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Title Screen


Developer: Waygetter Electronics
Publisher: Little Flag Software
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 28, 2016

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Tattletail bears more than a slight resemblance to Five Nights at Freddy's, though this game allows you to move around for once. Instead of a restaurant though, you, as a child, have to take care of a slightly vexatious Fur-uh...Tattletail. However, you have to do a set number of objectives for each night, all the while trying to avoid the toy jumpscare that is Mama and also having a flashlight in hand.

Unused Voice Content

There are some unused voicelines from Tattletail.

Filename Audio Notes
Used in an audio item called "tt_mess." Most likely supposed to be used on Night 3: Mama's Boy, but gets replaced by laughs.
Belongs to an unused audio item called "tt_bored." Most likely intended to be used when Tattletail is idle, but "tt_bark" is used instead.
Belongs to an unused audio item called "tt_scared." Most likely supposed to play when something scary happens, but is never called.
Probably meant to be used on Night 4: Funny Games, but isn't part of the audio item "tt_hide_chatter."
Joke voiceline.
Most likely supposed to be used on Night 5: The Party, when there is either only one friend left to collect, or one more candle left to find after Mama steals them. This is further supported by the fact it's located between "tt_wakeup" and "tt_were_having_a_party_for_mama," which are both part of that level.
Most likely supposed to be used on Night 2: Minor Mischief while Tattletail is in the washer, but he is silent until taken out where he laughs instead.
Belongs to audio item "tt_fixed". It was likely supposed to be used at the end of the Kaleidoscope DLC when you fix Tattletail, but got replaced by "tt_you_fixed_me":
Both are most likely supposed to play on said date, but are never called.
This fact is not part of the regular facts audio item, and is separated into its own which is never triggered.

Unused Models

Tattletail Template

Front Back
Tattletail-EarlyTTModel.png Tattletail-EarlyTTModelBack.png

There is an unusual-looking rejected model of what appears to be an early version of the Baby Talking Tattletail with an entirely different design and green fur. This model is placed where Tattletail would be when you're holding him, but is always hidden. Something to note is that this unused model perfectly connects to the titular character's early concept sketches by the game's creator, as shown from this Tweet.

Unused Tasks

Because of how the task system works, it's not possible to know the exact order. On night 1 there are three unused tasks, all related to Tattletail. The first two are alternate versions of already existing tasks. "Get To Bed Safely" is an alternate version of "Go to bed" (which is also present on nights 2 and 3), and "Find your Christmas present" is an alternate version of "Open your Christmas present early." The third one is more interesting: "Read Tattletail's Directions" which is assigned to the Tattletail box. The only reference to this is the text, and it's not known how this would have functioned. It is also present twice on night 5 due to copy and pasting.

Debug Console

If you press [`] and [=] at the same time, it will enable a debug console (which is referred to as "developer mode") that can be toggled with the TAB key. This is enabled by default in the Unity editor. Opening the console will stop time.

Command Effect Notes
help Shows all recorded commands
clear Clears the console
god Toggle god mode
buddha Toggle Buddha mode (Can get hit, can never die) Unknown function.
hacker Toggle Hacker mode (macro cheat for testing levels)
kill Suicide
teleport Teleport to a PlayerSpawn
fb Toggles fullbright rendering mode
flashlight Set carrying flashlight
tattletail Set carrying tattletail
deletesave Delete Save Data
posteffects Set Post Effects
quit Quit application immediately
completelevel Complete the current level
level Load and play a specific level by name
levellist Prints the list of available levels
toggleroof Toggles the roof visibility
rs Set run speed
nohold Set required hold time for interactables to be 0f
clearegg Delete stored eggs
getegg Collect specific egg
screenshotmode Allows screenshots by pressing T
screenshotupscale How many X to upscale screens
collecttestitem Fur hud testing
spoofGameBeaten Overrides the game beaten status for testing purposes.
despoofGameBeaten Clear game beaten spoof status.
scene Load a scene by name
movetonode Move mama to a specific mode. Only available if Mama is in the current level.
togglejumpscare Toggle the jumpscares on/off.
jumpscare Play Test Jumpscare
skipcommercial Skip the commercial scene Only available on commercials.