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Szablon:Przestrzenie Nazw

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This page is a translated version of the page Template:Namespaces and the translation is 25% complete.
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Generates subpage links depending on whether a namespace for them exists or not.


It's meant to be used on all the wiki pages that have namespace variants, to make them more visible.

For a page named <game name> that has at least one namespace variant like Proto:<game name>, Notes:<game name> and so on, put this template on the main <game name> like if it was a subpage (example). Also works with nested namespaces, like in this page.

Supported Namespaces


  • width: Changes the images' width. Default value is 32.
  • <namespace>-image: Changes the respective namespace's image (e.g. the proto-image one changes the one for the Proto namespace). It's not meant to be used in normal circumstances.

Translated Pages

If put on a translated page, will link their respective translated versions if exist. Otherwise, when the respective translated versions don't exist, will put a link to the main untranslated namespace page alongside a (untranslated) suffix.


In case this template is used on pages with no namespace variants, they will be automatically categorized inside a cleanup category. It's not enforced on pages inside people's user spaces.