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Title Screen


Developer: Waygetter Electronics
Publisher: Little Flag Software
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 28, 2016

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Tattletail bears more than a slight resemblance to Five Nights at Freddy's, though this game allows you to move around for once. Instead of a restaurant though, you, as a child, have to take care of a slightly vexatious Fur-uh...Tattletail. However, you have to do a set number of objectives for each night, all the while trying to avoid the toy jumpscare that is Mama and also having a flashlight in hand.

Unused Voice Content

There are some unused (or /some/ possibly undiscovered) voice lines in the game from Tattletail.

Tattletail making train noises. Assuming there was a reason, it's uncertain why.

"Where you go?"


Yawning (Possibly Unused)

"Tattletail go home.."

The 3 voice clips above all seem to be rest-related. They may have been intended to be used for Tattletail's repackaging/rewrapping, or even in relation to their charging/battery status. Vaguely reminiscent of Furby's snoring, which the Tattletail toy was clearly based after.

To do:
Further confirm the above two lines as unused. - Some claim the latter may play in-game when you put Tattletail back into their box on occasion.

"Shut the door"

"Shut the door!" (This time with a more frantic demeanor).

"Where you go?"

"Me horny" - Possibly the strangest of the unused lines. Likely never intended to be placed in the game, if we're hearing it right.

Likely in reference to the mess the player has to clean up that Tattletail makes.

Likely would have been used in the hide and seek portion of the story.

"Who's There?"

"I didn't do it -it wasn't me"

"Go away Momma!"

"Why you do bad?" - One of the lines used for when the player jumps off the map, Tattletail scolds the player.

"Me know what you did" - Tattletail says this when the player manages to get out of the map with Tattletail. It also plays if the player gets out of the map, then goes back in and grabs Tattletail.

"You broke it." - Another line for Tattletail when you're falling out of the map.

"Why did you do this?!" - Once again, another line that Tattletail says when you're falling out of the map with him.

"You ruined everything..." - The last line for when you're falling out of the map with Tattletail.

Unused Models


There is an unusual-looking rejected model of what appears to be an early version of the Baby Talking Tattletail with an entirely different design. Although there are no existing textures for the model other than the eyes. An interesting fact that this unused model perfectly connects to the titular character's early concept sketches by the game's creator, as shown from this Tweet.