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Stolen happily from Sonic Retro. We love you guys, though, really.


|noscreen=   y
|system=     [if one system]
|arcadesys=  [if system=Arcade]
|systems=    [if more than one system]
|world=      {{date|}}
|japan=      {{date|}}
|usa=        {{date|}}
|europe=     {{date|}}
|aus=        {{date|}}
|rus=        {{date|}}
|korea=      {{date|}}
|brazil=     {{date|}}
|china=      {{date|}}
|taiwan=     {{date|}}
|areas=      y
|characters= y
|code=       y
|source=     y
|devmessage= y
|devcredits= y
|devtext=    y
|enemy=      y
|gametype=   y
|graphics=   y
|video=      y
|items=      y
|abilities=  y
|music=      y
|sound=      y
|text=       y
|debug=      y
|soundtest=  y
|region=     y
|revision=   y
|piracy=     y

When creating a new page, copy-paste this, edit the right fields, and remove the categories that don't belong. Simple as that.


  • noscreen: Use this to omit the title screen/default placeholder entirely (e.g., for early prototypes without title screens). This is only to be used if the game does not have a title screen.
  • bobscreen: Screenshot filename (e.g., "Filename.png"). This can be omitted, in which case you just need to click the "no image" placeholder to add an image automatically.
  • screenwidth: Display width, in pixels (e.g. "320px"). Leave blank for auto.
  • title: Game's title. If blank, it'll use the page's title.
  • aka: Game's title in other regions (e.g., "Super Contra (JP), Probotector 2 (EU)").
  • developer: Developer.
  • publisher: Publisher.
  • system: Platform it was released on, for single-platform titles only.
    • arcadesys: If the system is "Arcade", place the specific kind here (e.g., "Sega NAOMI").
  • systems: Platforms it was released on for multiplatform games. This should be a comma-separated list of invocations of Template:System.
  • Dates - Use the Date template for these.
    • world: International release date. Use this if there is only one, global release date. If not, use the following countries where applicable.
    • japan: For Japan.
    • usa: For the United States.
    • europe: For Europe.
    • aus: For Australia.
    • rus: For Russia.
    • korea: For Korea.
    • brazil: For Brazil.
    • china: For China.
    • taiwan: For Taiwan.
  • Categories - If the game falls under one or more of these categories, include the respective parameter(s) and give it/them a brief value, like "y" (e.g., piracy=y). The value is not important, so please refrain to consider it as such.
    • AreasIcon.png areas: Unused areas (cat).
    • CharacterIcon.png characters: Unused characters (cat).
    • CodeIcon.png code: Unused code (cat).
    • SourceIcon.png source: Uncompiled source code (cat).
    • DevMessageIcon.png devmessage: Hidden messages from the developers (cat).
    • CopyrightIcon.png devcredits: Hidden developer credits (cat).
    • DevTextIcon.png devtext: Hidden development-related text (build dates, interesting code comments, etc.) (cat).
    • EnemyIcon.png enemy: Unused enemies (cat).
    • MinigameIcon.png gametype: Unused game modes and/or minigames (cat).
    • GraphicsIcon.png graphics: Unused graphics (cat).
    • MovieIcon.png video: Unused cinematics (cat).
    • ItemsIcon.png items: Unused items (cat).
    • Sgf2-unusedicon1.png abilities: Unused abilities (cat).
    • MusicIcon.png music: Unused music (cat).
    • SoundIcon.png sound: Unused sounds (cat).
    • TextIcon.png text: Unused text that isn't displayed anywhere (cat).
    • DebugIcon.png debug: Debugging functions (cat).
    • SoundtestIcon.png soundtest: Hidden sound test (cat).
    • LevelSelectIcon.png levelselect: Hidden level select (cat).
    • RegionIcon.png region: Regional differences (cat).
    • Carts.png revision: Differences between builds of the same version (cat).
    • PiracyIcon.png piracy: Anti-piracy functions (cat).