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Talk:Tales of Phantasia (Game Boy Advance)

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Sound Mode in international versions?

Ya know, I'm not entirely convinced that the Sound Mode is completely removed from the international versions of the game. Unfortunately, I also don't know how you'd go around accessing it. The main menu is actually coded in such a way that hidden options -- such as "Let's Go Arche!", before beating the game -- are completely inaccessible via RAM editing. Amusingly though, if the menu selection is set to any non-valid numbers, it just defaults to New Game.

Using the CodeBreaker codes, 32019D03 0006, 4201A394 0000, 00010006 0008 in the US version (a code I found on BSFree) does allowed the full menu selection -- including an apparently broken Debug mode that tosses you in Ymir. But as noted where I found the code, selecting what sound be Sound Mode just dumps you back to the title screen in the international versions.

~ Doc Lithius (Info|Chat|Edits) 22:13, 29 September 2016 (EDT)