independent Units<0>Normal<0> | Grom<0>Biker<0>Independent Heroes<0>Normal<0> | Spot<0>Badlands Critter<0>Critters<0>Normal<0> | V'ger<0>Space Critter<0>Critters<0>Normal<0> | Sally<0>Cargo Ship<0>Independent Heroes<0>Normal<0> | Greedo<0>Gunship<0>Independent Heroes<0>Normal<0> | Boskk<0>Raider<0>Independent Heroes<0>Normal<0> | Peter<0>Raider<0>Independent Heroes<0>Normal<0> | Cave<0>*<0>Neutral<0>Unused<0> | Cave-in<0>*<0>Neutral<0>Unused<0> | Cantina<0>*<0>Neutral<0>Unused<0> | Mining Platform<0>*<0>Neutral<0>Unused<0> | Independent Command Center<0>*<0>Independent<0>Unused<0> | Independent Starport<0>*<0>Independent<0>Unused<0> | Jump Gate<0>*<0>Neutral<0>Unused<0> | Ruins<0>*<0>Neutral<0>Unused<0> | Kyadarin Crystal Formation<0>*<0>Neutral<0>Unused<0>

In SC (vanilla), Badlands Critter is replaced with Rhynadon (Badlands Critter), Space Critter was replaced with Bengalaas (Jungle Critter), Spot was replaced with Ragnasaur (Ashworld Critter), and V'ger was replaced with Critter (Space Critter) (still unused). Brood War used most of those unit slots for some of its units, so they are not present anymore in that version."

Do you notice how it says Independent for multiple units on this list? Notice how some things say that but mostly they say Neutral? Ever wonder why? I'd say this is why, in my opinion, everything that says "Independent" is the remnents of the lost StarCraft race, the Independents. People seem to believe the Raider, Cargo Dropship, and Gunship were "Terran" units, when in reality, these were the Independent's units, the ones that were actually on the drawing board and were so far implemented we *seen* them.

Now I may be on the paranoid side of things saying this but from what I've seen of the data, and what they have literally said of these units, and what people seem to believe from what I've read all over the internet, they are not *lying* but are bending the truth, they imply that these units were part of the Terran's combative force, but they aren't, they never were. They were part of a race that was either completely AI driven during the Campaigns but was planned to be accessible to mapmakers through StarEdit, or they were to have their own Campaign, but I doubt that, I think my first idea is the exact idea they had for them, and they were supposed to use the Terran's old vehicles from back in the past, of the SC universe that is. They *replaced* these vehicles with the ones the Terran's use now, which are superior.

I now have the .grps of the three missing units and they are real. Never in my life did I ever think I could have seen those three units in completely usuable .grp format, and I cannot thank Skreeny enough for telling me about the Battle.net beta (by mentioning it in that thread) and I lucked out finding a copy. Just took me adding some lines to the listfile I found on the internet and bam, there they are, though their shadow files seem to either still be hidden in the MPQ or non-existant (I dunno haven't done that much searching and the way it is, it's like trying to shoot a fish with a handgun out in the sea. You may have some luck but it's not a certainty anything will happen. =P) it's better then nothing, a lot better.

Now let's get something straight before everyone jumps all over this and is like "BUT THERE'S ONLY 3 UNITS HOW COULD THAT BE AN ENTIRE RACE?" The answer is simply they were never supposed to be a *FULL ON* combative race, I think, they were just supposed to cause trouble for you in the campaign. If this wasn't the case then I'm unsure of what their real purpose was but I know that they were not Terran, they were not Zerg, they were not Protoss, they were *not* Neutral, they were what ScmDraft 2 refers to as "Undefined" in it's unit scrolldown. Cause if you load up SCMDraft 2, look inside there, what do you see? I'll tell you what you see, Independent Command Center, Independent Starport.

You see it's possible that there were supposed to be more then just these 3 units. If you really are looking at that little bit of info Skreeny put up, you can see another piece to this puzzle. Merc Biker, the only one whose Portrait literally survived everything Blizzard did, somehow, still being right there in the portraits folder, it's five copies (or six) of the same still image just, never moving. Rather depressing if you ask me, but he isn't critical to my theory, the thing that makes everything line up, that to me confirms everything I'm saying as complete and utter fact. Let's just post another little bit of what Skreeny said:

"The extra science vessel portrait (nadvisor) is presumably for the Neutral race (mercenary units, a few other miscellaneous things), given the other building portraits are tadvisor, padvisor, zadvisor."

Skreeny is not wrong, really. Except that the NAdvisor was not for the neutral units in general, it was for the Independents, which were basically Neutral(They aren't on the sides of anyone except themselves, like any neutral unit really), but not 100% *neutral* (like critters and any neutral unit you see in-game) because I think they were like the opposite of Neutral, attacking anything that came near them, whether it was a protoss, zerg, or terran, on any map they were on. I can tell this is true just by looking through the data. If you get a copy of the beta, open up the MPQ file with a listfile that has:

unit\neutral\cargo.grp | unit\neutral\raider.grp | unit\neutral\gunship.grp | unit\neutral\starbase.grp

You can see that while not named in orderly fashion like portraits (NAdvisor, PAdvisor, TAdvisor, ZAdvisor) it is clear that they *shared* the neutral folder, but weren't actual part of Neutral, when you consider the above stuff in ScmDraft 2 (which incorrectly puts the Cargo Dropship and Gunship in the Zerg unit area because of blizzard's influence, I believe, it could just be the creator of SCMDraft 2's mistake but I don't think he put those units where they are). As I said, Blizzard *hid* this from *us*. And did a good job cause Skreeny as far as I know is the only one besides me who started to catch on. I think the Science Vessel's portrait could have been the original portrait for them but I dunno, it seems almost like it coulda been a placeholder.

Why I say Blizzard went out of there way to remove all mention of the Independents (for the most part) is because anyone can open up ScmDraft 2, look around, and you see all these "Unused this", "Unused that" and honestly I think the only reason why SCMDraft 2 is like that is because it's what the *blizzard* files tells it it's named. They removed the names, they removed almost everything. All they left was wireframes, and 2 graphics (technically speaking) Merc Biker's still portrait picture (copied five times or something) and that picture of the Starbase (supposedly it's in the actual game I only saw it on the beta but didn't look for it in the actual StarDat from my installed copy of the game but it doesn't really matter) and the only two things to keep their names were the Starbase and the Command Center because I think they knew people wouldn't understand. I mean why take out the graphics for the independents? Why replace the Raider's picture in BW when there is plenty of empty gaps in the wireframe files? Because they didn't care, and didn't think they had to, and deliberately removed stuff, possibly for *space* reasons but I honestly don't think that was it, because if you look at BrooDat's, StarDat's, and Patch_rt's files, there is beta shit in there, plenty of BLANK wireframes, and you'd think if they removed all the Independent's stuff for space reasons, we wouldn't have Arcturus Mengsk: General Duke, the bizarre hybrid Arturus Mengsk Battlecruiser with General Duke's name underneath his name and the voices of Duke. It could be laziness, if not deliberate like I would like to believe. But the data to me says, intentional, they didn't want us adding in anything they took out entirely back in and what they left us with was broken broodwar units they were too lazy to remove, and obviously didn't care about because they were all duplicates of *actual* in-game units, not *beta* units.

That's the first thing, the second thing is this:

3 missions, all complete, all unseen in the campaigns they should have been in. 2 Terran, 1 protoss. The zerg one is nothing worth mentioning it was obviously some tutorial they barely worked on whatsoever. But those 3 missions were complete, and the Terran ones are the missing fragments of the Campaign that even I had no idea they weren't there until I seen them. Once you see these missions you think *Oh that first one was the reason Tassadar helps Raynor* Which, yep, totally true, everyone who thinks that is right. The other one is more important though. It was sneakily removed right from under everyone's noses and we were none the wiser. Flashback to The Big Push, the one where you are only Duke in the Norad II. During the Briefing Mengsk talks about his *final* strike at the Confed's on Tarsonis, it being *really* close but not there yet. Then they talk about what they need to do to *do that*. Anyone remember what Duke's battle plan is? Let's recap just a little but:

(This all comes from the fact I extracted all the .wavs out of *every* campaign mission, including terran7, terran10, and protossTutorial. Though my memory on this is very sharp I would rather post exact quotes to not stir up any unnecessary questions. c=)


"terran9" The Big Push Briefing

T9B00tad.wav "Terran Advisor: Greetings, Commander, receiving incoming transmission."

T9B01ume.wav "Mengsk: The time of our final strike against the Confenderacy is close at hand. Before we can strike at Tarsonis itself however, we *must* break through the Confederacy's most *potent* defences. General Duke will brief you."

T9B02udu.wav "Duke: I've defended Tarsonis in over *30* *major* *battles*, so I know it's defences inside and out. There are *three* *primary* orbital platforms, that serve as staging areas for the confederate fleet. If we assault the *central* platform, we should cause enough of a ruckus to allow a small force to break through the planetary defences."

Everything else past this point has no real evidence pointing towards this truth. ---

Remember these lines? They are not altered in any way shape or form and have never been changed since StarCraft's release. Do you notice it now? We got an incomplete game, and their way of making it complete is adding this to The Big Push's dialog files. And let me tell you these are duplicates of what's in terran10, no doubt in my mind whatsoever, I will type out every single one:

Holy crap as I typed this I found a new sound, directly from Terran9, it's file is T9M00ura.wav I will post a quote for you guys. I knew there was more... I just knew it.


"Raynor: Alright kids, let's find a spot to park these bad boys."


He's talking about landing your entire freakin base obviously. So this must mean he was in the mission at one point too. He was in the vulture, as always, you can hear it's sound in the background. There could be even more but back to the point lololololol.


"terran9" The Big Push Mission Dialog

Now before I quote this out for you with *everything* I want to make a point of this. Every single .wav file in terran10's folder is named "TAXYYZZZ" where X is either B for Briefing or M for Mission (meaning in-game dialog) and YY is obviously the number, and ZZZ is the unit saying the dialog, if you noticed the pattern like I did it's basically every unit is u, and for some reason the Advisors are t, p, and z, even though the standard units don't go by that. and it's just the first two letters of their last name, so it's easy to distinguish whose dialog is whose. In Terran9 we have this crazy mess I'm gonna show you.


"terran9" The Big Push Mission Dialog

T9M00ura.wav *just quoted this one so read above if you skipped this just found beta quote from raynor lol

T9M01udu.wav "Duke: I can't believe this, Alpha Squadron never would have left this equipment behind, that's what I call sloppy."

TAM00udu.wav "Duke: This is Duke, the emitters are secured, and online."

TAM01uke.wav "Kerrigan: Who authorized the use of Psi Emitters?"

TAM02ume.wav "Mengsk: I did, Lieutenant."

TAM03uke.wav "Kerrigan: What?! The Confederates on Antiga were bad enough, but now you're going to use the Zerg against an entire planet? This is insane."

TAM04ura.wav "Raynor: She's right man, think this through."

TAM05ume.wav "Mengsk: I *have* thought it through! Believe me. You all have your orders, carry them out."


Now knowing what I just told you... Can you see it now? This was a rush job. They chopped out the most important part from "terran10" and stuck it in the level before it. It doesn't seem like they ever planned on making terran9 have victory dialog, it was added in later after they scrapped terran10... I'm not gonna quote everything, it's a lot of stuff to type and obvious already I've typed enough. If what I post does not make you finally understand what Blizzard did to everyone who played StarCraft, not because they *wanted* to, but I guess because they *had* to. I dunno, I don't like the idea of thinking these two missions couldn't have been completed, they have minor errors in them which coulda been fixed, and the maps used for both of them were refined into the Enslaver's maps, altered, but still refined. If they had enough time to make cheap BS campaigns outta those two maps why couldn't they finish Terran7 and 10? It doesn't make any sense to be and I just don't have those answers for you dudes, I can only tell you that terran10 was basically your final battle against the Confederacy, Nova Squadron's only appearence, that cutscene you see after The Big Push with the satellite being blown up was ment to be after terran10 because it was directly mentioned in terran10, and share with you the real mission briefing that was supposed to accompany Duke's "Emitters secured" dialog, until I can hunt down the site I got the missions from:


"terran10" Operation Silent Scream Mission Briefing

TAB00tad.wav "Terran Advisor: I've monitored Confederate Satellite data as you requested. Confederate forces are still mobilizing for their counter-strike. Arcturus has called for a quick round-table before continuing with our assault, patching you in."

TAB01ume.wav "Mengsk: We stand now upon the very threshold of victory against the Confederacy, the only thing that can save them now is if *we* falter in our resolution, and *we* are *not* going to falter!"

TAB02ume.wav "Mengsk: Commander, you've demonstrated exemplary skills so far. *You* will spearhead our invasion, take your force *straight* to New Gettysberg and establish control over the area."

TAB04udu.wav "Duke: Once the area has been secured, I'll come in to put down any attempted counter-strike."

TAB05ura.wav "Raynor: How are you gonna do that?"

TAB06udu.wav "Duke: I'll do it boy, you just wait. I'll do it..."

If you are paying attention, what comes after this, for mission dialog is:

TAM00udu.wav TAM01uke.wav TAM02ume.wav TAM03uke.wav TAM04ura.wav TAM05ume.wav

I'm just glad I got a copy of all the audio, and a copy of each of the four beta maps. I really want a copy of the entire campaign though, because it's obvious from that raynor quote there is more hidden in there then we know, I will keep searching but if anyone can speed up the process I will accept any help I can get.

I spent hours typing all this out here instead of putting it on the page, I know it's messy, but I'm putting this up here to tell you guys *right* now to ease your questions but if anyone puts this stuff on the page who isn't me I won't ever make another post here, so leave this off the page until I get around to doing it.

To any nay sayers, I'll do it boy, you just wait. I'll do it...

EDIT: I derped hardcore I forgot to mention that missing protoss level looks more like an alternate first level, or dare I say, a bonus version of, where Fenix not only mentions another planet, but wishes Tassadar was with him, the level is almost completely different from the one we play in game from what I've seen, there are similarities but the entire base you control and the area around it are completely changed up. More on that once I get around to typing all this stuff up properly onto the wiki, it won't be that long before I start completely changing around the actual article, if there's no objections to that, I've given you guys enough info to verify everything I'm adding to the article is true, I think.

- Harold Carden (The obsessed StarCraft fan)

Lordgenome 7:03, 22 April 2013 (EDT)

Well...at least there is an other StarCraft fan here.

I think it's good to put it in the article, and if you have any SCII unused stuff, I started a page, but it has rarely any good content. But as a said before, if you can rip those audio files and upload them as .oggs, that would be wonderful. Chaossy - The Computer Geek 12:11, 22 April 2013 (EDT)

I have all the audio files for every single campaign in .wav format. If you could tell me how I would go about uploading them as .oggs I will do that ASAP. First I'm going to rewrite the article then I'm going to upload .gifs and .bmps of the missing unit graphics and the hidden wireframes for everyone to see, then I'll go through the hassel of uploading all the audio files for Terran7, Terran 9, Terran 10, and ProtossTutorial. I mean until I find something else in the other missions (if at all) I think I shouldn't be uploading their audio files as it would be too much work and not enough reason. I don't normally contribute to wikis but people need to know about the Independents and what I think they were, and they should know that graphics files for some of the beta content exist on the Battle.net Beta of SC. Lordgenome 18:50, 22 April 2013 (EDT)

Unused Levels

There are a couple of levels that go unused in the final you might want to check out. You can find videos of them on youtube and the voice files and maps are still in the data of the final. I used to have them a long time ago but not anymore. The Protoss and Zerg Levels are just unused versions of the Tutorial levels. The Unused Terran levels have story elements cut such as Raynor meeting Tassadar while still working for Sons of Korhal. One cut level was reused for the Slayers campaign actually. Glisp 16:19, 7 October 2012 (EDT)

I will look into that. Thanks for that info.Chaossy - The Computer Geek 16:56, 7 October 2012 (EDT)
:I am now trying to get permission from Cinicraft to use the Mission videos...

I think a download for the levels might be on Jul. I remember talking about it once. Then again the download links may be down by now as it's been a couple of years since. I used to have them but I don't anymore... Sorry. =( Glisp 21:13, 7 October 2012 (EDT)

I have the link to the videos, and the link to the maps. Now I need the code for PC YouTube Videos..Chaossy - The Computer Geek 21:22, 7 October 2012 (EDT)

HAH! I FOUND THE THREAD AND THE DOWNLOAD STILL WORKS! YAY! http://jul.rustedlogic.net/thread.php?id=10487 Skreeny's last post has the link to the maps. There's also other things to look at in this thread we were discussing. Glisp 21:25, 7 October 2012 (EDT)

Nice. I don't even have a Jul Account, so I will let you edit this page for all the things. And I will try to get the code do the YouTube videos, plus CiniCraft gave me permission to use the videos.Chaossy - The Computer Geek 21:28, 7 October 2012 (EDT)

More content!

Cini Craft just sent me this message via YouTube:

"I'm going to start a mini-series called: Starcraft Deleted Scenes.

The first part of this series will be about the removed "tutorial" mission from the original Protoss campaign which involves Fenix referencing an unknown race called The Tagal from the planet Dannuth VII.

There's a couple more deleted cutscenes in missions that are still in the campaign that are like optional side quests but you never get to see them play out in the campaign, I'll include those in the next parts of this series. You are welcome to embed this series to your wiki.

The first part should be uploaded by the end of today, I'll let you know when it'll be live.

-CiniCraft" So. Yeah :D. Chaossy - The Computer Geek 11:27, 8 October 2012 (EDT)

Unused Mission classifies as?

I don't know what, but what does Unused Mission classify in bob? Chaossy - The Computer Geek 08:13, 19 November 2012 (EST)

Regarding beta files

I think I may have actually found a copy(or possibly 4) of the beta version of StarCraft. They are still downloading, due to a slow Internet connection, but it is possible that these may answer come of our questions, if not all. If they are actually authentic-looking, I will upload them somewhere a bit more reliable than a torrent site so that everyone else here can check them out.

Cheers, The Dragonn 29 (talk) 20:23, 15 August 2014 (EDT)

Alright :D Thanks. Chaossy - The Computer Geek (talk) 19:10, 18 August 2014 (EDT)
I may be way too late but I found a seemingly authentic copy of the Starcraft 1 Beta Battlenet file. Problem is it doesn't have single player (duh) and quite frankly I don't have any knowledge with this side of the world. Also when you try to enter battle.net it automatically updates the file so I can't really do much about it. It really is a bummer. I am pretty sure you guys can do something more about it than I can. Leave me a message on talk or something. I am a new user, so I am not even sure if that even is a thing, but for my love of starcraft, here I go. Handel20(talk)

I rediscovered where the Starcraft Alpha featurette thingy might be hiding. Have http://sclegacy.com/index.php/editorials/28-general/271-starcraft-evolution . Dunno if anyone cares and I can't find the original sight. --Teraunce (talk) 01:06, 31 March 2016 (EDT)

Manual differences

The manual seems to be based on an older build, as quite a lot of units are given incorrect stats. (Defiler, Queen, Templar all have "regular" attacks, Mutalisk has an "acid spray" instead of glave wurm, etc) How do we handle that sort of thing, again? --billybobfred (talk) 15:03, 29 July 2017 (EDT)