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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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Keep integrating the dummied-out messages into the article main body, add further info about unused lines.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time contains a number of unused messages. Each of the game's messages is linked to a four-digit hex identifier, available here. See if you can find more unused entries by using a text dump!

Almost every message has a developer comment attached to it in Japanese and English to help identify the text and occasionally provide hints to the localizers, such as indicating the tone of a speaker or confirming who is doing the talking. These comments have been sourced from the iQue leaks. It is unclear who wrote the comments and at what point in development they were written, but the English comments seem to be based on an older version of the Japanese comments. To highlight the occasional differences and keep the page clean, an unofficial translation of the Japanese comment is provided in the "Dev. Note (J)" column, rather than the original text.

(Source: GlitterBerri - Translations, DerrikeG - Organizational Documentation, PPLToast - Message Documentation)

Message Organization

ID Function Notes
00xx System Text This includes shop descriptions and item get messages.
01xx Navi Text Contrary to the name of the bank, these messages are not prefixed with 80xx in the final game.
014x Navi Story Hints
016x Saria Hints
018x Navi Puzzle Hints
02xx Doors & Check Spots
03xx Signs
04xx Gossip Stones
05xx No message files use this prefix.
06xx Navi Enemy Hints
07xx No message files use this prefix.
08xx Ocarina Performance Text
MORI_1 (Forest)
10xx Kokiri Area Text This includes Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods.
HEIYA_2 (Plains)
20xx Hyrule Field & Lon Lon Ranch Text The name of this bank differs from heigen, the Japanese term used for Hyrule Field in the final game.
YAMA_3 (Mountain)
30xx Goron Area Text This includes Goron City and Death Mountain.
KAWA_4 (River)
40xx Zora Area Text This includes Zora's Domain and Lake Hylia.
MURA_5 (Town)
50xx Sheikah Area Text This includes Kakariko Village and the Graveyard.
SABAKU_6 (Desert)
60xx This includes the valley and desert.
SIRO_7 (Castle)
70xx Hylian Area Text This includes the market and Hyrule Castle.
71xx Mask Reaction & Various Text This also includes various messages added close to the end of development.



You'd think this would be used if you happened to be in possession of the Giant's Knife when completing the fetch quest for the Biggoron's Sword, but it isn't. Instead, line 000C is used, which says "You handed in the Claim Check and got the Biggoron's Sword!" The developer note attached to it reads "Biggoron's Sword Obtained w/o Giant's Knife".

In the final game, the Giant's Knife can be bought from Medigoron as an adult for 200 rupees. It's unclear whether this indicates that the Giant's Knife was once part of the trading quest, and if it took the place of or could be used instead of the Claim Check to trade for the Biggoron's Sword.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
巨人のナイフと 交換で
You traded the Giant's Knife 
for the Biggoron's Sword!
This blade was forged by a 
master smith and won't break!
Obtained Biggoron's Sword w/ Giant's Knife With Giant's knife get Biggorons's sword


You can still play at the Shooting Gallery even without the Bow.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ダメ… 弓もってなきゃ。
You can't! You need a bow!
Shooting Gallery, No Bow Response [None]


An unused line for the Bombchu Bowling Alley proprietor. In Japanese, she says "Alright, pulling myself together... START!!" This and the apology in the English translation are presumably in reference to sleeping on the job.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Sorry about that...OK, well...

Bombchu Bowling Start Bombchu bowling start


This generic line isn't used by any shop in the final game.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Welcome! May I help you?

I want to shop
Just looking
Start Shopping, 2-Choice Start shopping


This message can't be triggered in any way. Attempting to use a Big Poe results in the standard "This item can't be used here." message.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ビッグポウは ここでは 使えない!
城門の男に 売りつけよう!
You can't use a Big Poe here! 
Sell it to the man at the Hyrule 
Castle Town gate!
Can't Use Big Poe [None]


This message is identical to 00B4, which is displayed when you destroy a Gold Skulltula. Since the note on the used line is "Gold Skulltula Destroyed, Name Unknown", it appears the message would've changed somehow, perhaps after talking to the man in the House of Skulltula.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
黄金のスタルチュラを 倒した!
You destroyed a Gold Skulltula.
You got a token proving you 
destroyed it!
Gold Skulltula Destroyed, Name Known Gold Skulltula, name known


The slingshot Shooting Gallery is located in the Market during the Child Era, while the bow Shooting Gallery is located in Kakariko Village during the Adult Era. Despite this location's changing nature, it uses a single scene file. The map it exits to, the actors and objects loaded, and the era it corresponds to change depending on in-game circumstances. As such, it is not possible to legitimately access the slingshot Shooting Gallery as an adult, and even if you do, the proprietor won't say this line, anyway.

To do:
Double check the veracity of that last sentence.
ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ダメ… オトナのくせに。
C'mon, man! You're too old for 
this game!
Slingshot Shop, No Adults Slingshot shop no adults allowed


You can continue playing in the Shooting Gallery after losing or winning so it is unknown when this would have been used.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
つぎの 仕込みが おわるまで
外で まっててね~!
All right, you're done! 
Please wait outside while I set 
up your next challenge!
Shooting Gallery, Continue, 2-Choice Shooting gallery continue to options


This message is linked to an unused door variable. The door is slightly ajar, but slams shut according to its own volition when Link approaches it. If Link tries to open it, the message below appears.

These doors may have been present in a demo version of the game available in Seattle at an event called the 1998 Toy Test, which took place in July and August 1998. According to a contemporary account of a Zelda fan known as David C., when he visited Kakariko Village as Adult Link, most of the doors in the village were open, but, when Link approached them, they were slammed shut in his face.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
It won't open!
Door Won't Open Navi Door doesn't open

(Source: Toy Test Info - CBS News, Playthrough Account - ZHQ.com)


When you catch a Big Poe, the used message 508F is displayed, which reads "You caught a Big Poe! Sell it at the Ghost Shop for a lot of money!" The developer note for the used message reads "Big Poe Caught". This, along with the dummied-out Big Poe shop message, suggests that it was possible to obtain a Big Poe without catching it yourself.

Oddly, only this message displays a Big Poe icon, while 508F (unlike other "caught" messages) does not.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
[Item Icon 1E]ビッグポウを ビンにつめた!
ゴーストショップで 売ろう!
なにか いいこと あるかも。
[Item Icon 1E]You put a Big Poe in a bottle!
Let's sell it at the Ghost Shop!
Something good might happen!
Obtained Big Poe Got Big Poe


The name of this file suggests that Navi messages were once prefixed with 80xx.

Additionally, the fact that unused line 012D is labeled "Dungeon 6 Hint 6", and unused line 013F is labeled "Dungeon 8 Hint 8" suggests that dungeon hints once occupied IDs 0100 to 013F, with 8 hints for each of 8 dungeons. The hints are no longer categorized in this fashion, with some dungeons having more hints than others, and numbering being inconsistent.

Navi Dungeon Hints I

0109 - 0118

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
0109 0109 0109 Reserved Deku Tree 09
010A 010A 010a Reserved Deku Tree 10
010B 010B 010b Reserved Deku Tree 11
010D 010D 010d Reserved Deku Tree 13
010E 010E 010e Reserved Deku Tree 14
010F 010F 010f Reserved Deku Tree 15
0110 0110 0110 Reserved Deku Tree 16
0111 0111 0111 Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 01
0112 0112 0112 Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 02
0113 0113 0113 Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 03
0117 0117 0117 Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 07
0118 0118 0118 Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 08

011A - 011B

Two of the dummied-out lines are slightly noteworthy in that their Japanese message content does not match their text ID.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 10
Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 11

011C - 011E

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
011C 011C 011c Reserved Evil God's Statue 01
011D 011D 011d Reserved Evil God's Statue 02
011E 011E 011e Reserved Evil God's Statue 03


Besides hint 9, which is used before breaking the statue's face off at the end, a message exists for a fourth hint for Spirit Temple. The line doesn't seem to have any obvious location though.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
なに ジロジロ 見てるの?!
[Link]... what are you 
staring at?!
[Link], what are you 
looking at?
Evil God Statue 04 Evil God's Statue 04

0120 - 013C

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
0120 0120 0120 Reserved Evil God's Statue 05
0121 0121 0121 Reserved Evil God's Statue 06
0122 0122 0122 Reserved Evil God's Statue 07
0123 0123 0123 Reserved Evil God's Statue 08
0125 0125 0125 Reserved Dodongo's Cavern 12
0127 0127 0127 Reserved Shadow Temple Kid 02
012C 012C 012c Reserved Shadow Temple Kid 07
012D 012D 012d Reserved Dungeon 6 Hint 6
012E 012E 012e Reserved Jabu-Jabu 1
0130 0130 0130 Reserved Jabu-Jabu 3
0134 0134 0134 Reserved Jabu-Jabu 7
0135 0135 0135 Reserved Jabu-Jabu 8
0136 0136 0136 Reserved Jabu-Jabu 9
0138 0138 0138 Reserved Jabu-Jabu 11
013B 013B 013b Reserved Jabu-Jabu 14
013C 013C 013c Reserved Desert Flag hint 1


It would seem originally there were fake flags present in the Haunted Wasteland and you would have to use the Lens of Truth to make them disappear. In the final game, all the flags are real. It is the Poe guide who is invisible and must be viewed with the Lens of Truth in order to lead Link on a safe path through.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)

すごい数の フラッグ!!
どれが 本物か わかる?
WHAAAT!? Look at all those flags! 
Can you figure out which ones are 
Desert Flag Hint 2 Desert Flag hint 2

013E - 015E

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
013E 013E 013e Reserved Desert Flag hint 3
013F 013F 013f Reserved Dungeon 8 Hint 8
014F 014F 014f Reserved Main Hint 4
0159 0159 0159 Reserved Main Hint 26
015D 015D 015D Reserved Main Hint 30 EXTRA
015E 015E 015E Reserved Main Hint 31 EXTRA

Saria Hints

0164 - 016F

This line would be said if you played Saria's Song and chose to talk to Saria after completing Jabu-Jabu's Belly, but before obtaining the Goron's Bracelet from Darunia. However, this condition is impossible to legitimately fulfill. In order to reach Zora's Domain, Bombs are required. In order to obtain the Bombs from Dodongo's Cavern, one must first have the Goron's Bracelet.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
精霊石を あつめてるの?
あと ひとつ なの?
炎の精霊石だけ なのネ?

もってるって デクの樹サマから
きいたこと あるワ…
Are you collecting Spiritual
Stones? You have one more to
find? You mean the Spiritual 
Stone of Fire, don't you?

The Great Deku Tree once told me
that Mr. Darunia of the Gorons
has it...
Child Saria Hint 5 Saria Telepathy Kid Hint 5
ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
016E 016E 016e Reserved extra
016F 016F 016f Reserved extra

Navi Dungeon Hints II

0180 - 01B1

This Navi message wasn't deliberately left unused. It was supposed to pop up in the spinning scythe room in the Ice Cavern, but the developers added a staircase over the actor responsible for triggering it, rendering it inaccessible. Oops.

Also, while the mention of an "Ice Temple" might be exciting, it is likely that it is a mistaken copy-and-paste from the developers' notes around it, which say "Shadow Temple Adult". It also appears to be a one-off, as other Ice Cavern hints are labeled "Ice Cavern".

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
どこかから 声がきこえてくるよ…

I can hear a voice from

It's saying:
"Collect five silver Rupees..."
Ice Temple Adult 01 Ice temple adult 1
ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
0182 0182 0182 Reserved Shadow temple adult 3

This warning from Navi would have been used for the spooky ferry in the Shadow Temple.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
かなり 古そうだし…
いつ 沈むか わかんないヨ。
If you want to ride that boat, be
careful! It looks very old… Who
knows when it might sink?
Shadow Temple Adult 04 Shadow temple adult 4
ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
0185 0185 0185 Reserved Shadow temple adult 6

A rather unhelpful comment from Navi. The red ice in question is still present in a cutscene setup in the Ice Cavern.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
That red ice...it's so weird!
Ice Cavern 01 Ice Cavern 01

A comment from Navi that is programmed to the totem statue blocking the door that leads out of the Megaton Hammer room in the Fire Temple. The actor object to trigger this Navi hint must be the same height or below the player. However, it was programmed one unit higher (likely a developer mistake). This is therefore impossible to trigger in normal gameplay. If you hack the actor position to be one unit lower, it can be triggered.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
"この 石像って…
どっかで 見たことあったよねぇ?"
"This statue...haven't we seen it
somewhere before?"
Reserved Fire Temple 8
ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
0187 0187 0187 Reserved Ice Cavern 2
0188 0188 0188 Reserved Ice Cavern 3
018A 018A 018a Reserved Ice Cavern 5
018B 018B 018b Reserved Forest Temple 1
018E 018E 018e Reserved Forest Temple 4
0193 0193 0193 Reserved Forest temple 9
0196 0196 0196 Reserved Forest Temple 12
0199 0199 0199 Reserved Forest Temple 15
019A 019A 019a Reserved Forest Temple 16
019B 019B 019b Reserved Forest Temple 17
019C 019C 019c Reserved Forest Temple 18
019D 019D 019d Reserved Forest Temple 19
019E 019E 019e Reserved Forest Temple 20
019F 019F 019f Reserved Forest Temple 21
01A0 01A0 01a0 Reserved Fire Temple 1
01A1 01A1 01a1 Reserved Fire Temple 2
01A2 01A2 01a2 Reserved Fire Temple 3
01A4 01A4 01a4 Reserved Fire Temple 5
01A6 01A6 01a6 Reserved Fire Temple 7
01A8 01A8 01a8 Reserved Fire Temple 9
01AA 01AA 01aa Reserved Fire Temple 11
01AC [Nonexistent] 01ac [None] Water Temple 2
01AD [Nonexistent] 01ad [None] Water Temple 3
01AE [Nonexistent] 01ae [None] Water Temple 4
01AF [Nonexistent] 01af [None] Water Temple 5
01B0 [Nonexistent] 01b0 [None] Water Temple 6
01B1 [Nonexistent] 01B1 [None] Extra



This placeholder text can be triggered by loading variable 0000 of the "checkable spot" actor. In addition, it appears in the Sasa Test map found in the Master Quest Debug ROM.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Hi! I'm a talking door!
Talking Door (Default) [None]


ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ちいさなカギが 当てた人だけが
この先に チャレンジできる
はずれた人は 帰りましょう
Those who find a Small Key can 
advance to the next room. Those 
who don't can go home!
Treasure Chest Shop Door Door of Treasure Box shop


This unused message would presumably have been triggered if you'd attempted to speak to King Zora directly.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
余に 話しかけるならば
壇上から 話すゾラ。
If you wish to speak to me,
do so from the platform.
Spoke Touching Zora King King Zora how to talk to


More mysterious door text.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
This door is currently being 
Kakariko Village Door Being Refurbished door under refurbishing in Kakariko


This is a message from Navi when checking a yellow eye switch in Dodongo's Cavern. Though not technically unused, this text's activation radius is so incredibly small that it can never be seen in normal gameplay. It can only be triggered by hacking Link's position/rotation to be right on top of the switch.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
見て! 見て!
Look at this!
[None] [None]




To do:
Get a pic, add a description.
ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
[background 86B3 00000110]
[background 000110]
No Entry [None]


This unused sign is interesting in that the Japanese text, "城塞都市 ハイラル" (Fortress City Hyrule) differs from the final name, "ハイラル城下町" (Hyrule Castle Town). Perhaps the former was an earlier name for the city.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
城塞都市 ハイラル
Fortress City Hyrule
Hyrule Castle Town
Fortress Town Hyrule Hyrule Fortress Town


An unused sign for the Temple of Time.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
The Temple of Time
Temple of Time Temple of Time


This unused sign text is identical to message 023C, which is used by a check spot in the entrance room of the Shadow Temple. No doors give this message.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
The Shadow will yield only to one
with the eye of truth, handed
down in Kakariko Village.
Shadow Temple Entrance Shadow Temple entrance same as 023c


This text was likely used on a sign that was once located outside the Forest Temple, as can be faintly seen in this screenshot from a promotional video.

OOTforestTempleSign Prerelease.png

This unused message does appear on one of the signs in a Kokiri Forest scene setup, indicating that message IDs got moved around at some point.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Forest Temple
Forest Temple Forest Temple


There is no sign in front of the Spirit Temple in the final game. However, artwork made for the official guide does depict a sign located in the spot where the Magic Bean Plant is now. Additionally, sign object 012F is loaded, but not used, in the Desert Colossus Adult setup.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Spirit Temple
Spirit Temple Spirit Temple


This unused sign text would have kept track of your record time. Additionally, sign object 012F is loaded, but not used, in every room of Dampé's Grave.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
[Dampé Race Time]
The record time of those
who raced against me was:
[Dampé Race Time]
--Dampé the Gravekeeper
Dampé Race Dampe race


It seems that Hyrule Castle Town once had sign text for each business. In Majora's Mask, the Treasure Chest Shop and the Lottery Shop are two different things.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
売っているわけでは ありません
Treasure Chest Shop
We don't necessarily sell them...
Treasure Chest Lottery Shop Treasure Chest Shop


An unused sign for the Happy Mask Shop.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Happy Mask Shop!
Now hiring happiness
delivery men!
Mask Shop Mask Shop


An unused sign for the Bombchu Bowling Alley.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Bombchu Bowling Alley
You can experience the
latest in Bomb technology!
Bombchu Bowling Alley Bombchu Bowling Alley


An unused sign for the Bazaar.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
いろんな アイテム ありマス
We have a little of everything!
Bazaar Bazaar


An unused sign for the Potion Shop.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
いいクスリ ありマス
Potion Shop
We have the best quality
Potion Shop Medicine Shop


There's a sign in front of the Zora Shop in the final game, but no sign in front of the Goron Shop.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Goron Shop
Mountaineering Supplies!
Goron Shop Goron Shop

Gossip Stones


Just as message 0200 is placeholder text for door descriptions, this line is a placeholder for Gossip Stone descriptions.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
This is a Gossip Stone!
Gossip Stone (Default) [None]



Navi's informational message about Gold Skulltulas goes unused because they can't be targeted.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Gold Skulltula
This is also known as a Spider of
the Curse. If you defeat it, you'll
get a token as proof!
Enemy 32 Enemy 32


Like Gold Skulltulas, Dead Hand's Hands can't be Z-Targeted, rendering this Navi description unused.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Dead Hand’s Hands
If it grabs you, tap any button to escape!
Enemy 46 Enemy 46

064A - 064B

Moblins are not targetable in the final game, but by using a GameShark code to enable Link to target every actor, the line can still be triggered. The following code works in the Master Quest Debug ROM:

81032968 2419
8102F0E0 2418

The removed Navi description for the spear-wielding Moblin in the Sacred Forest Meadow.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Enemy 74

The removed Navi description for the club-wielding Moblin in the Sacred Forest Meadow.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Enemy 75


While technically not unused, Big Poes fly away so fast that it's not normally possible to Z-Target them in time to see this text.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Big Poe
This Poe won't disappear even
if you stare at it. It moves
fast despite its size!
Enemy 90 Enemy 90



To do:
Add commentary.
ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)

Play using [A] and [C]; [B] to Stop.

Ocarina Performance (Melody) Play ocarina (melody)


1047 - 104A

This is unused Saria dialogue that was present in the early text routine prior to the game's final strategy to have each actor handle its own messages. This was meant to trigger while talking to Saria in person (i.e. not via Saria's Song) after obtaining the Kokiri Emerald.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ぶじだったのね [Link]。[goto 1048]
[Link], you're safe![goto 1048]
サリアと [Link]は
ずっと 友だちだヨ…
Saria and [Link] will be
friends forever.

This unused Kokiri dialogue references the Deku Tree's sad fate, as well as the forest's connection to the element of wind.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
デクの樹サマ どうかしたの?
Did something happen to the 
Great Deku Tree?
After Incident, Kokiri H After Deku Tree Dead, Kokiri H
なんだか 森の空気が 変わった…
そんな 感じ…
Somehow, it seems that the air in
the forest has changed.
After Incident, Kokiri I After Deku Tree Dead, Kokiri I

105B - 105C

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)

むかし、森から 出て行ったまま
帰ってこないの…[goto 105C]
Mister, do you know a boy 
named [Link]?

He left the forest and never
came back...[goto 105C]
Before Temple Cleared, Kokiri D Before clearing temple, kokiri d
I wonder if [Link] will 
ever return?
Before Temple Cleared, Kokiri D 2nd Time

105D - 105E

This line is said by the Kokiri boy next to the crawl hole as Adult Link. The Kokiri only appear in the Forest with the Forest Medallion in Link's inventory and he only says this line if the Medallion is not in Link's inventory.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ニイちゃん イイな、おっきくて!

おっきくなって 強くなって…
デクナッツとか やっつけたいな。
It would be awesome to be big 
like you, mister! I really want to
be big like you!

I want to be big and strong and 
beat up the Deku Scrubs, but...
Before Temple Cleared, Kokiri C Before clearing temple, kokiri C
We Kokiri won't ever get bigger 
for the rest of our lives...
What a bummer!
Before Temple Cleared, Kokiri C 2nd Time Before clearing temple, Kokiri C second


A message spoken by Phantom Ganon!

The "gap between dreams and reality" may be linked to the alternate dimension referred to in the boss's full title, 異次元悪霊ファントムガノン (Evil Spirit From Another Dimension: Phantom Ganon). Additionally, the "dream" bit may be a reference to Phantom Ganon manifesting himself as the villain that haunts Link's nightmares.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
我が魔力に 囚われし者よ…
夢と 現実の はざまで
みじめな屍を さらすがよい!
Thou who art imprisoned by
my magic...
May the gap between dreams and reality
bleach your wretched corpse!
I have you now! 
In this gap between dreams and 
reality, soon all that will remain 
of you will be your dead body!
Phantom Ganon's Voice Voice of Phantom Ganon


This line is before Mido tells Link that he trusts him after playing Saria's Song. The game does a jump to that line instead of this one. It might have been jumped over by accident or intentionally for some reason.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
サリア まだ 帰ってこない…
でも いつか きっと…
きっと 帰ってくるヨ!
Saria hasn't come back yet...
But I know she'll return someday...
After Temple Cleared, Kokiri L After clearing Temple Kokiri L


The Deku Tree Sprout helps communism take root in Kokiri Forest.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
森は ボクたち
みんなで 守っていくデス!
We'll all work together to protect
the forest!
After Temple Cleared, Deku Tree Sprout After clearing the temple, Deku Tree Jr.


This line comes after learning Saria's Song. Saria would have presumably said this when talked to in the Sacred Forest Meadow at some point.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
サリアのオカリナ 大事にしてる?
Are you taking good care of 
my Ocarina?
Saria, After Ocarina of Time Obtained Response Saria after you got the ocarina


A Business Scrub attempts to buy Link's forgiveness.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
おわびに デクの棒 売るッピー!
15ルピー だピー!
I lost! Now I'll sell you a Deku 
Stick for 15 Rupees.
Deku Stick Sales Scrub Deku Nuts selling sticks


Not to be outdone, so does his friend.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
おわびに デクの実 売るッピー!
5個 20ルピー だピー!
I lost! Now I'll sell you Deku 
Nuts if you leave me alone.
5 pieces 20 Rupees they are.
Deku Nut Sales Scrub Deku Nuts selling Deku Nuts



An unused line for Talon. It seems that he originally awarded you with an Empty Bottle when you visited him at the ranch after waking him at the castle, instead of giving one to you as a prize for winning the Super Cucco game.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ムニャ… ムニャ…


おー、よく きただーな!

あれから マロンに
こってり シボられただーよ。

ぼーやにゃ 世話になったから、
ウチのじまんの牛乳 やるだーよ。
入れ物のビンは オマケしとくだ。
Huh? Yeah, I'm awake!


Hey, it's you! Welcome!

Awww... That was rough!
Malon yelled at me for a long

You took care of us, so I'm proud 
to give you this milk! You can 
keep the bottle for yourself.
Talon Talon


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Why does this line not get used?

Both the Mountain Gate Guard and the Carpenter Boss are programmed to respond with this line when offered a trade item other than the one they want. (Zelda's Letter and the Poacher's Saw, respectively.) For unknown reasons, the text is never triggered.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
そんなもの いらん!
I don't want that!
Blocking Hylian Soldier, Don't Want Warrior doesn't want it


An unused line for the soldier in Kakariko Village who guards the gate to Death Mountain Trail. This message directly follows the response he gives after being shown Zelda's Letter.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
おや 勇者クン、
おつとめ ごくろう!
Oh, Mr. Hero!
Thanks for all your hard work!
Wah ha ha hah!!
Blocking Soldier, 2nd Time Stopper soldier second time


This seems to be an earlier introduction line for Ingo as child Link.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
オレは 馬の世話係の インゴー。
仕事のジャマだ、どきな 小僧!
I am Ingo--Mr. Ingo to you.
I take care of these horses.
You're in my way, so scram,
Ingo Ingo


A line intended for the encounter with the dying knight in Hyrule Castle Town's Back Alley. Message 7008, "He's not moving anymore....", is used instead.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
だめだ… 息をしてない…
Oh no... He's not breathing...
Dead Hylian Soldier Dead hylian warrior


It seems Zelda would have shouted at Link as she passes by him with Impa and throws the Ocarina of Time.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Zelda Cry Zelda's scream

2058 - 205A

These seem to be earlier lines for Ingo's horse race. It seems you didn't have to pay to race.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
久しぶりに レースやる?
It's been a while...
Do you want to race?
After Incident, Horseback Race Invitation, 2-Choice After incident, horse racing two opt.
気が かわったら
いつでも どうぞ!
If you change your mind,
come back anytime!
After Incident, Don't Horseback Race After incident, no horse racing
じゃ、とっとと 帰んな!
All right then! Scram,
ya little punk!
Ingo, 2-Choice: Don't Ride (Switch) Ingo two options no same as 2032

205D - 205E

Talon uses an alternate milk buying text in the final game which also includes the option of playing the Super Cucco game. It's possible the mini-game didn't exist originally.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
これ以上 サービスしたら
インゴーが うるさいだーよ。
これからは フツーに 売るだーよ。
If I give ya more free of charge,
Ingo will get mad at me. So I'd
better sell it to you for the
normal price.
Talon Talon
牛乳、30ルピーで 買うだーか?
Wanna buy milk for 30 Rupees?

Don't buy
Talon, Selling Milk, 2-Choice Talon sells milk, two options


Kaepora Gaebora says this when you make him repeat what he said in front of the stairs to Kakariko Village. He only says it if the flag for having obtained Zelda's Letter is set, but the flag also removes Kaepora from the entrance of Kakariko Village. Curiously the line was also left half-translated.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ちょっと こちらを ごらん。
インパから オカリナの歌を

その歌は ハイラル王家のあかし。
どこかで吹けば 役に立つじゃろう。

この先は カカリコの村。
気をつけて 行くがよい…
Hey, Link!
Look over here!
Looks like Impa taught you
an Ocarina melody, no?

That song is the mark of the Royal
Family. Try playing it somewhere,
it might come in handy.

Beyond here is Kakariko
Village. Take care on your
Hey, [Link]! 
Look over here!
Beyond this point you'll find
Kakariko Village. Watch your step!
Hoot hoo!
Gaebora, Kakariko Tree, w/ Zelda's Letter Gaebora Kakariko tree with letter


Another unused line for Talon.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ロンロン牛乳 持って行くだ!
Here you go! Take this super
fresh Lon Lon Milk!
Talon Game, Give Milk Talon game - giving milk



An unused Darunia line, foreshadowing your later encounter with Link the Goron.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
オメエには 感謝してるゴロ。
オレのこどもが 生まれたら
オメエの名前を つけるゴロ!
You know, I'm so grateful to you.
When I have a kid, I will name it
after you!
After Clear, Darunia After clearing, Darunia


An unused explanation regarding the use of Bomb Flowers. In Japanese, the speaker has a stutter, which seems to be characteristic of the Goron Shop proprietor. Though it may have been used by the Goron standing next to the Bomb Flower in Death Mountain Trail whose lines are also attributed to "Goron C".

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
こ、この バクダン花は
[A]で 引っこ抜くゴロ。
You pick the Bomb Flowers with 
[A]. Press [A] again to set it.
Goron C, 2nd Time Gogon C second time


This unused line is located alongside other Fire Temple text. It suggests that imprisoned Gorons originally awarded Link Small Keys upon rescue. In the final game, the dungeon's keys are located inside treasure chests.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
こ、これ やるゴロ!
I'm saved!
Thank you!
Here, take this!
Rescued Goron Save Goron


This unused line would have been spoken by Darunia somehow prior to the battle with Volvagia.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
もう ダメだ…

オレの 力じゃ
コイツは 押さえきれねぇ!

に… 逃げろぉ~!!
This is it...

I'm not strong enough
to hold him back!

Y, you have to
get out of here...!!
[Link]...Can't hold... 
anymore...I can't hold
it any longer...
Get out of here!!
Darunia, Can't Anymore Darunia I can't hold anymore


Sheik does indeed bid you farewell after teaching you the Bolero of Fire, but she reuses message 106D, which is part of her Minuet of Forest dialogue. The two lines are identical in Japanese, but the English translation for 106D is slightly different: "[Link]...I'll see you again..."

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
[Link]… また会おう!
[Link]...See you again...
Sheik, Leave Shiek leaves


This seems to be an alternative "thank you" line for the Gorons but none of them say it.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ほんとに 感謝してますゴロ!
Thank you very much for
saving us!
After Temple Cleared, Goron Proprietor Clearing temple goron shop


Another unused line for the Goron Shop proprietor. Poor guy.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
みんな いなくなっちまったゴロ!
でも ショーバイは つづけるゴロ!
Big problem!
Everybody is gone!
But I'll keep my business open!
Shop Proprietor, Before Clear Before clearing shop owner


An unused line for Medigoron. It can't be triggered legitimately, as it requires you to enter his chamber without bombing the final wall blocking access to his room.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Tight fit...
Medigoron, Wall Wall of Medigoron medium size



Apparently, after your first encounter with Princess Zelda, you were originally meant to visit her again after obtaining the Goron's Ruby, but prior to acquiring Zora's Sapphire. This prompt to return to the castle was removed from the final game, but Zelda does still have unique dialogue if you pay her an optional visit with the Ruby.

Kaepora Gaebora is still programmed to display this message in Zora's River if you talk to him after learning Saria's Song, but before learning Zelda's Lullaby. However, this situation isn't possible in regular gameplay, as you can't leave the Castle Courtyard without obtaining Zelda's Lullaby and you need Zelda's Letter for Kaepora to appear and Saria to move to the Sacred Forest Meadow.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)

ゼルダ姫は お前が
戻ってくるのを 待っておるぞ。

もう 手に入れたはずじゃな!
Hoot hoot!
Link, you look as though
you've gotten a little bolder.

Princess Zelda is awaiting
your return.

You should have the Goron's Ruby
by now, no?
Hoot hoot!
[Link], you look like 
you're getting more comfortable
in your role as adventurer.

I think Princess Zelda is 
waiting for you to visit her again.

You already have the Goron's Ruby,
don't you?
Gaebora, River, w/o Zelda's Song Gaebora Zora's River wo Zelda Song

4023 - 4024

These unused Ruto messages occur between the used lines "You...You're late! What took you so long? You're useless! I was just lonely, that's all... Just a little!!" and "You! You looked cool... cooler than I thought you would, anyway... Just a little! Well, anyway, you saved me, so I guess I'll reward you. What do you wish? Just tell me..."

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
I was scared...
A little! Just a little!!
Ruto, Embarrassed Ruto shy
Ruto, Call Ruto calls


A strange message. It precedes the line "Her most precious possession? You don't know what she's talking about[...]". It seems that Zora's Sapphire may have initially been awarded by King Zora after successfully locating Princess Ruto, rather than presented by Ruto herself.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ルト姫を みつけた!!
これで キングゾーラから
水の精霊石が もらえる… カモ?

You found Princess Ruto!
Now King Zora will give you the 
Spiritual Stone of Water...
Well, maybe.

Discovered Ruto Ruto found


This unused Sheik line's position indicates that it would have been part of her congratulatory speech on beating the Water Temple.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
キミが この世界を救ってくれる
I...believe that you are going to 
save this world...
After Temple Cleared, Sheik Reunion 4 After clearing temple, Sheik again 4


A helpful lesson from the Magic Bean Seller.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
マメを [C]にセットして、
ためしに この横の土の上で
使ってみなよ。 ポリ…ポリ…
Set a bean to [C],
and test it out by using it
on the dirt next to us. Chomp chomp...
Set a bean to [C] and use it on
the dirt right here.
Bean Seller Hint Bean shop hint


Pierre is programmed to say this line if you talk to him again as an adult after playing the Scarecrow's Song for him as a child. However, this isn't possible because Pierre is gone from Lake Hylia in the adult era, and the Pierre you summon with the Scarecrow's Song is a separate actor who cannot be spoken to.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
アンタが 聞かせてくれた あの曲は
今でも オラの心に 残ってる。
一発 やってみっか!
That song you played for me still
stays in my heart. Let's hear it
Scarecrow, Playback Start SC starts replay


An unused option to continue fishing.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
まだ やる?
Do you want to continue fishing?

Fishing, Continue Fishing, 2-Choice Fishing still two options



ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
クスリが ほしいなら
入れ物が いるよ。
Hey, kid! If you want to carry 
medicine, you need a container to
put it in!
Regular Potion Shop, As Child No more medicine shop-- kid


Another unused line for the soldier.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
風車小屋に ヘンなヤツが
勇者クンは もう会ったかい?
There's a strange guy living in the 
Windmill. Have you already met
him, Mr. Hero?
Kakariko Patrolling Soldier, After Master Sword Obtained Kakariko soldier after Master Sword


This message is defined in the shop item table as the text that would be displayed upon purchasing a Big Poe, which is no longer possible to buy from a store.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Reserved Extra



The Gerudo gate guard has different dialogue, rendering this line unused.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Hey, newcomer! Wait a second 
and I'll open the gate for you.
Desert Gate Guard Gerudo Desert guardian Gerudo

6008 - 600A

These three messages seem to have been meant for the snake statues in the entrance room of the Spirit Temple. The statues would have said different things depending on Link's age. As it wouldn't make much sense for the text to change, different lines are used instead.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
The Entrance to the Past
Stone Slate A As Adult Stone Board A grown up
The Entrance to the Present
Stone Slate B As Adult, Stone Slate A As Child Stone Board B grown up, A as a Kid
The Entrance to the Future
Stone Slate B As Child Stone Board B kid

600D - 6012

Alternate lines for the horseback archery, for whatever reason.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
アタイは ゲルド一の 弓の名手!
さらに ゲルド一の 乗馬の達人だ!

20ルピーで やぶさめ やるかい?
I am the Gerudo master of 
horseback archery! On top of 
that, I'm the Gerudo master of
horseback riding!

Want to try horseback archery
for 20 Rupees?
Horseback Archery Gerudo Horseback archery, Gerudo
気に入った! ついてきな!!
You have guts--I like you. 
Follow me.
With Horse, 2-Choice: Accept With horse, yes
馬がいなけりゃ 話にならないね。
It's out of the question if you 
don't have a horse!
Without Horse, 2-Choice: Accept Without horse, yes
腰抜けには 用はないよ!
I won't have anything to do with a
coward like you!
2-Choice: No Way No
Ah, you are not as good as you 
claim. Maybe next time.
Horseback Archery, Failure Archery, lost

今日のところは 負けを 認めるよ。
アタイも まだ まだ
修業が 足りないねぇ…
You did well.
For today, I admit I lost. 
It seems I have a lot of room for 
Horseback Archery, Win Archery, win


An unused line for the Gerudo stationed in front of the entrance to the Training Ground. In the final game, if you try to approach or interact with any Gerudo before obtaining the Gerudo's Membership Card, they just arrest you on the spot. In addition to this unused line, the description for the Membership Card only states that it allows you to "[...] get into the Gerudo's training ground in their hideout." This suggests that, originally, the card may have simply granted you admission to the training ground, rather than allowing you to roam freely around the entire fortress.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ここは ゲルド族の修練場。

会員証を 持たぬ者は 入れない!
This is the Gerudo's Training 
Nobody is allowed to enter 
without a membership card.
Training Ground Gate Guard, Without Pass Without pass security guard


The brainwashed Nabooru would have spoken this line after being ordered to attack by Kotake and Koume.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
サカラウ者… コロス…
I will destroy... all
who oppose the great Ganondorf...
Great Ganondorf's...Enemy...
Must die...
Brainwashed Nabooru Brainwashed Nabooru


This would have presumably been said by the master of horseback archery and the original way to obtain the membership card. It would seem you would've earned their trust in word only.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
アタイが 大切にしていた
コイツをやるから、また 勝負だよ!
I'll give you this thing I've
been looking after. We'll have to
have a rematch sometime!
Here, I'll give you this...
It's a very important thing to me.
Let's have a competition later!
Receive Something From Horseback Archery Horseback archery membership card got


Sheik would have seemingly said this after teaching the Requiem of Spirit but instead she retreats silently.

ID Script (J) Translation Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
[Link]… また会おう!
[Link]... Let's meet again
[Link]...see you again!
Sheik Leaves Sheik leaves

6070 - 6072

More unused lines for the guard at the entrance to the Training Ground. As mentioned in the entry above, you cannot initiate conversation with her before obtaining the Membership Card, which automatically qualifies you to enter the Training Ground.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ここは ゲルドの修練場。
資格なき者 入る事 まかりならん!
This is the Gerudo's Training 
Ground. Unqualified persons are 
not allowed.
Training Ground Gerudo, w/o Proof of Membership Training ground without pass
ここは ゲルドの修練場。
資格を持つ者よ… おのれの力を
存分に みがいてくるが いい!
This is the Gerudo's Training
Ground. You're qualified...
C'mon in and hone your skills
as much as you want.
Training Ground Gerudo, w/ Proof of Membership Training ground with pass
ここは ゲルドの修練場。
たとえ 資格ある者でも…
宝物を ひとりじめは するなよ!
This is the Gerudo's Training 
Ground. Even though you're 
qualified, don't hog all the 
treasure here for yourself!
Training Ground Gerudo, 2nd Time+ Training ground second time


7011 - 7013

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
クスリが ほしけりゃ、
「あきビン」を 持っておいで。
If you want potions, you'd better 
bring an empty bottle. Understand,
young man?
Potion Shop Granny Old lady in medicine shop
残念ですが、これは ニセモノです
ゴロンの町で 異常事態発生により
仕入れできず、現在 品切れ中
I'm sorry, but this is just a model. 
Because of the crisis in Goron 
City, we haven't received any 
shipments lately and we're out.
Arms Shop, Bombs Sold-Out Weapon shop out of bombs
デスマウンテンへ 登るなら、
ハイリアの盾を 買っときな。
降ってくる火山弾を よけられるぜ。

ちょっと 大きすぎるけどな。
If you plan on scaling Death
Mountain, buy a Hylian Shield.
You can defend yourself against
falling rocks with that shield.

But it might be a little bit 
big for a kid....
Arms Shop Weapons shop


This unused line from the final battle was replaced by Zelda's line, "Use the Master Sword! Destroy Ganon with the sacred sword!"

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
マスターソードで とどめを!!
Finish him off with the sword of
time, the Master Sword!
Rauru's Voice Rauru's voice


This unused line is located among other text used during the sealing of Ganon at the end of the game.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
闇の化身と共に 永遠に閉じよ!
Oh sealed door opened by the 
Sages... Close forever with 
the Evil Incarnation of Darkness
Zelda, Seal Zelda sealing talking to door


At the end of Ocarina of Time, Princess Zelda plays the ocarina to return Link to the child era, where he returns the Master Sword to its pedestal, and Navi takes her leave. In the very last scene, Link is seen to visit Zelda in Hyrule Castle Courtyard, where the two meet again for the first time. This line's position suggests that it was intended to be displayed there.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
アナタ・・・ だれ?
You...who are you?
Final Young Zelda, 1st Encounter Little girl Zelda at beginning center

Interestingly, the line itself seems to be an older version of Princess Zelda's original dialogue upon meeting her. The content is slightly different from her used lines below:

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)


Young Zelda, 1st Encounter Young Zelda beginning
あ、あなた だれなの…?

どうやって こんなところまで…
Who are you?

How did you get past the guards?
Young Zelda 1 Young Zelda

However, it is almost identical to the dialogue shown in this screenshot from June, 1998, save for a single space:

OoT-Child Zelda June 98.png


This message is found amid the Hyrule Castle Town NPC text, but no one actually says it.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Hey, what do you want?
I don't have time to talk
to you!
After Incident, Group of Women 1 After incident, middle age woman 1


The peddler does not respond with this line, no matter what item you show him.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ビンのなかみが ほしいんです!
That's not what I want...
I want something inside a bottle...
I didn't mean that thing...
Mat Peddler, Sell Wrong Thing Mat seller sell wrong thing


It's impossible to sell the peddler a fairy.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
あ~ 妖精さん だ~っ!
25ルピーで 買います!
もう かえしませんよ~っ!!
Oh, a darling little Fairy!
I'll buy it for 25 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?
Sell Fish, Mat Peddler Mat seller fairy

7148 - 714B

The position of this unused mask reaction text suggests that it would have been spoken by a resident of Kakariko Village.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
キツネは キライじゃよ!
I HATE foxes, sonny!
Mask Response R1 Mask reaction R-1 Medicine shop old man
Now if that isn't the most
irritating face I've seen in
all my days, I don't know what
Mask Response R2 Mask reaction R-2
なかなか よいカオを しとる。
Hey, that's a fine face
you got there, sonny!
Mask Response R3 Mask reaction R-3
なにか フマンでも あるのかい?
Have you got any complaints?
Speak up, then!
Mask Response R4 Mask reaction R-4


Unused Kokiri mask reaction text. Developer notes on used lines indicate that this text would be spoken by Kokiri boys, but it's not clear what to mask it would be a response.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
ミドが見たら なんていうかナ?
I wonder what Mido would say if
he saw that?
I really would like to see his
Mask Response Y2 Mask reaction Y-2


Zelda would have spoken this line when she encountered trouble during the escape sequence.

ID Script (J) Script (E) Dev. Note (J) Dev. Note (E)
Help me!
Zelda, Escape Message 3 Zelda escape message 3


To do:
Get this message.

Dummied-Out Lines

There are 116 dummied-out lines in the game. This means that, despite the fact that they are valid text IDs, their contents have been replaced with their ID number. Noteworthy ones are listed below.


  • 060B: Located around Inside the Deku Tree enemy descriptions.
  • 062C: Located around Bottom of the Well and Shadow Temple enemy descriptions.
  • 0638: Located around Spirit Temple enemy descriptions.
  • 063C: Located around Ice Cavern enemy descriptions.

Blank Lines

The contents of the lines below have been replaced with their ID number in the Japanese text table, but are missing from the English table:

  • 0346 - 0347

The contents of the lines below have been replaced with their ID number in the English text table, but are missing from the Japanese table:

  • 01AC - 01B1
  • 0421
  • 2093 - 209F
  • 3072 - 3073
  • 6087 - 608F