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This is the talk page for Unreal.
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There are two prototype versions of Unreal; the 1995 and late 97/early 98 prototypes. The '95 proto is basically a tech demo, but it has an interesting help file, semi-functional level editor and listings for characters when viewed in a hex editor. The 97/98 beta is a bit more interesting, as it shows an unused Hub system (like in Hexen and Quake 2), a different Nali skin, unused monsters and weapons, a help file listing unused levels, and, most of all, the game suddenly switches to a series of unused desert and crypt-themed levels after completing a very rough version of the final's floating town level.

If anybody is interested in making a page about either, I have a few links that should be interesting. Teflon 18:36, 11 October 2010 (EDT)